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  • iClassic: An 'iPod Classic' Player for the iPhone and iPod Touch

    UPDATE: Now Available on Cydia

    iClassic is a media player for your library, that mimics the interface of the famous iPod Classic. It will fully emulate the iPod Classic's functionality, including using the old-school Click Wheel. Unfortunately, the app will not support games in this release but it is being worked on for future updates. The app is expected to cost $2.00 from the Cydia Store.

    I spoke with Emilio PelŠez earlier today and he has informed me that this application is indeed complete and he is simply waiting on confirmation from @saurik for it to be added to the Store. So we can expect this any moment. At this point I don't have confirmation if it will be in the ModMyI repo or not but keep your eyes peeled!

    Now, I'm not entirely sure why you would want to go backwards with technological designs, but I guess for the simple fact that you can do it, makes it kinda cool. This app would be more for the fanatics who had iPods since day one or prefer the simpler navigation style. I however jumped the bandwagon much later on, but I just might have to play with this app for kicks and giggles.


    * Beautiful iPod-like interface.
    * Fully functional, math-based Click Wheel (touch detection is based on math so it acts JUST like you'd expect it to).
    * Control your music completely with the Click Wheel.
    * Browse your music library with the Click Wheel.
    * All buttons are completely functional.
    * Hold next and previous to seek forward/backward.
    * Shake to shuffle your current playing list.
    * Choose if you want the app to vibrate when you press a button (iPhone only).
    * Choose between two colors, black and white.
    * Choose if you want the statusbar to be shiny or to be "matte".
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    1. dongtheng's Avatar
      dongtheng -
      Great app. Certainly worth the $2. My wish list is to have the sort by genre included as well.

      Nevertheless very happy with the end product.
    1. SL4VE's Avatar
      SL4VE -
      1 touch- great stuff, i can use it in the car now like my classic safely
    1. dallaspowers's Avatar
      dallaspowers -
      I want my two dollars back! Ever since I got the iphone I thought that it would be so cool to have the option to have the old ipod look when listening to mp3's. The click wheel is so janky and unresponsive I have to scroll SUPER slow just to stop on a song or artist. Also the scroll wheel doesnt look the same as it does in the picture.
    1. DanTheManMS's Avatar
      DanTheManMS -
      Quote Originally Posted by dallaspowers View Post
      Also the scroll wheel doesnt look the same as it does in the picture.
      There's tons of themes available on Cydia that will restore the classic iPod look. Just search for "iClassic" and there's no way you can miss them. Activate with Winterboard.