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  • Using Veency to Deal With Reception Loss

    Veency has been around for quite some time and many of you have probably already used it. Developed by Jay Freeman (Saurik), Veency is a VNC Server for your jailbroken iPhone. VNC is essentially an desktop sharing system that allows you to remotely control another computer. Keyboard and mouse events are sent from one computer to another, while an image is sent back, allowing you to see what is happening in real time.

    Since I have recently moved to the mountains, I have found dead spots in different areas, and full in others only a few feet apart. The one that particularly grinds my gears is my new office, which receives a lovely "No Service". However, if I step outside or go upstairs, the reception is great with full bars and 3G.

    It had occurred to me that Veency would be a fantastic way to still get reception, while working in the office. And naturally, with everyone these days complaining about reception problems, I figured I'd put together this short guide on getting Veency set up, in the scenario that you've never used a VNC before. So if your can find a good spot where you get great reception, this is where you'll plug your iPhone in (yes you'll want to leave it charging). Make sure Wi-Fi is connected (you'll need this) and download Veency from Rock/Cydia.

    Once you've installed Veency, you'll want to set a password for the VNC Server. Go to Settings -> Veency -> Password. That's it, your phone is all set. Make a note of the IP address of your iPhone (if you have SBSettings, just swipe at the top) and leave your iPhone where it gets the best reception.

    Now you'll need a VNC Viewer for your PC/Mac. If your on a Mac, head over to Apple - Downloads - Networking & Security - Chicken of the VNC. Chicken of The VNC is free and a great client. If your on a PC, then head over to RealVNC - VNC Viewer Free Edition 4.1 for Windows. VNC Viewer is free and does everything you need.

    Once you've installed either of these clients, you will simply enter the IP address of your iPhone. Once a connection is made you should see your iPhone's screen displayed on your PC/Mac. Your mouse will function as the touch input and your keyboard works great for typing.

    Voila, you can now text, watch for calls, take snapshots, record video, whatever your heart desires. The streaming is a little bit choppy but it's better than not having any reception at all. Just think of different ways you can use this setup.

    What do you use Veency for? I realize there are many different reasons one would use Veency and it's interesting to see what people are doing. For example, I have a friend who actually has no reception in his work office. He leaves his phone in his car, uses MyWi to create a WiFi network, and with Veency he can sneak onto his iPhone without actually looking like he ever uses his phone. Let's hear your story.

    Veency Package Details
    Repo: Tangelo (Saurik)
    Version: 0.9.3197-1
    Author: Jay Freeman (saurik)
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    1. robertr1's Avatar
      robertr1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Eagleye View Post
      I do pretty much the same. I get no reception in my office because its all steel and concrete, but if I place my phone by the window across the room I can get full bars. Works great! Another thing I do is at school I keep my phone in my pocket on wifi and can use my laptop to check text messages with the prof thinking im still taking notes and not texting... lol. The only thing I would like though would be to be able to use the built-in mic and speakers to recieve and make calls over veency while in the office. That would be awesome.
      The entire time I was reading the article I was thinking about how I could use this to text at school without the teacher knowing.
    1. baneonrt's Avatar
      baneonrt -
      Well, it's definitely a 1:2 ratio of remote mouse to iphone cursor position starting together at the upper left and getting way off by the lower right. Makes sense given the double resolution of the IP4.

      Very cool though, can't wait for an IP4 update. Shouldn't take much, everything else seems to work.

    1. LigerLuvr9210's Avatar
      LigerLuvr9210 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shishir G View Post
      None helped, can you recommend a VNC viewer?
      I am having the same problem on snow leopard with Chicken of the VNC, the safari screenshare feature, and realVNC :/
    1. JAE's Avatar
      JAE -
      Black screen on IPT2G (MB Model) on iOS4. =\
    1. CrAkD's Avatar
      CrAkD -
      I remember this working much better on my 3gs. on my ip4 its super laggy plus the mouse input as off as some of you have already pointed out.
    1. rajsukul's Avatar
      rajsukul -
      Quote Originally Posted by wolverinemarky View Post
      guess we will have to wait and see i already ordered it on apple.com suppose to arrive on the 26th
      You might be lucky.. it usually takes 10-15 days for the new firmware to get into the iDevices that they ship.
    1. mrshibby's Avatar
      mrshibby -
      i use it at work all day... since all employees were telling me that i use my iphone to much at work, now im using it via veency and nobody notice when i“m checking my mails or writing sms..

      veency is great
    1. vikrants's Avatar
      vikrants -
      How would you do this over the Internet? Let's say I left my iPhone at home and want to VNC from my laptop from a Starbucks?
    1. kingbijan's Avatar
      kingbijan -
      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      You wont be able to, it will come with 4.0.2 so you cant jailbreak it
      got my iphone 4 yesterday came with 4.0.1 =)
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      ^ did you get it in store, or order it
    1. jttheninjaman's Avatar
      jttheninjaman -
      anyone else having veency problems? Im trying to use it and I just have a black screen on my pc. Help?
    1. skattrbrain's Avatar
      skattrbrain -
      Good idea in theory. It's exactly useable with my iPhone 4 though.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Not sure what I am doing wrong. I installed this, it says it is installed in Cydia, but I do not see any icon on my iOS screen.. on an iPhone 4 btw
    1. Mp3Supply's Avatar
      Mp3Supply -
      @sziklassy, there is no icon, its in the "settings" app.. scroll down and you will see Veency...

      Or if you have SBSettings, search for the Veency module for SBSettings to turn it on and on.
    1. chemalito's Avatar
      chemalito -
      No mouse input on my i4 =(
    1. iphone?3gs's Avatar
      iphone?3gs -
      im using winvnc and vnc viewer and did auto scale and it is normal sized and came aligned
    1. Electrodaktylus's Avatar
      Electrodaktylus -
      Bluetooth headset? And Veency, voilą!! Problem solve.
    1. andyharp's Avatar
      andyharp -
      Today I had a weird thing happen with Veency. I just restored my iphone to 3.1.2, rejailbroke, and was getting everything back up and going.
      I had installed veency but never set a password yet. I had a screen come up saying that someone (with a public IP) was trying to connect to veency and wanted me to allow or not to allow.
      I thought veency only served up on the wifi side. I was on my local private wifi when it happened.
      Any ideas?
    1. movalwebmaster's Avatar
      movalwebmaster -
      for those with an iPhone 4 having the "resolution or screen to big" issue: download tight vnc, when connecting choose the scale option, change it to 75% or 50% depending on your actual computer screen resolution (you can also change it after connecting by clicking connection options on the far upper left of vnc). And for the mouse issue, would be nice to see that get fixed =]
    1. desepticon's Avatar
      desepticon -
      How would you do this over the Internet? Let's say I left my iPhone at home and want to VNC from my laptop from a Starbucks?
      You woud need to set up port fowarding on your router. VNC runs on port 5900 and this port needs to be accessible on the public internet. You could alternatively make port 22 accessible and tunnel vnc over ssh with something like ssh -L 6500: -p 22 @ . Then connect to vnc with the address