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  • iPhone 4 is Jailbroken aka The Return of JailbreakMe.com

    The iPhone 4 jailbreak is released, and with class.

    It was nearly 3 years ago now Apple released the 1.1.1 firmware and the jailbreak community saw it's most memorable jailbreak tool released - JailbreakMe.com. These were the very early days of the Dev Team - the folks involved with the original tweak were hdm/metasploit, rezn, dinopio, drudge, kroo, pumpkin, davidc, dunham, and NerveGas. Some of those guys are still involved in the scene.

    The tool jailbroke your iDevice and installed Installer.app (huh? What's that? Cydia wouldn't even be publicly released for a few more months. Installer.app was released in August of 2007) on your homescreen by doing nothing more on the user's end than visiting a website - JailbreakMe.com.

    For the past few weeks, comex and the iPhone Dev Team have been hard at work creating the iOS4 / iPhone 4's jailbreak. And it is now officially released - all you have to do is visit JailbreakMe.com once again - this time from your iPhone 4. Oh, and it's not just for the iPhone 4. The renewed JailbreakMe.com now supports a TON of devices:
    • iPod 1G on 3.1.2
    • iPod 1G on 3.1.3
    • iPod 2G on 3.1.2
    • iPod 2G on 3.1.3
    • iPod 2G on 4.0
    • iPod 3G on 3.1.2
    • iPod 3G on 3.1.3
    • iPod 3G on 4.0
    • iPad on 3.2
    • iPad on 3.2.1
    • iPhone 3G on 3.1.2
    • iPhone 3G on 3.1.3
    • iPhone 3G on 4.0
    • iPhone 3G on 4.0.1
    • iPhone 3G[S] on 3.1.2
    • iPhone 3G[S] on 3.1.3
    • iPhone 3G[S] on 4.0
    • iPhone 3G[S] on 4.0.1
    • iPhone 4 on 4.0
    • iPhone 4 on 4.0.1

    Much time was put into the development of this jailbreak, and it's smooth as butter - when you visit the website from your iPhone, you're greeted with a slick "Slide to Jailbreak" slider. And... well, that's it. You slide. It jailbreaks your iPhone. Cydia is on your homescreen. No restarting your phone (although when you open Cydia the first time it will do it's normal first-run rearranging of file system and require a restart), no button sequence, just a jailbroken iPhone 4. Or iPhone 3G[S]. Or iPod Touch. Or iPad. You get the picture.

    We expect Pwnage Tool to receive a refresh sometime soon for folks who like the added benefits it offers (root partition sizing, boot images, auto-install packages, non-userland jailbreak, etc), but for now there's no official time on a release for that, and my iPhone 4 is jailbroken. 3 cheers for comex and the Dev Team.

    Mod on, legal customizers.

    Also - we're hosting planetbeing's new iPhone app, Signal. It's available through the Cydia Store now, and works on 3G, 3G[S], and the iPhone 4. Signal maps the cell towers you are connected to and displays detailed cellular information from the baseband. Pretty nifty app which runs $4.99. The Dev Team and planetbeing don't accept donations - but these guys have put a LOT of work into the iPhone and the most recent unlock and jailbreak! Grab that app in Cydia asap to give back to planetbeing - and get a sweet app as well.
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    1. igarys's Avatar
      igarys -
      "Cannot Locate Package"

      Anyone else getting this while trying to install winterboard or sbsettings on 4.0 3gs?
    1. Markanthony3211's Avatar
      Markanthony3211 -
      Quote Originally Posted by eyepoper View Post
      But how can I access it if my phone is only at emergency ??????

      Some one help
      All you have to do is borrow your friends SIM AT&T or which ever official carrier your country has. Once you get the SIM, just pop it in and connect to iTunes. Then you'll get a beautiful "Slide to Unlock" screen. If you don't know anyone who's willing to let you slice up their SIM Card, you can always go out and buy a $5 prepaid SIM from the official carrier. Hope this helps!
    1. jabregousmc's Avatar
      jabregousmc -
      Quote Originally Posted by southfrisco View Post
      I am on AT&T in the states. MMS is gone for me. No option to send a picture inside the Messages app or when I go into the Photos app, no option to send photo as a MMS.

      Haven't tried FaceTime yet.
      same here. can you receive mms?
    1. ericvw's Avatar
      ericvw -
      Has anyone else lost Facteime on the iphone 4 with the new jailbreak?
    1. aaauustiinnn's Avatar
      aaauustiinnn -
      nvm my mms worked at first then i restarted my phone and it took mms away and facetime
    1. delizaza23's Avatar
      delizaza23 -
      Ok guys please donate as you promised.
    1. salayyad's Avatar
      salayyad -
      No facetime for iPhone 4 kinda sucks =\
    1. Rulez28's Avatar
      Rulez28 -
      Yes, I lose Facetime and MMS on iPhone 4, T-Mobile.
    1. itouch8112's Avatar
      itouch8112 -
      do i have to restore before going to iOS 4 or can i just update my already jailbroken ipod touch 3G 3.1.3?
    1. delizaza23's Avatar
      delizaza23 -
      Quote Originally Posted by JacquesChirac View Post
      I'm gonna go to an apple store and jailbreak allll their iphones

      I Love this idea man, remember to save SSH for buyers. HA HA hA
    1. mustard05's Avatar
      mustard05 -
      I just got my I-Phone 4 today. I will be following this thread for sure.
    1. Pat Bateman's Avatar
      Pat Bateman -
      The MMS gets removed once you jailbreak the iPhone4, does anyone else have this problem?
    1. ronfin44's Avatar
      ronfin44 -
      After reboot lost both MMS and FaceTime. Gonna Restore and try again, and if it happens again I'll just wait til the bugs are worked out.
    1. jabregousmc's Avatar
      jabregousmc -
      for those that lost mms and/or facetime. what fw and carrier are you on?
    1. ronfin44's Avatar
      ronfin44 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jabregousmc View Post
      for those that lost mms and/or facetime. what fw and carrier are you on?

      I'm Restoring now and waiting til this bugs are worked-out. Great job on the JB, but as always, a few minor bugs are expected. No biggie.
    1. h2a's Avatar
      h2a -
      Quote Originally Posted by ronfin44 View Post
      After reboot lost both MMS and FaceTime. Gonna Restore and try again, and if it happens again I'll just wait til the bugs are worked out.
      I can verify that this does NOT work, with AT&T US. Just tried with a clean install of 4.0.1 -- restarted after jailbreak, no MMS or FaceTime.

      I appreciate the dev team a LOT. I wish i was capable of doing what they do. But this is an INSANE bug to have missed. Hopefully this gets worked out ASAP. Other than that, this jailbreak is freakin awesome.

      Until then, back to my last backup.
    1. mvppadilla's Avatar
      mvppadilla -
      could someone open an official thread to name which cydia applications are working on the iphone 4?
    1. delizaza23's Avatar
      delizaza23 -
      Yes I lost the facetime but my mms settings are there, i never ever use it anyway so I dont care but i would not mind to have the facetime back. DONT WORRY THESE GUYS WILL FIX IT. I have waited long for this.
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      Yeah FaceTime is gone for me too. At least the jailbreak is here, I will however be restoring back to factory settings.
    1. jaxon1023's Avatar
      jaxon1023 -
      01.59.00 at&t