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  • Best Buy Employee "Confirms" iPhone Coming to Sprint

    A BestBuy employee is "confirming" that Sprint is about to carry the iPhone. And a formal announcement about the carrier welcoming the iPhone to its 4G network could come as early as next month's WWDC conference, which - as we learned today - will kick off June 7th with a keynote address from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. So will Jobs unveil the Sprint iPhone at the conference?

    According to coverage today from Redmond Pie, which amalgamates a variety of morsels of information from sources and leaks, the employee confirming the Sprint iPhone works at a Best Buy outlet in Pennsylvania, although a particular store was not cited as it would violate the company's "privacy policy." Nonetheless, the source claims that shelf displays will surface within a time-frame that appears to neatly coincide with the start of the WWDC.

    Historically, however, Best Buy employees are notoriously left in the dark regarding major announcements and product releases. Even ahead of the iPad's release, very few credible stories - or even leaks - were traced back to Best Buy and the store's myriad workers. Apple, however, does have a stellar relationship with Best Buy and, for this reason, it isn't altogether inconceivable that an employee could be privy to advanced information - either by accident or design.

    Without question, a 4G capable 4th generation iPhone would be a massively appealing reality for millions of current or potential smartphone buyers. But for the very reason that some say its simply "too good to be true," perhaps we will have to concur with that assessment until more concrete evidence of a Sprint iPhone surfaces in the days and weeks to come.

    Image via Redmond Pie
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    1. whysoserious1's Avatar
      whysoserious1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sandstorm77 View Post
      FYI......I just started a cell phone company and i will exclusively carry the new iPhone HD
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sandstorm77 View Post
      FYI......I just started a cell phone company and i will exclusively carry the new iPhone HD
      i heard that today from a random wrong caller..he called me asking for john then i said wrong number and he said , ok , well the next iphone is coming to sandstorm77
    1. vthree's Avatar
      vthree -
      Quote Originally Posted by southfrisco View Post
      Next a T-Mobile store city garbage man will announce iPhone coming to T-Mobile this summer.

      And with that you can place this rumor in the garbage.
      lol that's hilarious..

      I was a Best Buy employee for 2 years, of that 2 years, I was a Best Buy Mobile Wireless Consultant (FT) for 1 year...

      i don't think this is a credible source.
    1. supershick's Avatar
      supershick -
      well there must be a reason why AT&T would increase our ETF to that exorbitant amount. Maybe there REALLY is competition stirring out there....it makes sense. AT&T is just making it so our switching costs are high.
    1. brianlg's Avatar
      brianlg -
      Quote Originally Posted by extremzocker View Post
      how can a best buy employer "confirm" it?.
    1. kickerman65's Avatar
      kickerman65 -
      Enough with these fake rumors already!! A best buy employee huh?? Yea right! This is stupid!
    1. giancarlo's Avatar
      giancarlo -
      AT&T raised their ETF because ppl would get a $99 3g, then pay $175 next month to cancel and keeps the phone. Then turn around and sell that phone for a $50 hike unlocked to a tmobile user. Sh!T, i did it when my 3g fell in the pool and ATT wanted to charge me $500 for another one. I opened a new line, paid $199 for another 3g then disconnected the line after 30 days.....

      And I have additional proof that the iphone will be in a sprint store near you. With that new sprint commercial with the guy with the forehead that can be easily called a "sixhead" cuz it fits more than 4 fingers. If you notice when he's babbling that BS about the 4G coverage, Jason Chen from GIZMODO is in the background stairs behind him handing what seems to be a phone to a sprint employee. After slowing the image down and zooming in you can clearly see they exchanged an "i-device." Pretty crazy SH!! huh? Just like looking for Captain America's shield in Iron Man 1

