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  • New iPhone to Pack 5MP Camera?

    Shreds of evidence are beginning to help complete the puzzle of what the next iPhone may offer when its introduced, most likely, next summer at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference. According to Eric Zeman of InformationWeek, the iPhone may soon boast a 5 mexapixel camera to help beef up the device's photographic potential in the wake of heated competition from other smartphones that now pack a powerful lens.

    The current supplier of camera chips for Apple's iPhone, OmniVision Technologies, says it got a whopper of an order from Apple for 2010. Not only will it supply Apple with 40 to 45 million imaging sensors, they will rate 5 megapixels.
    Although few are surprised by the sensible decision by Apple to step up the iPhone's camera a notch, many (myself included) are somewhat stunned by the bulk in which Cupertino is buying the necessary parts to make it happen.

    OmniVision, for example, only supplied Apple with approximately twenty million 3.2 megapixel cameras for the previous update. Reports of 40 to 45 million 5 megapixel cameras are certainly raising eyebrows, particularly with regard to how optimistic Apple may be about a camera upgrade inspiring so many new sales.

    Of course, if Apple expands its relationship to new carriers, like Verizon, then perhaps a bump up in sales would materialize - not that I'm trying to fuel any speculation, of course. Then again, Apple may have other plans and new devices lined up for use with the 5 megapixel cameras. If reports of such large supplies are, indeed, valid, it's a safe bet that Apple has bigger plans (or at least expectations) than we realize.

    Apple clearly thinks that whatever it cooks up for 2010 is going to be a huge seller. Starting with a 5 megapixel camera certainly won't hurt Apple's chances, but more mega pixels don't necessarily make for better images.
    Although there will naturally be some excitement surrounding a 5 mixapixel camera, Apple would ultimately provide a much more appreciated service to current and prospective iPhone owners by investing in some optics that can surpass what OmniVision has been able to provide thus far.

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    1. GmAz's Avatar
      GmAz -
      I'm happy with my 3gs. It's a cell phone, not a ******* camera.
    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      The reason we won't see camera's on the front are two fold:

      1) there simply isn't sufficient upload bandwidth for a decent videoconferencing experience over AT&T (or Verizon) through 3G.

      2) even if bandwidth weren't an issue, this feature is being held back as a "KILLER FEATURE" for the release of the true 4G iPhone. That means not the 3.75 version coming in June, the true LTE enabled iPhone. The bandwidth will be there and they'll tout that bandwidth with live duplex video streaming.

      Can anyone else think of a better application to highlight the benefits of LTE on an iPhone (over than onDemand TV Streaming) ???

      Seriously, Apple knows exactly what they're doing. That's why multitasking won't hit until June and iPhone OS 4.0. They want incremental releases that force the user to keep on buying a new iPhone every year. That's how they suckered me in, and anyone with Backgrounder knows damn well the reason multitasking isn't here (on the 3GS anyway) has nothing to do with the hardware. The 3GS CAN handle multitasking as is. That's why my Apple shares keep going up, up, and away!!!

      Quote Originally Posted by Luppin View Post
      Honestly, 3.2 MP is a large enough image for a mobile phone, hell the 3G had decent picture quality. By bumping up the MP they're just going to get lower quality pictures because the image sensor itself isn't getting any bigger, any of you with 3GS's can realize this just by taking one picture, it's grainy as hell, I really do miss the pictures I used to take with my 3G. The only way this would be a smart move would be if they used top of the line image sensors, which really wouldn't be cost effective. You people have to remember that this is a mobile phone, not a DSLR, if you're looking to take amazing pictures invest your money elsewhere, you can't have everything for nothing.
      I'm just wondering if that nonsense you just wrote could be any farther from the truth. The sensor on the 3GS not only is wider but also far more sensitive and that's nothing to do with how many megapixels it has. It could have have half as many and the tech is just that much better. There are many other things to consider. And that's just the sensor itself. The lenses is another ballgame and it autofocuses on the 3GS where as the 3G and 2G were fixed focus. You are smoking crack if you think the 3G cam is better, IN ANY WAY to that of the 3GS... megapixels totally aside.
    1. jason830's Avatar
      jason830 -
      5MP? My nokia just has 3.2MP.Oh no.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by gotjpeg View Post
      yes but AT&T and apple are like butt buddies, it's ride or die to the end with them
      True true. Again, limiting it to wifi or even a special App would not be too hard IMO.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Here come the rumors.
    1. thatcoralguy's Avatar
      thatcoralguy -
      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      My opinion of video calling is purely my opinion but it doesn't change the fact that a 5Mp camera would not be used for it.
      Yes and so is picturing messaging but look how many people cried until apple included this as a feature in the OS.
    1. SupaMonkey's Avatar
      SupaMonkey -
      I wouldnt mind if it has the same 3mp camera - as long as it comes with a flash PLEASE!

      Quote Originally Posted by thatcoralguy View Post
      Yes and so is picturing messaging but look how many people cried until apple included this as a feature in the OS.
      I never use video calling but am always using picture messaging - so I fail to see your point?
      Im sure if you were to dig up statistics on how many people video call (on whatever handset) and how many send MMS's; you would find a big difference in the two.
    1. nycdiplomat's Avatar
      nycdiplomat -
      i assume that since the HTC hd2 has a 5mp cam w/flash and the Google Nexus one also has the same, that apple will most likely release the next iphone with that as well if they are trying to stay competitive with the rest of the companies.....huge fail if they don't
    1. British's Avatar
      British -
      There are only three of us at my work place who have the iPhone 3Gs. I'm the only one who has Jailbroken it. They look at me with those "but why?" eyes. I answer, "the phone can do some amazing things, yet Apple have made it retarded by tying it down. I had phones eight-nine years ago that can do things that the iPhone still can't do".
      In my opinion, Apple should make this do everything as well as any other phone, and more!
    1. starjar's Avatar
      starjar -
      In my opinion. iphone could go up to 10mp today. but don't know why. maybe because they are afraid that it might replace digital camera.