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  • New Apple Ads Attack Microsoft

    Apple has launched two new TV ads that not only criticize Microsoft for developing a substandard product, but for initiating a 300 million dollar ad campaign to distract from the low quality of their operating system.

    The two ads began airing this weekend and feature John Hodgman and Justin Long in their regular “I’m a Mac,” and “I’m a PC,” roles, and question Microsoft’s lack of information about their product in their ads.

    The first ad, “Bean Counter,” most directly attacks the well-publicized 300 million dollar Microsoft ad campaign. The ad campaign included 10 million just for the ads that featured Jerry Seinfeld.

    In the ad the Mac persona accuses the PC persona of putting way more money into advertising their faulty and buggy latest operating system when they should be using that money to fix it.

    The second ad “V Word,” attacks Microsoft for not mentioning the word Vista in their pricey ad campaign, as many users have been displeased with it. Rather, Microsoft focuses on building up brand recognition and authority.

    It is unknown how these ads directly affect sales, but Microsoft has increasingly accused Apple of successfully convincing the public that Vista is faulty even after Service Pack 1 and other fixes are reported to have fixed many of the problems.

    You can watch for yourself [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MimCZikP8cY"]YouTube - Apple "Get a Mac" ad: Bean Counter[/ame] and [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3ClenlekME"]YouTube - V Word - NEW Apple get a mac ad[/ame]

    The new ads are pretty comical, I have never really used windows at all, so I have no basis to compare faults and attributes of either…I did however catch a few of the Microsoft ads with Jerry Seinfeld in them, one where Seinfeld compared computers to being delicious like cake or something to that tune, to which Gates responded by shaking his rear…yeah all I could say was “Wow,” and had to leave it at that.

    Source: AppleInsider | New Apple ads savage Microsoft's $300m Windows campaign
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    1. alien mars18's Avatar
      alien mars18 -
      ive been using vista for almost a year now, and i have yet to see any problems with it.... it flows really easy for me....
    1. m3thodandr3d's Avatar
      m3thodandr3d -
      will the competition ever end?
    1. Otacon132's Avatar
      Otacon132 -
      these commercials are very low-blow on apples part, it portrays the company to be asshats in my opinion.
    1. clarkbark's Avatar
      clarkbark -
      I thought these commercials were done very well. Its the old I'm a mac, pc ad but it works well. I like a lot of windows products and I have nothing against them I don't really care about vista problems but I just can't stand Steve Ballmer. I was really upset to see Gates hand Microsoft over to him. If the ad upsets Ballmer I'm all for it
    1. panzival's Avatar
      panzival -
      Although Vista is ok now, but Microsoft has horrible quality control... The 360, XP, and Vista come to mind.
    1. haibane's Avatar
      haibane -
      Quote Originally Posted by Otacon132 View Post
      these commercials are very low-blow on apples part, it portrays the company to be asshats in my opinion.
      I agree totally
    1. jibaro3's Avatar
      jibaro3 -
      I love this Ads. There like AT&T Ads.
    1. compton,Tx's Avatar
      compton,Tx -
      Asshats? How long have you been on urban dictionary looking for a word to use? How is it a low-blow? Let me guess, you're a PC and you've been made into a stereotype.
    1. DSMKilla's Avatar
      DSMKilla -
      "distract from the low quality of their operating system". LMAO Where do people come up with this *****? Seriously I don't care who ya are, Apple is straight GARBAGE plain and simple, always have always will be. Only reason they are still surviving is because of the ipod and now the iphone! Microsoft has got EVERYTHING locked in! I'm surprised they haven't made a cell phone yet but I guess it's kinda hard to care about making cell phones when they bank roll they way they do. Not like they are hurting for money or anything. I don't know where all this "competition" crap comes from. What's there to compete with? Microsoft dominates the computer world plain and simple. I think that anyone who doesn't know anything about either company and happened to buy an Apple before a PC, they would soon realize what a worthless POS Apple is when they start trying to buy things and realize that NOTHING is compatible with Apple! Just walk into Best Buy, as ****** as best buy is but just take a look at how big the PC section is and then look how tiny the Apple section is.

