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  • SNL: "Making Calls" a "Challenge" for the iPhone
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmgKDvWdi6o&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Google Vs. iPhone clip.mpg[/ame]

    A throwaway line by Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live last night is making the rounds of the blogs:

    It was reported this week that Google would soon launch its own cellphone as a challenge to the iPhone. Also a challenge to the iPhone: Making phone calls.
    Along with the news around Google's phone, this week saw an uprising of some AT&T customers frustrated by poor performance in many US cities - especially in New York City, where Saturday Night Live is based. Persistent rumors suggest that the arrangement under which AT&T is the sole carrier for the iPhone in the Unites States will end in 2010, and as previously reported, the chief technology officer for Verizon Wireless says that his company is ready for the iPhone.

    The Unofficial Apple Weblog used the video's emergence as an opportunity to remind about WIRED Magazine's four reasons why Apple should ink a deal with Verizon:

    1. Verizon’s Reputation for Its Superior Network
    2. Sharing Is Caring
    3. Polygamy = More Control, Power
    4. Competition Is Good
    Verizon Wireless took top honors with its CDMA network in the J.D. Power and Associates survey for wireless call quality.
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    1. Crafty42's Avatar
      Crafty42 -
      I haven't seen many dropped calls on my service, and I can never tell when it was my phone, or the other person. I've had both on verizon and AT&T, and haven't noticed any one better than the other.

      Although "sick of hearing and seeing bogus commercials"!?? That AT&T one with postcards from "places" with coverage really gets a kick out of me. They are naming BIG cities for crying out loud. Of course there's coverage there! Let's hear some places we've never heard of (even if it's just outside a big city!)
    1. rashad1's Avatar
      rashad1 -
      My phone service is great, so it must not be true.
    1. luke27181's Avatar
      luke27181 -
      I live in Australia and last year traveled most of western Europe and never had a single issue with making calls on my iphone.
      I dont really care what this guy said but I am a little sick of everyone (especially in the US) saying the phone sucks, it works fine for me.
    1. Cstrife2's Avatar
      Cstrife2 -
      AT&T drops calls all the time. Its horrible!!
      Lets hope the next gen iPhone will add a 1700Mhz UMTS radio...

      With T-Mobile's expanded voice & 3g coverage since i was a customer with them, and rock solid stability when in coverage, I would jump back to them in a heart beat.

      We can only wish though
    1. riku98523's Avatar
      riku98523 -
      I am an AT&T user originally a Cingular user that got duped into using AT&T (anyone else with me?) and have to say I don't have any problems lol but people you can't rag on Verizon they currently offer Verizon FOIS in the east cost which makes them top dog in my book (wish FOIS was supported here ).
    1. aekhamsouk's Avatar
      aekhamsouk -
      Quote Originally Posted by brotherbond007 View Post
      **** VERIZON! I have had all three iPhones on AT&T (1st gen, 3G and now the 3GS) I have never had major issues with my service. NEVER! My 3G service Crushes my friends BBStorm and Droid inside our building in Washington, DC. 99% of the time I am good and I travel to Florida, and So Cal often. NEVER a problems. VERIZON and GOOGLE can F@&K THEMSELVES! Sick of hearing and seeing bogus commericals and jokes. PERIOD!!!
      calm down cowboy... you're an idiot.
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      It appears that many of us, including myself, have had problems using the iphone as a phone. I use mine up to 8 hours a day for work. I wish that the phone worked as well as the jailbroken apps! There are reasons that AT&T is rated poorly!
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I use my iPhone on T-Mobile, never had a dropped call and have great 3G speeds

    1. jayson9's Avatar
      jayson9 -
      Yep, the hype about "Choke Hold" didn't do a thing....

      Hollowo, you are such a sheep! Oh, and don't forget being a flamer as well.
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      The only dropped calls I get on AT&T are when I am on the phone with my employer. Or is that selective hearing? I can't remember.
    1. camperchuck's Avatar
      camperchuck -
      never had any iphone related problems with att, there were a few remote areas where i live that you have spots in service but thats understandable and that was with any phone, now that i think about it those spots have been fixed in the last year. verizon isnt any better here and tmobile is horrible. i have had pacbell/cingular/att since 1999 and i will own every iphone that comes out. Im happy with att & the iphone.
    1. iN2K's Avatar
      iN2K -
      I was using AT&T for my work phone and between two work phones in year I had crappy service. Calls dropping, call not connection or said connected but no sound. But I never had a problem with my iPhone. I used my personal phone more for work the my work phone. I feel sorry for the people having bad experience but I guess I am one of the few lucky ones.
    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      AT&T here in western NY. I get the occasional dropped calls, and it is annoying.
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      For christ's sake, what the **** does "AT&T sucks" or Verizon can **** themselves" have to do with this topic?! First of all, this is about SNL making a joke about Google's Nexus One. Second, stop complaining and get a carrier service that works for you!!
    1. Blowfish64's Avatar
      Blowfish64 -
      Quote Originally Posted by awesomeiPod View Post
      For christ's sake, what the **** does "AT&T sucks" or Verizon can **** themselves" have to do with this topic?! First of all, this is about SNL making a joke about Google's Nexus One. Second, stop complaining and get a carrier service that works for you!!
      Ooooh, ouch! I think you missed the point of the joke. They were making fun of the iPhone, not the Nexus One.