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  • Jailbreakers to Apple: “This is only the beginning...”

    There are 100 million iDevice users in the world. The U.S. Copyright Office Monday had a huge ruling for the jailbreak community, and in fact all iDevice users and developers - officially declaring jailbreak legal. Of course - there's still work to be done. Monday's ruling was a solid first step, but the road to an open mobile app market has some asphalt left to traverse.

    The mobile app market is dominated by the iPhone. The Android market is estimated to do only 10% of the App Store's 2010 income. There are a few smatterings of mobile app stores (huh? what's a Pre?), but nothing coming close to Apple's share and position. If you want innovative, easy to use, cool apps - you need an iPhone. It's where the talent has set up shop.

    Here's the thing - Monday says jailbreaking is legal. But with each firmware Apple breaks the jailbreak solution, erases jailbreakers' installed apps, and makes it more difficult to jailbreak the next firmware. New hardware checks in the iPhone 3G[S] and iPhone 4 are great examples of this continued anti-competitive behavior. Now - the jailbreak is obviously exploiting a security hole, so Apple is within their rights (and arguably within their RESPONSIBILITY) to patch these holes. The ultimate goal? No need for a jailbreak - being able to, say, install Cydia or Rock simply by dragging it into iTunes.

    Rock Your Phone, an independent iPhone App Store which markets apps to jailbreakers (you're familiar), has already begun the next step in our shared battle to stop Apple from restricting access to independent apps for all iPhone consumers. This week, Rock Your Phone’s President, Mario Ciabarra, and its Chief Legal Officer, Joshua Horenstein, took the cause of the independent iPhone community to the U.S. Congress with Public Knowledge, a national public interest organization dedicated to providing open and free access in the communication and technology industries. The Rock Your Phone and Public Knowledge team spent this week meeting with the offices of over a dozen Congressional leaders, including those from the Commerce committees in both the House and the Senate, to educate them about Apple’s harmful anti-jailbreak activities in the mobile application marketplace.

    Ciabarra and Horenstein spent a (very) full week meeting with these key Congressional staff members, explaining and describing Apple’s current monopoly in the mobile application market place and its harmful effects on consumers and small businesses. I chatted with Ciabarra while he was there, and he was impressed with the responses. “U.S. leaders have been open to learning more about this rapidly growing sector of the economy and the actions of Apple to control this sector,” he said. These guys also emphasized another point - because the mobile application market has grown to such as significant size in the last two years (over $1.3 billion in sales) and because Apple, a single monopolistic entity, clearly dominates and controls this market to the detriment of large and small businesses, this is now ripe for oversight and review by Congress and the U.S. government.

    The major issue is Apple is 100% in control of this market. Ciabarra makes a good point to Congress - "giving a single entity control of what succeeds in an entire industry just does not make sense. Apple is using their monopoly to control content and technology in the app market industry and is harming consumers, small businesses like ours, and big businesses such as Mozilla, Skype, Google, and Adobe.” Rock Your Phone and the Public Knowledge team petitioned Congressional leaders for Congressional hearings attended by all interested parties to review and analyze the mobile application marketplace and Apple’s restrictions on the iPhone platform. “We’ve seen this before in the 1990’s with Microsoft. Monopoly power is not a bad thing, but when it is used to lock out competition to detriment of consumers and small businesses, we need government action to create and preserve a free and competitive marketplace. Only under these circumstances can the market ensure prices which reflect true costs, and also ensure that consumers make efficient economic choices regarding which technology and content satisfies their needs.”

    In other words - it's my pocket computer. Let me install what I want, and stop deleting it with every update.

    You can check out the full presentation the Rock Your Phone crew made to the various Congressional offices here.
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    1. brianlg's Avatar
      brianlg -
      whats legal?
    1. iphone?3gs's Avatar
      iphone?3gs -
      See the thing is with this is that no matter what you say, "its my phone, my device i can do whatever i want" wont get them to do let you install whatever you want anymore than before. If they let people install Cydia and all that stuff openly and without any problem then there app store will go down and people will only pirate apps illegally. Then we will have no apps. There are lots and lots of factors to letting people just jailbreak and do whatever they want, because its gonna hurt them one way or another. And for those that say that people wont jailbreak for pirating apps, then yes they will!
    1. jordbrett's Avatar
      jordbrett -
      wow I can't believe this. Hard to believe this is the state of jailbreaking now compared to iphone 1!
    1. floppy_joe's Avatar
      floppy_joe -
      Quote Originally Posted by brianlg View Post
      whats legal?
      Making money. Creating a market and kicking *** in that market. Unfortunatley this is often frowned upon and plundered in the name of "fairness" or worse yet "for public's welfare."

