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  • Rumor: iTunes will be DRM Free by Tuesday

    There are rumors circulating that Apple is about to start and end of the year sales push that will finally allow unprotected iTunes music from all major labels.

    A French technology site ElectronLibre says that it's now "clear" Apple will bring new life to its music store by removing DRM from tracks published by Sony, Universal and Warner on December 9th. ElectronLibre does not have a long track record but did accurately leak the launch of French iTunes TV shows.

    This rumor comes after several others that said Apple was negotiating DRM free terms with the major labels.

    Also shoppers themselves have interestingly noticed songs briefly selling unprotected that weren't either from EMI or independents.

    It’s also believed that Apple will start a post holiday campaign for Europeans after iTunes goes DRM Free. Apple Insider reports, “Apple will quickly follow up the move with a promo campaign nicknamed the "12 Days of iTunes" that will let shoppers in France, Germany and the UK download an "unlimited" amount of content just after Christmas.”

    This promotional campaign would most likely exist to soften the blow of the post holiday download slump.

    So who knows if this is true or not…but *fingers crossed* that it’s for real and all iTunes music will be DRM Free by tomorrow!

    Source: AppleInsider | Rumor: Apple's iTunes going DRM-free starting Tuesday
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    1. CrazyRach's Avatar
      CrazyRach -
      DRM means that the music file is encoded to only work one iTunes account, meaning you have to activate multiple accounts to use the file on more than one computer. DEN files cannot be burned to MP3 cd's and only audio cd's. It's very annoying and the soonerthey get rid, the better.
    1. tabaks's Avatar
      tabaks -
      WHICH Tuesday...
    1. darklingwater's Avatar
      darklingwater -
      I second the iRinger app. That's what I use for all of my ringtones. You can pull audio from any music file or video file.