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  • Apple Tablet To Connect to Internet via iPhone?

    The latest rumor circulating about the Apple tablet is that it may connect to the internet via connection to the iPhone. Now, before you throw the Sunday newspaper at your computer, punch a hole in the wall, or possibly commit a heinous crime in your justifiable rage, let's pause for a moment and reflect on how unlikely such a reality is to manifest and that this report, which was covered on Benzinga, probably represents the proliferation of false information.

    This either has to be a horribly ill thought out rumor or hubris.
    You think? As the article states (and pretty much everyone else already knows), AT&T can barely handle the workload born of Apple's deal with the carrier to exclusively offer coverage for the iPhone. If the tablet is somehow dependent on the iPhone for internet connectivity, a monstrosity could manifest - something we've already gotten a taste of via AT&T's bogged down network.

    A tablet that uses AT&T's already strained netowrk through IPhone tethering strikes me as a materially unpleasant idea. It's true that current IPhones won't currently tether to a PC, but if you use a little bit of clever software the phones are perfectly capable of doing this.
    Naturally, it makes sense for such a rumor to float about the blogosphere given how good for business (initially, at least) an iPhone connection to the tablet would prove for Apple. Want a tablet but don't have an iPhone? Now you need both. Indeed, such an arrangement could yield big bucks for Apple out of the gate. Then everything would quickly deteriorate into an utter fiasco of epic proportions.

    The more data traffic Apple can channel through to a carrier, that's better for Apple and a tablet would certainly do that with ebooks, newspapers and heavier internet browsing. However, it's not clear that AT&T could take the traffic strain and it would almost certainly require a deal with another carrier like T-Mobile with its flimsy 3G network.
    Given how utterly deranged this proposition is, I think we're safe to stash the concept in the "worthless rumor" storage bin. Of course, if Apple is truly on pace to ramp up diverse carrier relationships in 2010, anything is possible. But I'm not banking on it.

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    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      I doubt it. The tablet will have a sim tray in it
    1. Devilish4eveR's Avatar
      Devilish4eveR -
      The WHOLE POINT of getting this "mystical table" out is to "turn" even MORE ppl over to Apple. By not implementing Wi-Fi technology to it and forcing u to buy an iPhone to be able to have internet on the tablet is the most ridiculous thing I could ever think of doing (if I was Apple).

      With that said, anyone who even considers this to be true, is not on this earth (apparently) cause he's livin' in his own lil' world (to my opinion). I personally would have no use what so ever (at this point in time) for this tablet device. Still would be great to work with it at least once to c what Apple did this time around.
    1. brandon0104's Avatar
      brandon0104 -
      This definitely could be true. But Apple knows that AT&T couldn't handle something like this... It could be a hint that they're adding Verizon support on the iPhone.

      1) Use Wifi on the tablet
      2) Purchase an additional plan for use with built in 3G card
      3) Purchase a cheaper plan for use with iPhone.
    1. hancoma's Avatar
      hancoma -
      Not going to happen! AT&T can't handle it...and a more viable solution is needed. If tethering of any kind is needed, this will only support more jailbroken/unlocked iphones...increasing data usage for AT&T.

      So many rumors...sigh......am so over it...just release it!!!
    1. deathbybunnies6's Avatar
      deathbybunnies6 -
      YAY! More anticipation for something I"M SICK of hearing about
    1. deadwilder's Avatar
      deadwilder -
      I thought people were over the fact that it's actually an ebook reader and not a proper tablet?
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      I doubt it. The tablet will have a sim tray in it
      I agree
    1. niceshades's Avatar
      niceshades -
      If Apple lets this happen, I am going to throw my monitor into the window of one of their stores. That is such a stupid idea!!! They should make it more like a laptop with wifi and no activation with iPhone. I really hope this is not true.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      When I read the title of this thread, I assume "tethering" as an option of a subsidized tablet just like tethering with a laptop like most people do anyway.
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      not gonna fly without multi-network support...
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      After years long of rumors, the tablet is doesn't seem to be all that.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      No way Apple would do that, its just a ridiculous rumor. They'd definitely lose sales if that were the case, and I don't think they're about to do that.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      They won't do that
    1. PlatoTheForms's Avatar
      PlatoTheForms -
      wow..so basically anyone who types some **** about the apple tablet gets his **** posted in the front page of this site? come on, let the rumors about the tablet pass for a while, or until apple officially announces something.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      You my friend are a moron. He is a staff writer for this forum which is why his articles land on the front page. His source for the rumor is also listed in the OP!
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Lots of people enjoy hearing the rumors
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      One of the most stupid rumors I ever heard.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ I agree
    1. xerbox's Avatar
      xerbox -
      I use the pdanet modem app with my iphone so i can go on the internet with my mac wen im in the car =)
    1. PlatoTheForms's Avatar
      PlatoTheForms -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
      You my friend are a moron. He is a staff writer for this forum which is why his articles land on the front page. His source for the rumor is also listed in the OP!
      yeah I respect what he does for this site, but not this continuous gossip of table rumors from anywhere and everywhere.

      OOOOOH you thought that when i said "so basically anyone who types some ****", i meant the staff writer here...well i didn't; I mean the sources from where the rumors are taken.

      Quote Originally Posted by awesomeiPod View Post
      One of the most stupid rumors I ever heard.
      hahah this had me rolling on the floor