      Legalized looting.
    1. iphone?3gs's Avatar
      iphone?3gs -
      Quote Originally Posted by SnowLeo View Post
      Didnt comex or one of the dev team guys say they may have found a way to use an exploit that apple wouldnt be able to fix in a software update? If thats coming tomarrow or any time in the near future not only would it not be nessisary to put it in the app store but I might just sh*t myself lol.
      If it werent for jailbreaking i would have a life. lol kidding.
      If it werent for jailbreaking i would have a droid X.
      If it werent for hackintoshing i would have a mac. lol lovin my os x netbook.
      If it werent for jailbreaking I wouldnt have an ipad.
      Any other reasons why apple trying to stop jailbreaking is only hurting themselves?
      If apple allowed things like streaming full music from the beggining limewire wouldnt exist.
      If apple allowes jailbreaking from the begginning xsellize wouldnt exist.
      If apple allowed the sharing of apps with people ********** wouldnt exist.
      All in all apples sandbox anti piracy emperor bullsh*t is what brought about piracy in massive levels and turned away people and potential of their devices with the piracy costing billions more than it should between songs movies and apps.
      If apple allowed multiple carriers in the US from the begginning...... my dad might actually be able to SUPPORT MY DAMN FAMILY AND PAY FOR MY COLLEGE(he owns 2 verizon indirect agents)

      Umm well....

      Well get a droid x then....
      If it wasnt for hackintosh you would have a mac? That would be good for them....
      If apple allowed full streaming music they would loose money
      If apple allowed sharing of apps they wouldnt make anything from the app store...
      Umm you dont have to get iphones, you wanted to get droid x's right?

      Also people dont think what goes on there side.... if you own a company and someone says oh! give everything for free would you? and lose millions? No!
    1. Puuzi's Avatar
      Puuzi -
      Oh how i hate CrApple!
    1. floppy_joe's Avatar
      floppy_joe -
      Quote Originally Posted by Puuzi View Post
      Oh how i hate CrApple!
      But you willingly give them your money?

      Ayn Rand -
      - There is a level of cowardice lower than that of the conformist: the fashionable non-conformist.
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dizi View Post
      I think the fact that a JB for i4 mass consumption hasn't been realized yet shows that Apple is onto something. Are the days of instant JB over? Another day goes by..
      Nobody arm-twisted you into buying any version of the iPhone! That was solely your decision...and since you DO NOT write the JB tool, I suggest you find something meaningful to do rather than waste space on here, or use the little space you have to appreciate the Dev-Team and others who give us these tools because They DO IT FOR FREE!!!!! Nobody owes you anything

      Quote Originally Posted by Tiger92 View Post
      Jeez, devs are damned if they release a jailbreak too soon and it causes problems, and they're damned if they make sure it works first.

      Remember: THEY DO THIS FOR FREE!!!!
      My thoughts exactly...sadly, such is the world we live in...filled with ingrates

      Quote Originally Posted by tudtran View Post
      This is old news. We all know jailbreak is now legal, but where is the jailbreak?

      Clearly, you did not read the entire article nor grasp it's meaning or implications prior to posting!

      Firstly, posting on here without giving due thought to what the article is really saying is pointless for the simple reason that this community is all about educating and informing...

      Secondly, refer to my response to @Dizi!!

      Lastly, according to the Dev-Team, the JB will be released when it's fully tested and ready, and EVERYTHING works the way it was initially intended...and rightly so, as that would put a sock in the mouths of Apple and the cry babies
    1. badass1469's Avatar
      badass1469 -
      Quote Originally Posted by skater38053 View Post
      Let the jailbreaking begin!
      dude lol u post this same thing in almost every post that has to do with jailbreaking, it gets a bit old.
    1. greekking23's Avatar
      greekking23 -
      Quote Originally Posted by High_Voltage View Post
      there has to be a catch or disadvantage to Having Cydia in the Appstore somewhere... I like to keep Cydia in the Jailbreaking Community in my opinion, I lUv having the feeling of Jailbreaking the Rules!
      I wholeheartedly agree. I feel as though the true experience of jailbreaking is best the way it is. If the average consumer could simply click a link in the App Store, I am almost positive that something must be destroyed from jailbreaking as WE know it.

