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  • Winterboard Updated: Now Compatible With iOS 4

    Note: If a theme isn't working, try enabling summerboard mode.

    Possibly one of the most popular reasons that someone jailbreaks their iDevice, is for the incredible things WinterBoard does. It allows designers and users to transform their iDevice, making non-jailbreakers everywhere extremely jealous. I have to admit, without Winterboard, I'd get bored looking at my phone.

    iOS 4 was released only three days ago, and yet amongst all the iPhone 4 chaos, Saurik has updated Winterboard to be fully compatible with iOS 4. Yes, fully compatible.... ok, I take that back. It's reported that some things might still not work, but for the most part, it's working. The new version 0.9.3211-1, is available via Cydia right now!

    Next Up, Theme Of The Week... a little late yes, but lots of iPhone 4 chaos. Stay tuned...
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    1. ACSS's Avatar
      ACSS -
      I used winterboard with my old 3GS running iOS4 with few issues. However, on my new IP4 running 4.0.1, winterboard only works with the items that is installed with the program. Any addition's I have downloaded doesn't work. Anyone else having this problem with the new jailbreak and winterboard??
    1. keptang's Avatar
      keptang -
      Seems to be the same here with Winterboard, downloaded stuff doesn't work, also wallpapers downloaded aren't available to select in wallpapers.
    1. kwickone's Avatar
      kwickone -
      Just noticed the same thing, when I try to add a Sounds Only theme. Did not apply the sounds. I am sure it will be fixed soon.
    1. geeza23's Avatar
      geeza23 -
      Quote Originally Posted by onelow99 View Post
      It seems to be the dock image that causes the dock icons to be pushed up. I have a theme applied that I removed the dock from and all is well!



      **EDIT** I pulled out the SBDockBG.png thru ssh and it's only 320x45, where as in 3.0 it was 320x91. Maybe this is the reason???

      And here is the dock from the 1st pic edited, shrunk to 320x45
      that solved my problem thanks heaps!
    1. LastSonOfKrypton's Avatar
      LastSonOfKrypton -
      Hopefully it gets an update for @2x icons soon
    1. melmel's Avatar
      melmel -
      Just jailbroke my 3GS the day before yesterday and have the newest version of Winterboard installed, but my multitasking still doesn't work. When I double-click the home button, it just pulls up an empty drawer. Could there be another app that's causing the issue? I also have SBSettings installed. Please help! I would love to have Winterboard & multitasking working at the same time. Thanks!
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      A theme is most likely causing the issue. Did you install a theme?
    1. melmel's Avatar
      melmel -
      Yea, I'm using the "Suave" theme. Is there a way to work around it other than not using that theme? Thanks again.

      Just tried disabling the Suave theme, but the same problem persists. Still no multitasking.

      Nevermind, found the solution. It was BossPaper.
    1. TheTechIt's Avatar
      TheTechIt -
      To bad it doens't work with iOS 4.3