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  • Thieves Steal 2,000,000 of iPhones in Belgium

    In a daring heist, thieves took anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 iPhones from a warehouse in Belgium, with a street value of up to 2 million euro, or $3 million US. The robbers may be foiled, however: wireless carrier Mobistar, for whom the phones were intended, say they have a list of all the serial numbers and that they will block the phones from accessing their network.

    The thieves climbed a fire ladder to the roof of a warehouse owned by CEVA Logistics, a Netherlands-based logistics company in Willebroek, Belgium. They then cut a hole in the roof of the large building directly above where the iPhones were located. Reports in the De Standaard newspaper suggested the thieves knew about iPhone delivery and storage location details, and that the robbery may have been an inside job.

    Mobistar, which has had problems keeping the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in stock, is reportedly in an urgent search for more devices before inventory runs low. With the holiday season coming, the breakin could prove costly to the carrier's business. Mobistar has prepared for a large number of devices coming onto the black market by blocking them from accessing the Mobistar network. However, the strong likelihood is that these phones will be unlocked before they are sold.

    Police say they have no leads.

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      ^LMAO, SB dude
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      ^ I feel like handing out infractions tonight
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      Come join the party
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      Damn, did I already miss all the fun?
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      rhekt -
      haha thats GREat.....where can i pick up one of these/
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      Pssssttt.... anyone want to buy a cheap iphone?
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      jahkas -
      sounds like an inside job.
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      I can't believe what some of the guys on here are saying...we are afterall talking about a crime here...

      When did it suddenly become fashoinable to gloat/ celebrate stuff like this?!
    1. Maknificent's Avatar
      Maknificent -
      If I were the thieves I would sell them back to the carrier...I'm sure they would 500k - 1 mil for the phones...especially if they are desperate and out of stock...
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      Quote Originally Posted by Calco View Post
      actually they would be traceable..
      here in egypt we trace mobile phones by their IMEI numbers.. so if they know their IMEI numbers they could trace the phones when they are used on any network.. they just need this specific network's assistance and help
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      And here in Israel we place explosives in the ear pieces of all stole iPhones
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      I wouldn't call his post an epic fail, the original title did say, "Thieves stole €3,000,000 worth of iphones..." or something similar to that. It should have said, "Thieves stole €2,000,000..." The OP changed the title, making his reply look like a fail. Gotta give him/her credit for catching a reporting error.

      I guess I was a little late and missed all of the firework...that's what I get for not reading through the entire thread first. So sorry, moving on now!
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      Quote Originally Posted by ifonemaniac View Post
      thats what she said
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      Quote Originally Posted by awesomeiPod View Post
      Do you ****ing think I'm a 5 year-old?! I know what it means! You are trying to defend yourself and your so-called combats don't hurt at all!
      LOL at you guys!! Calm down

      And awesomeipod, what is your sig all about, i didnt realise you are admin or mod? i may be wrong, but your sig is a bit.... well ****!

      Sorry, further edit, these iphones were for sale on ebay, i managed to save the page before they were taken down.... surely this is something to do with the stolen iphones??? Again, i may be wrong, sue me!! lol

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      istyl -
      i think the will unlock them and jailbreak them, i think the robbers are not stupid:P
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      jaylen555 -
      unlocking 4000 phones will take like 133 hours 30 minutes at the rate of a phone being unlocked every 30 minutes
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      If the phones were locked in the first place it would take a while.
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      OMG thats insane!!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by iMister View Post
      LOL at you guys!! Calm down

      And awesomeipod, what is your sig all about, i didnt realise you are admin or mod? i may be wrong, but your sig is a bit.... well ****!
      He is not an admin or mod, but still a valuable member of the MMi community as many. His sig is pointing out one thing that many users fail to do when asking for help. If everyone tried using the search feature before posting we would not have the multiple threads discussing the same issues. Also, many members who are on here to help can get frustrated with users not following the forum rules. His signature is a reminder to all to read the rules before posting