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  • Apple's New "12 Days Of Christmas" Commercial
    In the spirit of Christmas, Today Apple released a new holiday iPhone commercial series called "12 Days of Christmas". As you can imagine, the ad focuses on the original song we all know and incorporates the twelve iPhone applications related in some way to the holiday season.

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    I'm not quite sure their marketing strategy is bang on, but then again, I don't think these commercials ever have been. The hype that the iPhone and iPod generate off screen tends to be much more influential than the commercials we see on TV. At least its not another "1000000 Apps" or a "Can Your Carrier Suck as Much as The Other" commercial.

    However, with it being closer to christmas, I figured I'd share the Apple Christmas spirit with you all. Not exactly any special apps in this list, but the Christmas Tree Lights remote sounds pretty effin cool. Cutting it a little short though with Christmas only a little over a week away.

    - 12 cookies cooking: The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook [App Store, Free]
    - 11 cards a' sending: Postman [App Store, $2.99]
    - 10 gifts for giving: My Christmas Gift List [App Store, $0.99]
    - 9 songs for singing: TabToolkit [App Store, $9.99]
    - 8 bells for ringing: Holiday Bells [App Store, $0.99]
    - 7 slopes a' skiing: Snow Reports [App Store, $1.99]
    - 6 games for playing: Christmas Fever [App Store, $0.99]
    - 5 gold rings: Anna Sheffield Jewelry [App Store, Free]
    - 4 hot lattes: myStarbucks [App Store, Free]
    - 3 flights home: Flight Search [App Store, Free]
    - 2 feet of snow: Weather Pro [App Store, $3.99]
    - And an app that can light up the tree: Schlage LiNK [App Store, Free but hardware required]
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    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      yup i think the christmas light app was the most interesting out of them
    1. Nick Hesson's Avatar
      Nick Hesson -
      I always find myself looking at the other apps they DON'T use but you see on the springboard. lol

      I noticed some were christmas themed, some were corporate, like Bank of A being right in there.

      Actually, I'm surprised they show an app called MMS Xmas due to some overly religious people condemning the idea of shorting the word christmas with an x. LOL :P
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      haha...thats how i found out about a couple of my apps.
    1. hollow0's Avatar
      hollow0 -
      Yeah that Christmas lights remote app was kinda cool. I'm not sure these commercials would entice anyone to actually buy the iPhone/iTouch but who knows!
    1. mtwiford's Avatar
      mtwiford -
      yeah the christmas tree light app is the coolest
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      You think the christmas lights are cool? Check out Vipers vehicle remote start, lock/unlock and trunk open features for their security systems... Again free with purchase of hardware...
    1. BRINET's Avatar
      BRINET -
      The hardware for that xmas tree app is $50 and you can get it at Lowe's. You need one $50 hardware for every electrical socket you want to control though. Expensive!
    1. djgunner's Avatar
      djgunner -
      Quote Originally Posted by nickhesson View Post
      I always find myself looking at the other apps they DON'T use but you see on the springboard. lol
      hoping to catch a glimpse of cydia or rock.
    1. Nick Hesson's Avatar
      Nick Hesson -
      Quote Originally Posted by djgunner View Post
      hoping to catch a glimpse of cydia or rock.
      hahaha now THAT would be awesome! . and someone would be losing their job. haha
    1. Luppin's Avatar
      Luppin -
    1. iPhoneArt's Avatar
      iPhoneArt -
      There are many home automation apps out there that can manage lights & electronics via iPhone. The one in the commercial is the Schlage system, which has a relatively cheap entry price as far as these systems go, but not so many accessories yet.

      At the really high end is the Crestron system. They also give away their iPhone app, but more than make up for it in the price of the overall system. These require a professional installer.

      As a do-it-yourself-er, I like the Insteon SmartLinc from SmartHome. You can either use the built-in web interface, or a slick custom iPhone application called MiCasa. There are lots of accesories available, and the wire-in modules make for a professional looking installation.
    1. cormacnel's Avatar
      cormacnel -
      I noticed a lot of you were curious about the “app that can light up the tree.” That app is Schlage LiNK as many of your already know. But what you all may not know is that it does more than just turn the lights in your house on and off, it can control your thermostat, lock and unlock your doors, and stream real-time video from security cameras all to your phone.

      LiNK is a home-management solution that allows homeowners to monitor and control features of their home through any computer and most Web-enabled mobile phones. It’s built on Z-Wave technology. You can read more about it here: Schlage LiNK

      You can learn more about the app specific features here: Mobile Access -Schlage LiNK

      I work for Schlage and I thought you guys might be interested in learning more about the app. If you have any questions about the app and the components feel free to ask me.