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  • 99% of iPhone Owners are Satisfied

    Apple's incredible success in selling more iPhones could be due to one new statistic.

    According to pollster ChangeWave
    a whopping 99% of iPhone users call themselves "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their device. In fact, those reporting "very satisfied" made up 74% of respondents.

    This blows away RIM, with only 43% of users reporting they are "very satisfied" with their BlackBerry. Apple has jumped from holding 17% of smartphone market share one year ago to 30% today. The iPhone is hot on RIM's heels, as the BlackBerry has 40% of the smartphone market.
    According to Paul Carlton, research director at ChangeWave:
    [Smartphones have] sucked up market share from a whole bunch of devices, including PCs, phones and game consoles. No other consumer electronics item did anything like this during the recession.

    Apple sold a record 7.4 million iPhones in the third quarter of 2009. When asked what smartphone they plan to buy within 90 days, 36% of consumers said the iPhone. Only 27% planned to purchase a BlackBerry.
    AT&T reported a record third quarter of its own with 3.2 million iPhone activations. The company added 1.3 million new customers during the same time period thanks to the iPhone.

    Some analysts have predicted that an end to Apple's exclusivity agreement with AT&T would further increase the iPhone's market share.
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    1. acekin's Avatar
      acekin -
      Quote Originally Posted by GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL View Post
      It doesn't have much to do with the signal, rather than an overloaded tower that's kicking you off of it.
      Is it at all possible, even remotely, minimal probability, tiny likelihood that you may be wrong? In other words must iDevice be always flawless? Think about this a bit before answering please.
    1. pacmac's Avatar
      pacmac -
      yeah im 99% happy with my 3GS..add a nuclear batt and 12meg cam with flash/front cam/1TB memory/2GB of ram/5G chip/wimax ill be 100% satisfied
      I had an AT&T Nokia dumphone - (EXCELLENT RF abilities) and an iPhone here in my room. Both got just the same GPRS signal (4-5 bars) as the other and that's in my house where my T-Mobile EDGE (1900mhz - lesser ability to go through walls) signal varies from 2-4 bars on that same iPhone.

      I'm not saying the JesusPhone is ever going to not be at fault. I never said the iPhone is not or is to blame.

      HOWEVER, if you're having calls drop, are you seriously not taking a good hard look at AT&T? They have poor cellular reliability in bigger areas and are known for kicking (dropping) devices off the network because it is currently crowded.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      I hate these debates because neither side are ever willing to back down. I will say this however, and I have said it many times. I own an Apple and iPhone Repair company, I worked for Apple as a genius for a few years, I do Apple Certified repairs on a daily basis. I can tell you that when examining an iPhone, I can diagnose it in under 5 minutes, sometimes without even seeing the phone these days. I will say this for the last and final time, the problems being described above are network issues. They are not hardware issues in any way. If there were legitimate problems like the ones being described in every iPhone then you would definitely hear others complaining as well. The fact that you have not even had the phone replaced, and that you are basing this off of one phone, further backs what I am saying. In the end you have no ground to stand on. Furthermore, if your iPhone is out of warranty that means you have had your device for over a year. In the year you had your phone you obviously did not always have these issues, or you would have had it swapped out long ago. I have to agree with GIRLLLLLLLLLL as well. At&t does not have the best coverage, but even on Tmobile, Verizon, Altell, etc you will still experience the same issues. These are the issues you experience on any cellular device as a result of network signals. I am not talking about Signal Bars or Signal strength, but the actual signals the tower send to your phone. There are multiple reasons why these issues arise on the network varying from your present location to cellular traffic. We also see these issues when dealing with an older SIM card. If the SIM card is damaged in anyway it can prevent the proper signals from being received or sent by the phone.

      @acekin- I laugh everytime you say
      had air blown into various holes three times
      - I have never done this and would never expect that to accomplish anything

      @TooSlo- I didn't respond to you because I didn't see a response was necessary. But for sh!ts and giggles I will respond to each of your complaints in red.

      I think that I can do that for you.
      Lacks functionality such as tethering which is built into other phone..Tethering is possible...
      Being forced to use itunes to sync any music with device is frustrating for Windows usersMaybe for you, but I do not see any issue with iTunes.
      Forced firmware upgrades (refusing to sign 3.0 FW as an example)This wouldnt be a problem for most users. It is only a problem for us wishing to JB and Unlock which comprise a small amount of the iPhone users
      Exchange/Gmail integration leaves a lot to be desired. (Threaded conversations, etc)"There's an app for that
      Lack of proper IM client without paying out the noseFor 9.99 I have an amazing client called BeeJive...if $10 is too much for a reliable client that can handle all of your services, then you shouldn't own a $700 device
      Inability to customize phone out of the boxMost phones cannot be customized fully the way we are used to in the JB community. But why would that bother you when You know how to JB and customize
      Cannot use as a storage device unless you own a MacStill cannot use as mass storage on a mac...but why would you want to lol
      Camera quality is terrible in comparison to others on marketI will give you that, but I dont buy my iPhone for the camera. I have a $500 sony camera for that
      Video recording only available OOB on 3GS modelsOr you can download Cycorder for FREE
      Lack of widgets for tasks buried in the options menuWhat widgets do you want?What other phones DO have the widgets you want
      Worthwhile multitaskingI multitask just fine
      Terrible radio (other phones on same network get much better signal quality)This is still up for debate. If you are talking about actual FM radio, then I agree. But we have already received word Apple is working on a new app to fix that. Plus there are a few apps available that provide good quality radio IMHO
      FlashYes, No Flash. But a lot of other device did not have flash until recently either. There is no telling what will happen on the 4th Gen iPhone or future updates

      This debate will go nowhere when you have people who stick strong to their opinions. I will leave you both with my previous words, and this fancy coverage map for At&t
    1. acekin's Avatar
      acekin -
      Well, I'm glad someone saw the humor in "air blown in various holes"! Also, my comments are not in the line of a debate, I am simply complaining. Quite frankly Apple is not as defensive as some of the participants here. For the record, my first phone had a bad antenna the genius said (I feel funny every time I call them "genius") according to the computer test. It was dropping calls at the rate of about 40-50% of the time. The other issue, which is eluding many is the difficulty of working with two companies who point fingers in the opposite direction. All said, based on my experience this is a nice device but not a good phone. I am in the "other 1%" of the users of this device who are not satisfied. What's wrong with that? I am truly glad that you are all happy with your products, that's great. But that is not a basis to nullify my problems, whatever the reason. To each his or her own. I have learned that this is not a device I can use comfortably from now until my contract expires. I will live with it because I have no way out, but after that I will get a "phone" phone. Anybody want to buy a well cared for iPhone September?!!
    1. xxfr0stbytexx's Avatar
      xxfr0stbytexx -
      Quote Originally Posted by pacmac View Post
      yeah im 99% happy with my 3GS..add a nuclear batt and 12meg cam with flash/front cam/1TB memory/2GB of ram/5G chip/wimax ill be 100% satisfied
      so u want a computer?
    1. acekin's Avatar
      acekin -
      ... makes exactly the same points I tried to make a while back. It is interesting reading. The suggestion that Apple help AT&T with marketing and AT&T help Apple with engineering is a sound one which may produce even a better product for all to admire. Here is the link to the article: