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  • Nvidia Graphics Update Issues

    Yesterday evening, Apple released the Nvidia Graphics Update 2009. The update was supposed to deal with video smoothness, distortion and cursor movement issues on Macs equipped with GeForce 7300 GT or GeForce 9600M graphics cards.

    The primary reason the update was released was to fix the cursor movement problems when a Mac (MacBoook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) with one of these Nvidia cards is using a Dual-link DVI adaptor connected to the Mini DisplayPort.

    If you bought a Mac back when the update came out for notebooks back in October (like me) then this adapter is a requirement for anyone who wants to use it with a 30″ external monitor.

    While users report that the cursor movement issues have been solved; everything is still distorted. It looks really crappy and that adapter costs $100!

    …Gotta love buying the revision A hardware from Apple.

    Source: Apple’s Nvidia Graphics Update Doesn’t Fix Mini DisplayPort Dual-Link DVI Distortion Issues [Apple]
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    1. chrisld2's Avatar
      chrisld2 -
      i love macs but i wouldnt base my whole life around one.
    1. Grimwall's Avatar
      Grimwall -
      I read around in the internet and managed to find a download link to this update, but it pointed to a page in Apple Support that was not working. Is it possible that it was removed by Apple after all the negative comments that were posted?

      Also, does anybody have more information on the initial issue? Does it only affect dual-link dvi adaptors? I haven't tried connecting my unibody MBP to an external display yet, but it is quite high in my list of priorities for next month so knowing about possible issues beforehand would definitely be helpful