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  • Judge Orders Tony Fadellís Replacement to Stop Work

    A judge has ordered Appleís new recruit, Mark Papermaster (a replacement for Tony Fadell) to halt any work heíd been performing for Apple due to a possible breach of contract with IBM.

    Late this past Friday, US Federal District Judge Kenneth Karas ordered Mark Papermaster to "immediately cease" work until the court makes a decision as to whether or not his employment with Apple breaches the non-compete clause in his contract with IBM.

    Papermaster has put in 25 years with IBM as a veteran engineer and now finds himself at the heart of a lawsuit by his former employer whoís going after Papermaster for taking a new position as head of Appleís iPod and iPhone division.

    IBM is attempting to enforce a non-compete contract Papermaster signed in 2006. Apple is believes the non-compete does not apply to their company and is trying to get around it.

    Papermaster maintains that he does not know why IBM is pressing suit as he left the company on good terms and because IBM knew the position he was planning to take with Apple the whole time he worked with his former employer during his two weeks notice.

    Apple and Papermaster's lawyers have already mounted a defense that argues that his heading the division handling the iPhone and iPod touch affords too small a scope to risk trade secrets being leaked. Papermasterís lawyers also say that IBMís non-compete s far too strict, and if Papermaster has to adhere to it that it would be "incredibly damaging" to his career.

    IBM disagrees and says that Papermaster will be handling the same ARM chips, and this is too close for comfort. IBM continues to insist;

    "Electronic devices large and small are powered by the same type of intelligence, the microprocessor,"

    And so the drama continuesÖ A hearing is scheduled for Nov. 18.

    Source: AppleInsider | Update: judge orders Apple's new mobile head to stop work
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    1. unlockme's Avatar
      unlockme -
      jobs should tell him... "i'll pay you $8/hour under the table (cash) until we resolve this little issue"
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      Cademiax, stop, please.
    1. Carrbone's Avatar
      Carrbone -
      Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post
      No. Apple is a business (like any other) that selectively employs people and looks to expand; they don't "get infected".

      Lack of genius...No. The man must obviously have some pretty big skills under his belt if he's been selected by Apple to be "Senior Vice president of Devices Hardware Engineering".
      Apple aren't the only company that have smart people.
      IBM has lack of innovation? But wait, the iPods (built by Apple) over the past few years haven't exactly been innovative...

      Name one tech company where by employing people, their technology
      actually goes backwards in time. Uhhhhh

      IF the man gets the job, I doubt you will see any change in the direction of where the company is going, which is what you seem to think.

      your obviously missing the point of my post.

      As simple as I can be...
      the guy is a moron plain and simple and he doesnt belong in apple.
      Im not saying apple is the only company hiring certain people...
      Im saying he doesnt need to be around them and infect them with his own stupidity. Which is obvious from the situation that he is in.

      Just because he has a good resume with a long work history doesnt make him smart or creative.

      And alot of companies that employ terrible people make terrible products.
      You dont hear about them cause they dont exist anymore-

      A product is only as good as the person who designed them.

      How could you say ipods arent innovative?
      How can you say that anything Apple creates isnt innovative?

      Everything made by Apple is a new innovation in one way or another.

      Apple doesnt follow the same path as any company... If anything they're on a whole other road that they made themselves.

      BTW... all said and done I know you think im some kind of apple nut.... reality is Im a PC owner and I can't stand IBM. I dont like MAC OS either(I work with it)- but I still respect it and think its a great product.
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      IBMs are fugly, fo' sho'
      but look at the line of iPod classics...they aren't really innovative anymore, they up the size every year and maybe make a slightly new interface and that's it...
      The dude's an engineer lol, he must be smart haha
    1. Carrbone's Avatar
      Carrbone -
      lol well he's tryin to leave IBM so I guess I have hope for him! hahahah
    1. cricketlang's Avatar
      cricketlang -
      Poor Guy. Its sad that companies have to fight over great minds and cant just let people make their own choices. I hope the man gets what he wishes and not what everyone else wants
    1. jayson9's Avatar
      jayson9 -
      A bad contract signed for employment, does not mean a employer can keep you from your line of work....... Most just state you cannot share specific knowledge. Some try to to keep you from other employers, but usually don't hold up in court. We will just have to see what the court says about this. Thank god it's not the same court that decided the 2000 election - yet.
    1. mgamber's Avatar
      mgamber -
      yeah, that is the bottom line, the outcome of this will be decided by a court, not some subjective bs like "IBM sucks". I'm no fan of IBM but Apple is also a fat US corporation who's biggest innovation to date was backdating stock options. Jobs is damned lucky he didn't go to jail for that. He might have had to (gag) tolerate people like his customers.