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  • Best Buy Employee "Confirms" iPhone Coming to Sprint

    A BestBuy employee is "confirming" that Sprint is about to carry the iPhone. And a formal announcement about the carrier welcoming the iPhone to its 4G network could come as early as next month's WWDC conference, which - as we learned today - will kick off June 7th with a keynote address from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. So will Jobs unveil the Sprint iPhone at the conference?

    According to coverage today from Redmond Pie, which amalgamates a variety of morsels of information from sources and leaks, the employee confirming the Sprint iPhone works at a Best Buy outlet in Pennsylvania, although a particular store was not cited as it would violate the company's "privacy policy." Nonetheless, the source claims that shelf displays will surface within a time-frame that appears to neatly coincide with the start of the WWDC.

    Historically, however, Best Buy employees are notoriously left in the dark regarding major announcements and product releases. Even ahead of the iPad's release, very few credible stories - or even leaks - were traced back to Best Buy and the store's myriad workers. Apple, however, does have a stellar relationship with Best Buy and, for this reason, it isn't altogether inconceivable that an employee could be privy to advanced information - either by accident or design.

    Without question, a 4G capable 4th generation iPhone would be a massively appealing reality for millions of current or potential smartphone buyers. But for the very reason that some say its simply "too good to be true," perhaps we will have to concur with that assessment until more concrete evidence of a Sprint iPhone surfaces in the days and weeks to come.

    Image via Redmond Pie
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    1. stlcaddie's Avatar
      stlcaddie -
      Quote Originally Posted by Showstopper1969 View Post
      I've noticed he never responds to his threads. :/
      He's just a news guy , is the weather man always accurate. Nope, Never.
    1. famoussasjohn's Avatar
      famoussasjohn -
      Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChaos View Post
      Sprints LTE network is so poor that you cannot consider it a network. It would be like with ATT customers: the vast majority only get Edge. The vast majority for Sprint only get CDMA. Sprint and Verizon have to move away from CDMA.
      Sprint has LTE?

      Last time I checked it was WiMax..
      Verizon and AT&T will use LTE..nice try though.

      Quote Originally Posted by b8ascrub View Post
      Today 7/24/2010 I was at the sprint store in King Of Prussia Pa. My wife was complaining about her blackberry curve to the manager, she said she is ready to terminate sprint and switch to ATT for the iphone, suddenly the manager tells her to wait till November for the IPhone 4g coming to sprint. He said a corporate office bulletin was officially sent out!

      So yes, the word is spreading fast now! He also said Verizon is getting it as well.
      Strange, I work for Sprint, and have not heard of anything except the Epic..no iPhone for Sprint anytime this year..
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      Die thread die
    1. highrider17's Avatar
      highrider17 -
      still praying for t- mobile to get it((:
    1. LordGeek's Avatar
      LordGeek -
      What I thought was real funny, I was in a T-Mobile store recently paying my son's bill (I'm AT&T) .. this old man walks in and was looking at the phones, this salesperson approached him asking if he needed assistance .. the old man asked him about a particular phone (however, I did not overhear what phone he was asking about) .. but the salesperson turned around and stated that it was one of there best phones and that it works great on there 4G network .. he was ranting and raving on about how T-Mobiles 4G network is the best out there .. I was laughing my *** off, both of them looked at me just as I was finishing up paying my kids bill, I looked at the old man and told him on my way out .. don't buy that ******** he's feeding you, T-Mobile is NOT 4G in anyway .. the old man looked that the salesman .. the salesman was speechless .. the old man walked out the store with me .. LMAO
    1. quicknight's Avatar
      quicknight -
      Quote Originally Posted by famoussasjohn View Post
      Sprint has LTE?

      Last time I checked it was WiMax..
      Verizon and AT&T will use LTE..nice try though.

      Strange, I work for Sprint, and have not heard of anything except the Epic..no iPhone for Sprint anytime this year..

      any comments? speculations?
    1. Monkey Johannon's Avatar
      Monkey Johannon -
      They said that years ago too...best logic to go on when looking at "news" that supposedly confirms different carriers getting the iPhone is to wait until the commercial hits the TV...because there will literally be countless rumors on who will get what given the hype is back in full swing since the Verizon release is just a few days away.

      I mean shortly after the iPhone 4 release last summer, there was a "rumor" that Tmobile confirmed the iPhone. We see how that went...
    1. pacmac's Avatar
      pacmac -
      i work at sony and iphone 6 is coming to cricket