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  • Apple "The Brick" Roundup
    With rumors flying all over the internet about what "The Brick" is we though we would throw together a nice list of the current speculations. If you haven't heard about "The Brick" it is a rumored product code-name that many believe will be announced by Apple soon. While no one can confirm that "The Brick" really exists everyone seems to agree that if there is an Apple Brick it will probably be announced on October 15th.

    Now for the fun stuff. What could "The Brick" possibly be?
    1. A Mac Tablet.

      There have been rumors off and on for years now about the possibility of a mac tablet. Apple has made a name for themselves in the portable computer world in recent years and as of this month finally grabbed 10.6% of the U.S. laptop market share putting them at the #4 most popular laptop brand behind Dell, HP, and Acer. We think a "Macbook Touch" would be an awesome addition to the Mac line filling in a void that Apple currently has empty. If I have to wait for Apple to do it themselves much longer a Modbook might become a serious possibility.

    2. A New Mac mini.

      The Mac mini is currently Apple's entry level desktop. It's small, moderately powerful for day to day tasks, and reasonably priced at $599. I'd like to see a more powerfull revision of the Mac mini myself to fill in Apple's current tower desktop line between the entry level Mac mini and the super powerful crazy expensive Mac Pro.

    3. A Wireless USB Hub.

      Really? The picture above of an Apple webpage (yah probably Photoshopped) seems to show a next generation Apple laptop and some strange brick-like device to the right. There is a lot of speculation that that device would be a wireless USB hub to work hand in hand with new Apple laptops. Our take? If there is this much hype about something as miniscule as a wireless USB hub we will be very disappointed.

    4. A product or group of products that will steal market share away from Microsoft.

      Macenstein seems to think they have decifered the riddle.
      "Well, not to toot our own horns, but we think we’ve solved the riddle behind the code name “The Brick”, although unfortunately our theory does not shed any real light on what the device actually IS, but perhaps it can help end speculation as to what it is not.. We mulled the “brick” name over in our official, patent-pending Macenstein Lab Think Tank™, and it is now our belief that The Brick has nothing to do with the device actually looking physically like a brick at all. Rather, we feel it is likely that it is simply a name for an upcoming product (or group of products) that Apple thinks will be sexy enough to pull a huge marketshare away from Microsoft. After all, how do you break “Windows”? You throw a brick through them!"
      Well um yeah. If there is a brick Apple will most likely be trying to take some market share from Windows, the most widely used OS in the world. That is the basic Apple business plan after all.

    What do you think "The Brick" is? We'd like to know. Vote in our poll above or leave a comment with your speculations.

    [via iphonesavior , computerworld , macenstein]
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    1. royalnewjersey's Avatar
      royalnewjersey -
      Quote Originally Posted by tattoojack View Post
      i hope its a new mac mini.

      i totally agree with the gap between the mini and the G5

      I think it would be cool if Apple released a new Mac mini, they need to have a really inexpensive, better performing machine for people who have all the peripherals. But in all honesty I'll believe it when I see it.

      That being said... the gap between the mini and the G5 (Mac Pro)... is called an iMac. Where has everyone been the last few years? iMacs now days are amazing machines. There is no "gap"... there's just the iMac that fits nicely between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro....

      Anyway, I'm saying tablet IF there is a brick at all. Apple could take all of their "thinnovation" and new technology from the Macbook air, flip the screen around and have a completely new machine with very little work. Especially considering the time frame between Mac Air, iPhone 3g, Nanos/touches, and now "the Brick".

      It's gotta be something pretty easy.
    1. pyroguy57's Avatar
      pyroguy57 -
      Best code name for anything ever........"The Blue Harvest"
    1. Chase817's Avatar
      Chase817 -
      there is no brick. there will never be a brick. the brick is a figment of your imagination. you can't pass figments of imagination to other beings. if you could, you already would have passed your little figment to the almighty steve. but because you cannot, the imagination figment can not be passed through his brain; converting it into a working physical product.

      ... sorry about that
    1. technominds's Avatar
      technominds -

      Yes please.
    1. brianiino's Avatar
      brianiino -
      Hmm, I'm guessing "the brick" is an attachment for the Macbook Air. Think about it... somthing the size of a brick that has all the things that is needed that the Macbook Air doesnt have, DVDR, CDR, extra plug-ins, ect....
    1. skblut's Avatar
      skblut -
      I hope its a new mac mini it has been a long time since they were updated.The touchscreen book looks pretty cool too.I think I read they might have some updates to the macbooks also.Lots of possibilities!
    1. xjuliephanx's Avatar
      xjuliephanx -
      that tablet is sweet. when that comes out i'll be first in line!
    1. MiSTRFiNGA's Avatar
      MiSTRFiNGA -
      Quote Originally Posted by technominds View Post

      Yes please.
      Yes I agree. Using the proven working touchscreen from the iPhone, a top selling laptop in macbook, with the stand to make it double as your home workstation that would ELIMINATE having BOTH laptop and a desktop. Kinda like Lord of the Rings, "1 ring to rule them all" a powerful tablet with touchscreen. Just have peripheral ports and you got a solid selling machine to take on BOTH laptop and desktop markets with the sexyness of touchscreen interactions. Id bite for sure!!!
    1. ericidle's Avatar
      ericidle -
      in the photo its oviously not a tablet mac but one of those sure would be popular, and with the availability of low power oled screens and vastly reduced and higher capacity memory, I'm sure the possibility isnt far away, lets see who gets one out first !!!!!
    1. mrt2's Avatar
      mrt2 -
      I don't think it's a device at all. That doesn't make sense. A new computer wouldn't eat into MS's market share as Microsoft doesn't make hardware. New laptops would eat into Dell's and other manufacturers market share but it wouldn't even touch Microsoft. The only way to eat into Microsoft's' market share would be with software that rivals theirs... Maybe built in support for Microsoft applications without the need for VM? Or maybe an amazing new server architecture seeing as Microsoft's real market share stems from Enterprise usage.
    1. SirTimothy1's Avatar
      SirTimothy1 -
      If you watch the beginning of this video, he talks about a blank square. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdpRSj7tLiY&feature=related]YouTube - Macworld NY 1999-The First iBook Introduction[/ame]
      Maybe 'brick' is a code name for the new 'blank square' for their product line. If this is true, then they are making something, and it could be a whole new product. Or it could be an update to an older one.