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  • White iPhone 4 Kits Bring Teen $130K & Threats

    A 17-year-old in New York City who bought parts from China to make white iPhone 4 conversion kits has made a pile of money… and a potentially dangerous enemy. Fei Lam, a high school senior from Queens, says he's gotten a threatening letter from a private investigator accusing him of selling stolen goods, and thinks it sounds a lot like the legal threats Apple made against the kid who found/stole the iPhone 4 test unit back in April.

    Lam - like many iPhone users - was tired of waiting for the white iPhone 4. But unlike many iPhone users in the US, he speaks fluent Mandarin and has contacts at Apple's manufacturer in China. Working through "a guy from a few years back that had somewhat of a relationship with folks in Foxconn," Lam was able to get what he claims are authentic iPhone 4 white screens, digitizers, bezels, home buttons and case backs. He started repacking and shipping the kits from his parents' house, but was losing money on the deal until he figured out how to have the parts shipped direct. After his story was picked up by TechCrunch, sales went through the roof.

    That's when the trouble began.

    Lam told the New York Observer he got a “threatening” letter from a private investigator who claims the parts are stolen, which Lam says he is "100 percent sure is not the case." The investigator did not identify who he is working for, but Lam - and common sense - says it is Apple. "There are a couple of other sellers online and somehow I'm the 'focus' of it all," Lam says. "I think this guy is just trying to scare me into stop selling on behalf of Apple."

    Meanwhile, Lam says he has no intention of shutting down his website, WhiteiPhone4Now.com, which is still online and still taking orders. He's going to use the money to "bootstrap my first startup and help pay for college," he says: Lam plans to go to New York University next year, majoring in computer science or business.

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    1. Barquey's Avatar
      Barquey -
    1. law111's Avatar
      law111 -
      What a smart kid, why didn't I think of that..?

      Minus the part of now having Apple as a potential enemy.
    1. UnoriginalUsername's Avatar
      UnoriginalUsername -
      Well done Mr. Lam.
    1. Buddy17's Avatar
      Buddy17 -
      sooo he has made $130k by selling less than 500 of these things....yet he was LOSING money by not shipping directly to the customer?? riiighhhttt
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      The white one looks so pretty! lol a girl thing guys!
    1. vantheman169's Avatar
      vantheman169 -
      they look legit, F U apple some young kid beat you at your own release. Don't HATE!
    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      How are the parts stolen, if he has placed and order and paid for them? Sounds like a pretty decent business to me. Maybe we'll see him on Dragons Den in a few years, once he's made iPad & iPod Touches White too
    1. JLick's Avatar
      JLick -
      Haters gonna hate!

      Apples fault they can't get their shiz together!

      That pic looks legit!
    1. law111's Avatar
      law111 -
      Quote Originally Posted by vantheman169 View Post
      they look legit, F U apple some young kid beat you at your own release. Don't HATE!


    1. dq13's Avatar
      dq13 -
      so, now Apple go against not only modifying your software, but how YOUR phone looks?? this is ridiculous... its your problem if you want to change color or do whatever the heck you want with it. they are using the "stolen goods" as a way to stop him, bu they are really after him turning phones to white (if it is truth that Apple is behind it)
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      That 130k will help a lot towards that NYU tuition. I'm not sure either how the parts are stolen...
    1. ForumSnoBorderRK's Avatar
      ForumSnoBorderRK -
      uhh. its called "iResQ" and they are way more trustable than a highschool kid.
    1. BlackG35's Avatar
      BlackG35 -
      Both kits ordered from them seemed slightly defective, like second quality. Almost like OEM but there was usually something wrong with them.

      The first one I got, the lcd wast properly centered, too far to the left.

      The second one I got had one corner damaged with light bleed.

      They both still worked, but definitely not "Apple" quality. And both flaws are not noticed until kit had been fully installed and powered on.
    1. hedsick's Avatar
      hedsick -
      BlackG35: You ordered from this site and had those issues? I was considering using this site.. Should I not?
    1. h2a's Avatar
      h2a -
      why isn't anyone mentioning the fact that you have to be completely out of your mind to pay $300+ to have your iPhone converted to white.
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      Quote Originally Posted by h2a View Post
      why isn't anyone mentioning the fact that you have to be completely out of your mind to pay $300+ to have your iPhone converted to white.
    1. ert6ic's Avatar
      ert6ic -
      are you serious?is that really worth $279 for the full kit?plus $20 for shipping? $300 us dollars is more than $2500 in Chinese dollars, no wonder this kid made $130000 in 6 months, for me i would buy another black then sell it and wait for white ones
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      he definatly has enough money for college now
    1. ert6ic's Avatar
      ert6ic -
      p.s: the full kit properly cost him less than shipping he charged, LOL
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      They may be legit parts, but they are stolen.
      Apple owns all original parts in China, if he is getting original parts and Apple is not the one who sells it = stolen parts. Can this kid prove that it is legally purchased? I highly doubt it.