      Please, take a moment to think about this. It's 3:00am and I should be sleeping, so I won't go into too much detail. If the bulk of iOS devices get Cydia, the experience of it will become diluted, something made for the masses instead of the relatively small group of people who are motivated enough to break free from the norm, instead of following Apple's mandate.

      To sum it up, once any old iOS owner gets access to Cydia and Rock, then the entire meaning of the jailbreak, one of personalization and control at the user level and being UNIQUE, becomes exactly the opposite: trendy, cool, mainstream.

      Jailbreaking isn't mainstream. It isn't meant to be. I am all for the cause promoted, but I firmly believe that the experience that we know and love will become lost.

      It's a catch-22: go mainstream and lose a figurative part of the JB, or remain selfish and allow Apple to continue it's unfair practices. Being a moral person, I'll take the first choice, but I'll appreciate the JB in a deeper way until that day comes.
    1. barryson77's Avatar
      barryson77 -
      True that,it's my money n my phone let me be in controll of it not just Apple
    1. zozodouce's Avatar
      zozodouce -
      I don't care legal or not I'm still going to jailbreak my device lol.
    1. ploth's Avatar
      ploth -
      Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Small businesses suffering? Come on get a grip of yourselves!

      Apples security is saving millions of people time and money. Sure I like the few extras a jb provides but let's face it jb without the iPhone is useless.

      If the general pop get cydia, scammers will take no time in turning iPhone into the next ms malware fest.

      If a device doesn't do what you want then buy something else...instead of trying to force the manufacturer to accommodate you.

      Btw I wonder if rock / cydia / jb community were open about the millions THEY COST developers and small business through theft of stolen apps to the law makers? I know some of you like me don't steal apps but many do.

      The way many of the jb community acts makes me sympathetic to Apple no matter what they do to protect their product, their users and the developers they make millions for.
    1. Cocheese's Avatar
      Cocheese -
      I don't wanna sync with itunes, Itunes is the worst program on my pc. I like my 3g 3.1.2 just fine! no itunes what so ever!
    1. macsoldier's Avatar
      macsoldier -
      one for the good guys
    1. Blufox's Avatar
      Blufox -
      How can people make 'if apple was smart' comments? Seriously?

      They know what they are doing. 'Idiots' do not start up multi-billion dollar monopolies such as Apple. Get over yourself and stop buying their products if you do not like the way it is presented to you. They do not promise you an open source phone. They do not promise you a phone that you can use on any carrier you want. There is no false advertisement in what they are selling you. If they want to produce a sand-boxed phone then that is their choice. It is obviously working for them.

      So please, do all of us a favor and create the next multi-billion dollar mobile market scheme, make it open source, and compete with them. If you win, then kudos to you. Until then ... STFU you are getting what you paid for.
    1. cypherpunk's Avatar
      cypherpunk -
      Nice thought, but I can't help feel it would end up hurting the market unless something can be done to curb app piracy. Piracy rates are bad enough as it is, and I'm not comfortable with that ability being handed to every iPhone owner on a plate.

      Personally I'd rather see things stay as they are now - people who want to jailbreak can figure out how, and those who are hell-bent on pirating apps can even do that, but the vast majority are satisfied with never needing to jailbreak at all.

      I think what legislators need to focus on is apple's business strategies and questionable rejection guidelines.
    1. Blufox's Avatar
      Blufox -
      Quote Originally Posted by cypherpunk View Post
      Nice thought, but I can't help feel it would end up hurting the market unless something can be done to curb app piracy. Piracy rates are bad enough as it is, and I'm not comfortable with that ability being handed to every iPhone owner on a plate.

      Personally I'd rather see things stay as they are now - people who want to jailbreak can figure out how, and those who are hell-bent on pirating apps can even do that, but the vast majority are satisfied with never needing to jailbreak at all.

      I think what legislators need to focus on is apple's business strategies and questionable rejection guidelines.
      This is exactly right.
    1. junnyboy11's Avatar
      junnyboy11 -
      This is what you call LIFE you get the crazy stuff in and the crap stuff out
    1. Nips_19's Avatar
      Nips_19 -
      Keep the jailbreak as it is, but stop the app piracy

      I want to enhance & customise my iphone not download apps for free

      Anyone with an Android phone should recycle it or throw it away and purchase an IPhone, you will have no apps to download soon

      Your as **** as Microsoft