      Now before people youtube the commercial...it was a joke. But I bet you it would've spread like wildfire rumor....JUST LIKE THIS!
    1. LSZ33's Avatar
      LSZ33 -
      All these post are hilarious. Keep 'em coming.
    1. Zelaya's Avatar
      Zelaya -
      This thread is becoming a joke. I'm not going to believe anything until the big man Steve Jobs says it.
    1. Ohs0flyMar's Avatar
      Ohs0flyMar -
      Mike: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today?
      You: Do you offer Flex Plans?
      Mike: Unfortunately, we don't offer Flex plan.
      Mike: I'll be glad to provide you with the different options we have, and help you pick the right plan.
      Mike: Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will be out of the way and I can stay with you in case you have any questions or any concerns. Just click on the "Yes" button below and we can continue.
      You: I want specificly the "Everythign Data-450 Anytime Minutes Included" with flex
      You: Oh i see
      Mike: Thank you for moving the chat. Just to check, are you currently a Sprint customer?
      You: There have been rumors the new iPhone could possibly be released under Sprint. Any chance you have any information on that?
      Mike: I have been told by my superiors, that the new iPhone will hit the shelves by June 28th.
      You: How much will it cost??
      Mike: I do not have any information regarding pricing, but the phone will be previewed in stores for customers to try out.
      You: Thank you. When will we be able to pre-order?
      Mike: I am also unsure of the date for pre-ordering. I apologise. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
      You: No, thank you. That's all, thank you.

      --The moment I read modmyi news, i went to ask them!!!!---
    1. chrisrotolo's Avatar
      chrisrotolo -
      i thought there was an article with some evidence of 10 million plus CMDA iphones ordered from Asia

      i think there is some chance

      I will stay with att for simultaneous voice and data though
    1. hacker555's Avatar
      hacker555 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      This is ridiculous. Not even Apple Store employees and managers are informed about this kind of stuff much less 3rd party companies.
      I absolutely hate people who do this, They make a title that seeming has an absolute or factual basis, and in reality its purely opinionated. You hit it Right on the head. Apple employees dont know anything (Trust me, I know people in the company. They know nothing) Additionally Best Buy of all places wouldnt know since im pretty sure they dont get the iphone for a few days after apple stores. Lastly the credibility with the ipad is null since just about everyone on engaget, gizmodo and mmyi had pretty accurate guesses on the ipad.

      Stop posting misleading articles so that rumor hungry people can announce even further to more stupid people that the iphone is going to another carrier. All of these rumors are nothing more than a confirmation bias. You all Want the iphone to go to another carrier for some stupid reason, and because of that any data you take as undeniable PROOF.

      wake up people, apple is a business and thats not in their best interest.


      Quote Originally Posted by Ohs0flyMar View Post

      --The moment I read modmyi news, i went to ask them!!!!---
      You: Will sprint be getting the iphone?
      Mike: Nope, are network is small and underpowered and are "4G" network cannot really handle it
      You: oh ok, thanks

      See anyone can write a stupid conversation like that. morons.
    1. oo3's Avatar
      oo3 -
      hahaha you gotta be kidding me....a bb employee....
    1. giancarlo's Avatar
      giancarlo -
      if the 4G works at actual 4g speed then i'd be a little more inclined to say that they'll get it. But with the EVO coming later this summer, I don't see any business sense in Sprint bringing along the iphone too. It will cripple the sales of the EVO with sprint and possibly piss off a couple companies that expected SPRINT to be the flagship for their handsets. Plus, I haven't heard or read anything about the actual iphone having a faster internet connection....just a chip upgrade. I'm telling you we may see a CDMA 3G fairly soon either on Verizon or SPRINT, but I see AT&T keeping the 4.0 exclusivity
    1. nightsjammies's Avatar
      nightsjammies -
      At least in my experience, Sprint has much better coverage than AT&T. Cell service in the subway I always hated AT&T anyways; they just only seemed to care about prettying everything up than actually making something work...
    1. Harambur's Avatar
      Harambur -
      I heard this from an ex girlfriend who heard it from her ex boyfriend, who hear it on a bus from the bus driver, who heard it from a bestbuy employee who rides the bus to work.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      all very interesting. i'll let this absorb until june 7TH
    1. silent1643's Avatar
      silent1643 -
      im starting to get nervous - first at&t ups their contract cancellation fee's - now more speculation on another carrier picking up the iphone....

      mmm.... what to do.... guess nothing
    1. redcard's Avatar
      redcard -

      I sometimes feel sorry for the MMI writers and the BS they get from some members here.

      This is a horrible story and you should be ashamed to be associated with it.

      PS PM me for some top-secret details on Iphone 6G

      Quote Originally Posted by silent1643 View Post
      im starting to get nervous - first at&t ups their contract cancellation fee's - now more speculation on another carrier picking up the iphone....

      mmm.... what to do.... guess nothing
      You say that like you expected there to be less speculation
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      Well if the iPhone went to Sprint my sister would be happy!