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  • Element Now Available - New Lockscreen Cydget......

    Hmm...pay close attention to this screenshot... pretty cool huh? Even has missed calls.

    We have a new Lockscreen App on the streets tonight. The highly anticipated Lockscreen App, Element, has now been released. Element, designed by Teehan+Lax and implemented by Elias Limneos, provides access to all of your most needed information right from your iPhone's lock screen. Whether it be a recently missed call or a new e-mail message, you will no longer have to drill down deep into the device's UI just to see what's new.

    You should look at the screenshot again. Its so awesome! .....

    While I haven't had a chance to test drive this personally yet..... , but I would imagine that its going to have some work to do yet, to compete with other apps such as David Ashman's LockInfo. But as time goes by, I don't doubt to see many extensions coming to this. The framework should set up a fairly simple way for developers to extend it's uses.... in the near future.... sometime...

    Did you look at it again? I swear you have to look again, its so cool....

    Element has been implemented entirely in WebCycript, and installs to your lock screen as a Cydget, making it fully compatible with all existing Apple lock screen plugins, as well as most other third-party extensions.

    Grab it live on Cydia..... or try to find it.. mwhaha

    Twitter / Jay Freeman (saurik): Element, designed by @gtee ...

    If you havent noticed already, the screenshots indicate this is an april fools joke April fools joke from @saurik, Although it appears you actually CAN download this... although the short description says "A Lame attempt at an April Fools Joke"

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    1. LittleJob's Avatar
      LittleJob -
      badd asss
    1. Cortezbanks's Avatar
      Cortezbanks -
      Been waiting for this fir a while and it's great
    1. Nick Hesson's Avatar
      Nick Hesson -
      Lol, did you guys read the whole article? its just an april fools joke. hehehe
    1. adsonjustin's Avatar
      adsonjustin -
      really bad azz!!
    1. nora47's Avatar
      nora47 -
      that was weak
    1. zeeque's Avatar
      zeeque -
      its written on it APRIL FOOL!! cant u ppl see it?
    1. Gom33's Avatar
      Gom33 -
      umm... i actually downloaded it on my iphone... works ok... still like lockinfo better as of now...
    1. JA.3's Avatar
      JA.3 -
      Uhh fail?
    1. Brendon800's Avatar
      Brendon800 -
      Good thing I jailbroke with chartreuseha1l today so I can install this :P
    1. Kirbachu's Avatar
      Kirbachu -
      what im so confused D: its an april fools joke, i installed it, but it actually works o.o
    1. silfer's Avatar
      silfer -
      Whahaah, hmm...did I understood this well, and was when cydget opened it on April the 1st just a rickroll youtube link?

      Or does it actually work, and is it released 2nd of April?
    1. blatz's Avatar
      blatz -
      it works and itīs not a april fools joke!

      think itīs not really a final version, but the main stuff is working well.
    1. Nick Hesson's Avatar
      Nick Hesson -
      lol the short description says "A Lame attempt at an April Fools Joke"
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      No April Fools on this (it is April 2 after all).

      If you have LockInfo you can theme it to look almost exactly like that. I did it earlier this year.

      Take a look - MacThemes Forum / [WIP]New Home

      You have to mess around with a little code but it works ok and looks almost like what is pictured.
    1. RockMeOn's Avatar
      RockMeOn -
      well this is simply amazing, but one thing...... Everytime you press home key to look at this theme, the brightness increases automatically and start sucking my battery. Anyway, its a good thing overall!!
    1. Amadomon's Avatar
      Amadomon -
      Jay Freeman's never gonna let you down.
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      I'm confused.
    1. wrxtcy379's Avatar
      wrxtcy379 -
      This is real it's on cydia I dl it and started using is has facebook stocks texts email it's very clean I prefer it over lockinfo it's just does anyone know hiw to rearrange the tabs like move calander to the bottom
    1. yentrog31's Avatar
      yentrog31 -
      very cool and very clean....I havent tried tweaking it any yet...but its good to go right out of the box.
    1. jeffhesser's Avatar
      jeffhesser -
      ya, i think it's safe to say saurik is a lockinfo fan. haha