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  • Aluminum Macbook + New Macbook Pro Rumors

    On October 14th we expect the long awaited update to the Macbook line of laptops from Apple. For many months now an update has been expected to the Macbook line since the current design is getting a little old and outdated. One of the biggest complaints to the current line has been the plastic casing. The Macbook Pro is covered in nice aluminum along with the Macbook Air. According to AppleInsider people "in the know" have seen these new aluminum Macbooks in the wild finally allowing the Macbook to join the rest of the Apple laptop family with higher quality skin.

    Also on the rumor table is the new Macbook Pro. If rumors are true there will be drastic changes between the current model and the newest version.
    • Glass touchpad with dock moved inside the touchpad rather than on the screen. This is complete rumor so far as no one can confirm if this feature is a go. Of course if you believe pictures nowhereelse.fr claims to have pictures of the new macbook pro.

    • In the picture above there also seem to be rounded corners reminiscent of the Macbook Air.
    • No more bulky 28-pin DVI-I (Dual Link) port. It will be replaced by a mini-DVI port like the one found on the current macbook.

    If all of these rumors are true then it looks like an exciting October 14th. The question about what "The Brick" is has yet to be answered. Could it be the aluminum Macbook or a new Macbook Pro?
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    1. WillyDavidK's Avatar
      WillyDavidK -
      Personally I think the dock in the trackpad is a terrible idea, and I would be really surprised if Apple went through with it. I can't imagine how annoying it would be having to constantly look back and forth between the trackpad and screen when using programs with special controls, and trying to pick out the right icon on the dock with my fat fingers, in classic clickwheel-rage fashion (my favorite part of the new 4G nano presentation btw)

      Also a glass touchpad could be neat, but it seems a little impractical. Think about the implications of when you closed your lid - glass on glass. Also the fingerprints would be uncontrollable and would drive some people crazy. Picture is obviously fake.
    1. SuperJoker's Avatar
      SuperJoker -
      Dock in trackpad ? Lame...
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Finally... I hate that POS glossy plasic that gets cratched minutes after you do anything with the computer other than cradle it lie a baby. Might be worth getting one now...
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      From the rumor, the description of the dock in trackpad doesn't sound practical (to me, anyway)... I mean, what benefit would it actually bring?
      For example, I use my dock only to manage currently running apps, and I open almost all of my apps with Aliases and Quicksilver.

      More keyboard shortcuts - Mouse = Faster working
      Dock on trackpad isn't realistic- the trackpad won't expand as you add more stuff....so I'm guessing icons will get smaller, making it harder to use.
      In short, I doubt a pro user would use this trackpad dock stuff, unless he wanted to flam (Trinidadian talk for "show off foolishly"). I doubt this rumor will come to fruition.

      What I can see though is a small, editable touchscreen on the side with a selection of shortcuts to your most frequently used apps- sorta like the left hand side of the Optimus Maximus Keyboard
    1. demonikangel69's Avatar
      demonikangel69 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Josephali View Post
      Ugghh I hate when new Apple Products come out. It makes me feel so outdated, especially since I got my MacBook in April.

      Lyfe Sux..
      Welcome to the club.

      I still have an iBook G4... I LOVE it, don't get me wrong. I've had it for years! YEARS! And it hasn't give me anywhere near as many problems as I used to have with PCs and Windumbs. I get excited when I talk about Apple products, sorry.

      Back to the topic, yeah... welcome to the club :X
    1. Fear1508's Avatar
      Fear1508 -
      Awesome for apple coming out with a new macbook. And yea i agree, the dock in the touchpad would be extremely horrible... Any of you who actually think that is pretty genius should reconsider lol... You'd have to look back and forth just to launch applications. And how would you tap without launching an app? How would the dock hide in the touchpad when u are using the touchpad for scrolling? If anything itll make it more complicated, and apple likes to make it easier for people not complicated. So the photo is fake lol, dock in touchpad is a no go. However, i like the titanium case it fits with the macbook family, but i still prefer my plastic white vintage case. The only way i am going to consider in buying the new macbook is if it has higher than 2.4ghz processor and an actual graphics card instead of an intergrated one like the macbook pro, but cheaper in price of course .
    1. dookie454's Avatar
      dookie454 -
      My first metal electronics were:
      1) Cannon SD800IS digital Camera
      2) Iphone 2G
      3) Cruizer memory stick

      All metal electronics looked 1yr old after the 1st week.. suffering from dents and severe scratches.

      My 10yr old plastic electronic devices look like they were handled very gently, no DENTS... same scratches...

      So, I dont know what's better.. old plastic lasting forever or new metal dented stuff which makes it looks old fast...

      I hate metal... on little devices (cause it means it's thin weak metal)... stick to plastic!!!
    1. Fear1508's Avatar
      Fear1508 -
      Yes, having scratches is a lot better then dents. At least with the white macbook you can't notice some scratches unless its in light, but dents are always noticeable and just look terrible.
    1. w0by's Avatar
      w0by -
      I just hope the rumor about the no dual-link DVI is incorrect on the new MBP..how am I supposed to run my 30" LCD monitor without dual link dvi?
    1. Apple iPie's Avatar
      Apple iPie -
      MacBook Pro looks much mich better. I wanted to take the newest one now, but I will wait....
    1. keatonec's Avatar
      keatonec -
      doe antne know what the specs are on the new MacBook pros. I haven't heard anything it thought maybe somebody else had. And now I'm coin t have to wait even longer to get a MacBook pro. Ahhh. They just opened a new apple store at a mall near my house and I went there today. Wanted to walk out of there with a MacBook that same day. I want one so bad.
    1. w0by's Avatar
      w0by -
      alright...this picture is fake but if the macbook pro doesn't have a dual link dvi my 30" monitor and everyone elses 30" will not even work anymore ...lamest thing since Vista
    1. sailingaction's Avatar
      sailingaction -
      Apple is refreshing its line up of Cinema displays also in near future. If the MBP comes out with mini DVI they probably thought of us having a 30 inch display.
    1. WillyDavidK's Avatar
      WillyDavidK -
      I agree that they should leave the full size DVI port in. I understand that part of the purpose of the mini-DVI port is to allow multiple video outputs from the same port, but the fact that to use any of them requires purchasing separate proprietary adapters at $20 each just feels like Apple trying to get more money out of me. If they included a mini-DVI to DVI adapter with the laptop that would be another thing.

      Also, who's to say they won't upgrade the mini-DVI spec to support dual-link?