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  • Big Reaction To Small Evidence of Verizon iPhone

    Are the hopes for a Verizon iPhone so high that even the most minimal shred of evidence to suggest an end to AT&T exclusivity is sufficient to send some Verizon fans into a frenzy? Apparently, the answer to that question is a big, fat "affirmative."

    Our friends at Electronista published a report this weekend that has since been dubbed "potential evidence of a Verizon-capable iPhone." But, apparently, it's ample evidence to convince some that a Verizon iPhone is all but inevitable. The conclusion is based on the screen capture from an iPhone that displays the "Verizon" carrier tag.

    Sources have provided a screen capture from an iPhone in the San Francisco Bay Area that shows "Verizon" as the carrier ID. The tip comes with warnings that no more information can be disclosed just this moment but also that more should become apparent in the near future.
    Call me crazy, but it seems a bad 1970's detective TV show would deem this evidence "flimsy" at best. But as we rapidly approach the expiration of AT&T's exclusive deal with Apple to carry the iPhone, all eyes and ears are trained on Verizon for clues of a forthcoming announcement by the carrier to begin offering coverage for the beloved handset.

    Here's the controversial image in question:

    Could this be a glimpse into the future? Might we see this image on Conan O'Brien's "In The Year 3000" skit? Or will the idea of a Verizon iPhone prove as short lived as Conan O'Brien on The Tonight Show? I guess only time will tell.

    While the capture itself is believed to be genuine, the authenticity of the ID itself is difficult to determine. Readers should take severe caution as it's possible to fake the carrier ID with a modified iPhone. However, such a modification would be unusual as current iPhones use GSM, not CDMA, and would expose the inaccuracy of trying to associate a present-day model with an incompatible network.
    Images via Electronista
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    1. soto806's Avatar
      soto806 -
      edit: never mind

      but that would be nice because my sister has verizon and she needs a new coool iPhone
    1. clikzip's Avatar
      clikzip -
      I hope the iPhone does go to verizon so it can bog down their network. Im hoping something rediculous doesnt happen like verizon getting an exclusivity deal with the 4g iphone. And you can change the carrier to say verizon very easily. Not rock hard evidence.
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      Can anyone say "Make It Mine"?
    1. corkey20000's Avatar
      corkey20000 -
      Uhhhhh..... I can make my carrier say Tracfone right now if I felt like it.

      Are they thick headed?
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Messany View Post
      Here's the controversial image in question:

      Give me 5 Minutes with Photoshop and I will give you the same image. Give me Make it Mine and I will do it in 15 seconds. Give me Cyberduck, OpenSSH and TextEdit and I will do it in 2 minutes.

      Do you want to see an iPhone running on Sprint? I will photoshop an image for you....

      We have determined in the past not to believe an image. Look at the history of all of the FAKE iPhone pictures and FAKE Tablet pictures. There is a huge track record for photoshopped images to surface in light of a rumor. Only a fool buys into these images and rumors.

      We have said this multiple times, At&t and Apple are still under contract until 2011. These Verizon rumors are as bad as all of the failed 3GS rumors last year. Verizon will not have the iPhone for a while if at all.
    1. rockjohn's Avatar
      rockjohn -
      super wack
    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      I can make my carrier 'bungie.net'. I guess that's irrefutable evidence that Microsoft has bought AT&T and Apple. Oh well. We all knew the world would come crashing down one day.
    1. macfan406's Avatar
      macfan406 -
      If it was Really Going to be a Verizon phone, then the carrier would be the full official network name, "Verizon Wireless" not "Verizon". It would appear as "Verizon Wire..." or something like that, because it would not be able to support the full Carrier Name.. Unless you can dig something up that states the carrier is CDMA, i'm not buying it.
    1. Davisman's Avatar
      Davisman -
      Quote Originally Posted by politicalslug View Post
      I can make my carrier 'bungie.net'. I guess that's irrefutable evidence that Microsoft has bought AT&T and Apple. Oh well. We all knew the world would come crashing down one day.
      Microsoft doesn't own Bungie anymore... just saying.
    1. niceshades's Avatar
      niceshades -
      haha! i dont doubt verizon will get the iphone soon, but this is totally fake!! hahahaha
    1. adsonjustin's Avatar
      adsonjustin -
      interesting... i doubt this is real.
    1. battlecrushr's Avatar
      battlecrushr -
      lol make it mine
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      The image is either made from Make It Mine or it was photoshopped. More rumors...
    1. plcrules's Avatar
      plcrules -
      how stupid any1 ever heard of make it mine?
      the app in cydia that lets u change ur carrier tag 2 wat ever u want my tag is my name i can change it 2 say version in a minute

      any requests?
    1. KING_MATH3RS's Avatar
      KING_MATH3RS -
      Haha if this was real the bard would be red and so would the wifi so fake lmao
    1. drjailbreakMD's Avatar
      drjailbreakMD -
      Honeslty I hope verizon never gets the iPhone because they will someway somehow figure out a way to cripple it just like they do with all of their phones.....and like everyone else said MAKEITMINE...lol idiots i casnt even believe modmyi posted this garbage!!!
    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      Jail broken phones can say whatever you want them to.

      Here's mine:

    1. DoYouLikeLuxury?'s Avatar
      DoYouLikeLuxury? -
      I think we all should install MIM and flood the Internet with screen shots of our phones to take the hype even further.
    1. h4x0rJyNx's Avatar
      h4x0rJyNx -
      Quote Originally Posted by edwilk55 View Post
      Jail broken phones can say whatever you want them to.

      Here's mine:

      nice theme i don't under stand the redundancy in have the temp and the date multiple times other than that that theme is great i know off topic sorry