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  • First China, Now Hollywood... Apple Buckles to Pressure Again

    Although no one was surprised by Apple's recent decision to pull the plug (for China's App Store, at least) on a number of applications deemed by the Chinese government to be inappropriate, many were angered by Apple's apparent eagerness to please the Chinese even if it means snubbing developers and their apps for the sake of doing business in Asia's largest mobile community.

    Now comes word that Apple is buckling yet again, but this time to Hollywood. As reported by CNET this weekend, the SuperAgent iPhone app has caught on. But some real-life Hollywood super agents aren't happy with the app and how it portrays the powers-that-be in some show biz circles.

    According to the Independent, one super agent may have enjoyed a particular interest in this app. His name is Ari Emanuel. He is the agent for so many important acting citizens such as Robert De Niro and Sacha Baron Cohen as well as directors such as Spike Lee. He is even thought to be the person upon whom the character of Ari Gold is based in the delightfully fluffy "Entourage" on HBO.
    Turns out that Ari is upset that the "less than honest" agent in the SuperAgent game is named Ari. As a result, Ari (the real-life agent) circulated a cease-and-desist letter that led to Apple promptly removing SuperAgent from the App Store.

    "The game uses the name 'Ari' for the main character, which clearly is a reference to Mr Emanuel, the co-chief executive officer of WME, one of the world's premier talent agencies," begins the forceful cease-and-desist letter. It continues as forcefully as it began: "[It] clearly intends to capitalize on using Mr Emanuel's and WME's names for the game and possibly mislead the public into thinking that Mr Emanuel and/or WME endorse the game - effectively trading off the goodwill, reputation and fame established by our clients."
    The significance of this latest snafu suggests how jumpy Apple is about applications that may offend or be "inappropriate." Is the removal of SuperAgent justifiable? Perhaps. But Apple seems far more eager to pull apps than release them in a prompt fashion. And it isn't clear if the SuperAgent game will gain admission to the App Store again once the character names are shuffled a bit.

    I feel sure that many of you will sympathize with Hanrahan's plight. His arguments appear plausible. His game, just as the "Entourage" show, seems but an amusing diversion from the pains of everyday existence. But perhaps others might consider that while saying truth to power is an often alluring concept, one should always think carefully before saying jokes to power. Power is a sensitive soul, one that isn't always comfortable with japes. Somehow, for some powerful souls, taking a joke is like Samson admitting he'd always wondered what it would like to be bald.
    For now, Oisin Hanrahan, the developer of SuperAgent, says his firm of three people now has no source of income.

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    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      there is no reason for the app to be removed or altered...
    1. hacker555's Avatar
      hacker555 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rwin84 View Post
      there is no reason for the app to be removed or altered...
      I agree, This is going So far past too far. Apple needs to sit the F#cK down and stop this. Also people need to get over themselfs.
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      Really? What an ego on this idiot. I've never heard of the guy but I know of the character Ari Gold from Entourage. Could it be that the inspiration was that character and not an actual agent? Ari Gold is a caricature of Hollywood agents and probably 100 times more entertaining.

      I think this agent has spent a little too much time in the land of make believe in a galaxy far, far away. Maybe a better caricature for him now would be that of Johnny Drama.
    1. viperstarpoint9's Avatar
      viperstarpoint9 -
      They use my name in an app store game should I write a cease-and-desist letter? The game that MY name is used in shows people with my name as dumb jocks. One I am not dumb and two I am no jock never have been and never will be. So Ari step off and let people use your first name but not your first and last name. Also just because my name is being used in a game and makes people with my name look dumb I'm not getting bent out of shape.

      And Apple grow a pair and stop trying to please everyone with the app store. It is not working. We know you don't care about everyone otherwise your app store would be open source and I would not have to jailbreak just to modmyi. (modmyi is being used because I'm a scared pussy and don't want Apple knocking at my door because they made a big deal about using iPhone and hacking references in the same sentence).
    1. jerrythedom's Avatar
      jerrythedom -
      Any developer that gets an app pulled should just call saurik.
    1. supreme-livin's Avatar
      supreme-livin -
      so anyone who cries enough is goin to get there way??
      grow up apple
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      Apple has become so borg, even EMC pales by comparison. It will be it's downfall.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Apple has always bowed to pressure. The prudes in America don't like nudity so no app that shows tits is allowed anywhere in the world.
      America has some of the worst censorship in the world and Apple force it on the rest of us, but that's life.
      Get over it!
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      I don't have much to say about this, other than how horrible Entourage is. It's "Sex & the City" for male teens.

      I don't understand how this guy can give up his name to HBO and appear as a total tool, but when portrayed as a video game character his lawyers throw a hissyfit. He probably makes royalties off of the show or something.

      I guess he has a copyright on his name? Ridiculous.
    1. hollow0's Avatar
      hollow0 -
      Of course they would bow to pressure, have you seen how many times they are sued? lol i mean damn... everybody is after them! Makes sense to back down.
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      Really? So what if someone uses your name in something. This happens all the time!
    1. jdonn2009's Avatar
      jdonn2009 -
      how about that app that lets you check people's background? doens't that use everyones name?! yeah... that dude needs to get a life
    1. ddonuts4's Avatar
      ddonuts4 -
      Omfg if only apple hadn't become gatekeeper of the app store, and it had just been... the Internet. Now they have all these responsibliltes not to piss off important people. No matter how minor it is.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Come on Apple this is the free world.

      You can't even pull that stuff in China. Y doing it here.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Wow. Sounds like a real dbag
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      Superagent ari is a super whiner.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      thats all nonsense
    1. Mira30's Avatar
      Mira30 -
      apple always buckling to pressure!