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  • GeoHot Jailbreaks iPhone 4, Says Shove Off

    GeoHot - or as his mother knows him, George Hotz - has jailbroken the iPhone 4, and tossed up an image on his blog today of the 4 running Cydia. He is also just plain annoyed with the masses of people constantly barraging with one single question "hey man when are you going to release a jailbreak I want the Cydia that give the apps that give me the total power I can donate $5 when is it released" Says GeoHot: "As far as a release goes, it probably won't happen from me."

    He dispels a couple rumors from the web as well - "limera1n is little more than a raindrop on a website; it was never mentioned by me previous to this post." and also "pwned4life is a complete invention of some blogger in a basement somewhere. When I said pwned for life, I was referring to the original iPhone, 3G, and Touch; which of course are, by the aptly named PwnageTool."

    There's a single sentence which seems to sum up GeoHot's annoyance with jailbreaking about now at the bottom of his post: "Again, please don't ask for release dates. Every person that does makes me want to release a little bit less." And not to disappoint Señor Hotz, the comments on the post are already littered with folks asking how to jailbreak various devices. I chatted with GeoHot this morning, and he basically rehashed the same annoyance he published this morning - which makes sense. I mean, give the guy a break - if he had a release or a release date, he'd publish it. Repeating the same question over and over to him (or comex, or planetbeing, or MuscleNerd, or any of these guys) isn't going to speed anything up. They're all working for you, so give the guys a break and wait patiently for a public tool - it IS coming, from whomever. C'est la vie... anyway, that's what we're for. Feel free to ask right here if the jailbreak is released.

    Nice to notice it seems the Cydia in the picture is already in high-res for the iPhone 4, although with some weird aliasing in the background. Looks like Cydia is ready for iPhone 4 when iPhone 4 is ready for Cydia.

    On the iPhone - GeoHot's Blog
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    1. RonHC's Avatar
      RonHC -
      **** Yes
      oh wait he's a jerk
      He is better off just saying "a few weeks" it worked for Apple
    1. iSteed's Avatar
      iSteed -
      I can't wait 
    1. j.eck.art.3d's Avatar
      j.eck.art.3d -
      Yeah, everyone needs to calm down... But at the same time, if BOTH Apple and the brilliant devs behind jailbreaking tools are waiting for the other to make a move first, we all suffer.
    1. zmanforever's Avatar
      zmanforever -
      Hmmmm very strange how his annoyance is holding back a jailbreak.

      I think this time he was just to busy and just now started to work on the iPhone 4.

      I think he was in Germany when he tweeted no iPhone 4 yet not even working on it then.

      Things are hopefully going to speed up now!
    1. PhoneLine's Avatar
      PhoneLine -
      Almost as bad as LeBron. Thanks King Geo. When should we expect your hour long TV special to talk about when/if you'll release this?

      I respect the guy, and what he's done. But seriously, he expects to post something like this and then not have people nag him on it? Then don't post it, enjoy your phone.

      As said many times, the people that do this stuff, don't owe it to anyone. But if your going to dangle it in front of everyone's faces and say look what I did and you can't have it, then expect the backlash. If a great uproar is not what he's looking for, then while he may have a lot of computer smarts, he might need more social interaction.
    1. seven77's Avatar
      seven77 -
      everyone is waiting for everyones first move ! LOL

      Once the international iphone 4 its release maybe we'll see something !
    1. goodluck4287's Avatar
      goodluck4287 -
      Two things I'm excited for:
      iPhone 4 jailbreak
      IPhone 4 factory unlocked release in Canada. I'm a US T-Mo user and while I know all the drawbacks, factory unlocked iPhones are badass and hold their value really well. I also know that there's an unlock 95% of the time when there's a jailbreak, regardless, factory unlocked is awesome, except for the unsubsidized price.
    1. Pedro93's Avatar
      Pedro93 -
      Hey guys!

      i have also jailbroken my iphone 4! check out the pic!

      i will fix a few bugs later when i have time and it should be ready tomorrow afternoon just pm me!

    1. kwickone's Avatar
      kwickone -
      One of my favorite sayings: "it is what it is".

      No use worrying over something you cannot control/affect.
    1. The Maestro's Avatar
      The Maestro -
      I've downloaded every jailbreak since iPhone 2G and aside from that ziphone guy I don't like geohotz, remember that balloon thing we didn't help him with so we didn't get a jailbreak, also I think he tries to push donations on us more. DEV TEAM FOREVER. They've never disappointed
    1. Home Skillet's Avatar
      Home Skillet -
      I'm glad he did this. He doesn't owe this to anyone. People need to stop bugging him.
    1. rmathew_99's Avatar
      rmathew_99 -
      Let him keep his little JB. He is a jerk.
    1. PhoneLine's Avatar
      PhoneLine -
      Quote Originally Posted by Pedro93 View Post
      Hey guys!

      i have also jailbroken my iphone 4! check out the pic!

      i will fix a few bugs later when i have time and it should be ready tomorrow afternoon just pm me!

      Hmm, next time you take a pic from your ipod and put it in the phone, you might want to photoshop where it says IPOD up top
    1. socalkevin212's Avatar
      socalkevin212 -
      My personal opinion? Smart tactic by Geohot to give Apple the impression that a release is still far out. This may (if the rumors are true) make Apple release iOS 4.0.1 sooner rather than "wait for the jailbreak."
    1. romeoz's Avatar
      romeoz -
      Geohot does this all for attention. I mean who really cares if he has it done? If your not going to release, dont brag about it. Just like that kid yesterday, imacrat, he wanted attention, but he had nothing. Im not saying Geohot dosent have it, cause I know he does, but dont talk about it until your ready to release it. Geohot enjoys reading all those posts on twitter, he never gets bothered until something new comes out. He probably wasn't getting much attention, so he had to post what he has to get everyone flocking his away once again. I say message him all you want, it's his game he loves, seeing how he has hooked us up before, blackra1n, give him what he wants; ATTENTION! I mean, he made MMi and thats step one. Keep feeding his ego.
    1. brahby's Avatar
      brahby -
      the real question in my mind is whether or not that jailbreak or any other for the iphone 4 is going to be tethered or not. a pic of cydia doesnt really answer that for me
    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      So he has cracked it (yet again), but will not release it? Then pass it on to someone who will!
    1. wrcsti's Avatar
      wrcsti -
      No ill release my iphone 4 jailbreak first!
    1. dying4004's Avatar
      dying4004 -
      Quote Originally Posted by PhoneLine View Post
      Hmm, next time you take a pic from your ipod and put it in the phone, you might want to photoshop where it says IPOD up top

      haha. pwned.
    1. GranDaddyPurp's Avatar
      GranDaddyPurp -
      I'd probably give it another few weeks before it's released.