      Look at how stupid some of the ***** apple does. Like what kinda phone these days comes with NO picture messaging capabilities? iPhone anyone? lmao I mean seriously how friggin stupid some of the crap apple does. Yeah XP and Vista might have some issues but are you kidding me, I don't think people even realize the zillion lines of code that even goes into an operating system. Not to mention that the amount of **** that Vista and XP is compatible with. Of course there's gonna be bugs to work out and issues every now and again. That's what Microsoft Update is for! Only reason Mac OSX might be less buggy is because it is barely compatible with ANYTHING! It's like comparing a Vespa Scooter to a NASA Space Shuttle, of course the Vespa is gonna be more reliable cause it doesn't do anything lol!
    1. 461am's Avatar
      461am -
      and here we are again.
    1. compton,Tx's Avatar
      compton,Tx -
      Ok DSMKilla, You make no valid remarks in your entry, therefore we award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.
    1. 461am's Avatar
      461am -
      haha, neither did you.
    1. Sparblaze's Avatar
      Sparblaze -
      @DSMKilla: They do have a phone. It's called Windows Mobile. They don't make the device, but then again they don't make their computers. So technically they do have a phone.

      Awhile I agree Mac does run better than Vista, there aren't that much problems with Vista anymore. It runs pretty smoothly and I like it. I do find these ads funny though
    1. nahart86's Avatar
      nahart86 -
      haha golden. I use both and always will
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      BOTH! I use XP though on my CUSTOM BUILT PC. (A store bought is worthless) I used Vista for 6 months and went back and I am much happier with the stability and most importantly the wireless internet. I used a Macbook for a while and now have the Air and LOVE it. I think both have their strengths.
    1. Sumichu's Avatar
      Sumichu -
      I use Windows and Mac.

      Windows has its flaws.
      Mac has its flaws.

      Nothing in this world is PERFECT.

      Lot's of Apple's products aren't so hot. They shouldn't be giving low-blow commercials like that towards PC. Come on! A lot of Apple employees use ZUNE players.

      Take the brand new Macbooks for example. They aren't SO "PERFECT."

      The glass screen is fused with the LCD display: That means if you crack the glass panel, you'll have to replace the actual display, too. Say buh-buy to four or five C-notes.

      "Unibody" design means no individual (and thus, replaceable) panels: As we learned on Tuesday, the new MacBook casings are carved out of a single piece of aluminium—great in terms of structural integrity, bad if you happen to dent the thing, which means you'd have to replace the entire assembly.

      Tough-to-fix keyboard: As CrunchGear points out, teardown analysis of the new MacBook keypad revealed that it contains a whopping 56-plus screws, taking a good 15 minutes to remove. Don't even think of eating a muffin while you type.
    1. 461am's Avatar
      461am -
      uncalled for? There was nothing uncalled for in it, in fact, it wasn't negative at all.
    1. bagek's Avatar
      bagek -
      apple is just like pepsi, pepsi doesnt promote its product it just attacks the competition, apple is such a smug company, lets talk about how safari crashes on the iphone all the time, and how slow it is to open any program, and how the iphone works nothing like the "screen shots" in its ads. people will believe anything thats on TV to be true.

      microsoft should come back with and ad that says: did you know that 95% of businesses in the entire world run on windows?
    1. dangerousandre's Avatar
      dangerousandre -
      This is all pretty dumb... Apple uses Microsoft products and I bet Microsoft uses Apple products for some random things... Why can't apple stop these lame attacks and live happily ever after...
    1. ultimatexpka's Avatar
      ultimatexpka -
      its sad to see mac attack windows this harshly

      Its true vista has been having problems when it came out, but the thing is that if your switching to vista, stick to a 64 bit os because sticking to that will avoid alot of problems with viruses and ect. and since most programs are written for both, it would matter even choosing a 32 bit

      Microsoft also realeased vista sp1 and that fixed a drastic amount of problems, now i never seen a bsod or anything, right now im having huge amounts of fun playing crysis warhead and other games...

      Btw i also had to tweak vista with the startup items and vistas services, (i disabled the ones i dont need) and everything is running fast and smooth