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  • Multifl0w - The Future of iPhone Multitasking with Backgrounder

    Status Updated: Multifl0w is available through ModMyI repo now.

    We've all seen the Palm Pre and HTC ads that boast about the ability to multitask. Why Apple did not include this still blows my mind (yeah yeah, battery usage my ***. then make a better battery. We NEED to multitask). What better productivity tool is there than being able to multitask with your available apps?!

    Thankfully for us Jailbroken users, this idea of multitasking has been possible for quite some time now with the use of an app called Backgrounder by Lance Fetters (ashikase), available in Cydia for free.

    While this app has definitely been a heaven-sent gift for us multitaskers, there has definitely been a need to have more efficient access to currently running apps. At this time, Backgrounder provides a little badge beside the App icons to indicate which are currently running, which was a good start.

    Very shortly Backgrounder's new best friend, Multifl0w will be introduced. Multifl0w, developed by @aaronash, is your newest, baddest, kick *** UI for backgrounder apps. With the ability to see which apps are open and swipe through them to quickly open them, just like the good ol Palm Pre commercials.

    Backgrounder will be required alongside this app. You won't be able to run kirikae and multifl0w at the same timem but still a huge win for Jailbroken users, as usual.

    Aaron tweeted today that we could see Multifl0w as soon as tonight or tomorrow morning on Cydia or Rock. The Developer has also mentioned that the app will be a Paid app costing somewhere in the $4-6 range. He had also mentioned that it should be available in both Cydia and Rock.

    For now, here's a video and some screenshot. Let us know what you think.

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    1. Dorkington's Avatar
      Dorkington -
      I tried multifl0w and want to really like it.

      But it seems a bit buggy at the moment. It takes up much more memory than Kirikae does it appears, and on the 3G every byte is important. I'm glad they added the "x" close function.

      If it becomes more optimized I'll give it another shot in the future.
    1. gary86's Avatar
      gary86 -
      why does my multifl0w look like this. (with blank white ones?)
    1. sidq's Avatar
      sidq -
      I like Proswitcher than Multiflow but I am stuck with it since I paid for it
      hope they improve it in near future
    1. subywrex's Avatar
      subywrex -
      I have a lot of stuff I've Baught for my phone that someone has made a better version of. I say cut ur losses and stick with the better of the 2 proswitcher
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      I also paid for multiflow and use ProSwitcher. I paid for 3 tethering apps but now only use MyWi. It's the way it goes with most smartphones, you buy an app and a better one shows up.