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  • Apple Tablet To Connect to Internet via iPhone?

    The latest rumor circulating about the Apple tablet is that it may connect to the internet via connection to the iPhone. Now, before you throw the Sunday newspaper at your computer, punch a hole in the wall, or possibly commit a heinous crime in your justifiable rage, let's pause for a moment and reflect on how unlikely such a reality is to manifest and that this report, which was covered on Benzinga, probably represents the proliferation of false information.

    This either has to be a horribly ill thought out rumor or hubris.
    You think? As the article states (and pretty much everyone else already knows), AT&T can barely handle the workload born of Apple's deal with the carrier to exclusively offer coverage for the iPhone. If the tablet is somehow dependent on the iPhone for internet connectivity, a monstrosity could manifest - something we've already gotten a taste of via AT&T's bogged down network.

    A tablet that uses AT&T's already strained netowrk through IPhone tethering strikes me as a materially unpleasant idea. It's true that current IPhones won't currently tether to a PC, but if you use a little bit of clever software the phones are perfectly capable of doing this.
    Naturally, it makes sense for such a rumor to float about the blogosphere given how good for business (initially, at least) an iPhone connection to the tablet would prove for Apple. Want a tablet but don't have an iPhone? Now you need both. Indeed, such an arrangement could yield big bucks for Apple out of the gate. Then everything would quickly deteriorate into an utter fiasco of epic proportions.

    The more data traffic Apple can channel through to a carrier, that's better for Apple and a tablet would certainly do that with ebooks, newspapers and heavier internet browsing. However, it's not clear that AT&T could take the traffic strain and it would almost certainly require a deal with another carrier like T-Mobile with its flimsy 3G network.
    Given how utterly deranged this proposition is, I think we're safe to stash the concept in the "worthless rumor" storage bin. Of course, if Apple is truly on pace to ramp up diverse carrier relationships in 2010, anything is possible. But I'm not banking on it.

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    1. BecomingxInsane's Avatar
      BecomingxInsane -
      Year one: Dependent on iphone for internet. People still buy.
      Then, a year later: they finally put a b/g chip in it. Even more people buy.

      Ahh typical Apple. Seems that I've figured out your plan.

      Haha no really. If they released their tablet with an iphone only connection, I don't think ANYONE would be pleased.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by BecomingxInsane View Post
      Then, a year later: they finally put a b/g chip in it.
      b/g? would anyone buy without n? Why?
    1. BecomingxInsane's Avatar
      BecomingxInsane -
      That's the plan for year three. Along with a few other small mods. :P

      I'm onto you, apple.
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      I seriously doubt that this would be the case, but if it is, then I'll wait for the second or third gen version of the tablet because by then, Apple would have realised their foolishness and made ammends.
    1. cm2047's Avatar
      cm2047 -
      This being my first post - Hi all.

      In regards to to the Tablet using the iPhone to connect to the internet is something that I have though would be cool for a long time now all the way back to when I had my Treo (3 years). I go to a lot of meetings and tried to take notes on my Treo but it sucked at that. I thought if someone could make an extension of the Treo for notetaking, internet access on a big screen, and the sort, that would be awesome. The notes would stay on the Treo to be synced with my computer at a later date. Use my data plan I have access to already and not have to buy another one for another device.

      Now that I have my Sprint MiFi it is not such a big deal for the internet but it still would be cool to carry just my phone and the tablet to do 95% of the work I need to do.

      Yeah AT&T would have trouble handling the increased traffic, or would they? Not knowing much about bandwidth and the like, it seems like if the tablet had the iPhone OS and you were just passing data through to the iPhone you would not be using all that much more data than you are currently. I may be wrong.

      My first Apple purchase was my iPhone, yes it has converted me and my next laptop will be the best MacBook Pro I can get when it is time to buy. My third purchase would probably be this tablet.
    1. Fhadso's Avatar
      Fhadso -
      Perhaps that it /can/ connect through an iPhone (The "iProd" string in 3.0's plists") but it can also connect via wifi.
    1. cpkirkley's Avatar
      cpkirkley -
      Apple gets an Auto-Fail if they think that people would pay for a data plan for a tablet on top of the 30 bleeding we're taking by having iPhones.

      The tablet should be marketed just like the other tablet pc's out there. Its a dynamite tech on its own, and they will lose potential customers if a data plan is mandatory. Data should be an option - not a requirement. That doesn't mean that specific carriers couldn't have their own iterations would the cost subsidized to offset some of the data, but if you walk into the Apple store, there had better be a vanilla tablet ready for pick up.

    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      this would be a terrible thing
    1. starjar's Avatar
      starjar -
      I predict that the new product from Apple will be like the iphone but a little larger. Say about a 10inch screen like netbook. And the neat feature will be air like browsing. example hovering your fingers 2 inch away from the screen to change pages etc. I can't wait!