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  • Winterboard slowing you down? Enter Bosspaper!
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    You know him.. you love him.. yes I'm talking about our good friend and renowned developer Big Boss! He has designed an alternative (or supplemental) application to theme your device called Bosspaper. As with all other Big Boss apps it's FREE!

    UPDATE: This app is out of BETA and should be available in the regular Cydia BigBoss repo. Version 1.0. Enjoy.

    You must be on 3.0 to run this app.

    Via BigBoss blog:

    I have been working on a new FREE app called “BossPaper”. This is a very configurable advanced wallpaper app that lets you control what wallpaper shows up on your SpringBoard. You may be saying, “But Winterboard does that!” Sort of, but not like this. BossPaper can work with Winterboard (or without). Read on for details.

    Last year, Saurik released Winterboard. This enabled some new features none of us have ever seen before such as rotating desktop wallpapers via Javascript HTML pages. While this was revolutionary for us iPhone owners, it also came at a cost. Performance running these themes sucks. There are a few ways the Javascript based images can be implemented and all of them have problems. If you load them all into memory, Springboard uses a signficant amount of memory. If you fade them, Springboard uses a lot of CPU. Javascript is very memory / CPU heavy. In addition, the Javascript runs behind all applications and while applications run. This impacts performance heavily and causes apps to lag even while you’re using them and not on SpringBoard. In addition, the script continues to run even while the iPhone is locked draining battery.

    I have had it on my list to solve this for a while. The result is BossPaper. BossPaper is an advanced wallpaper manager that puts total control of wallpapers into your hands. BossPaper has these features:

    You control which images are displayed. You can use camera roll, installed themes, or a combination of! With Winterboard, you could only install a theme and use what came with it. Now you can use images from many themes or other sources such as BossPaper packs.
    You can use your own images from the camera!
    BossPaper stops rotating images as soon as an app launches. This prevents battery and CPU drain.
    BossPaper stops rotating images as soon as the iPhone is locked. This prevents battery drain.
    BossPaper uses very little memory and CPU! It does not inject into apps only SpringBoard so you should not notice any application lag running it.
    BossPaper can use one of many transitions such as fade, water drop, page curl - you configure which one(s) you want. Configure how long the transitions last.
    BossPaper lets you control when to rotate images. You can rotate it on a timer you configure or you can rotate when an app closes, or both!
    BossPaper lets you hide icon labels so those that do not want to install Winterboard can use it without.
    BossPaper lets you dim the wallpaper.

    Features missing in the current BETA release are:

    1) Ability to select a single image. If you want a single image make a folder with that image for now.

    2) Ability to exclude a single image or images. For now you have to delete it off the folder. In future you will have a way to tell it to not load that image again.

    3) Photos - Camera roll is working because these are photos. If you sync pictures using iTunes, these are actually no longer images but an sqllite database of images. Therefore, you cannot use these images. (I haven’t tested this very much. So it could be in accurate).

    4) I may examine lock background as well, although I am worried about performance. The lock background should be stationary so that you dont drain your battery while locked. I will think about this more.
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    1. mbrooksr's Avatar
      mbrooksr -
      the dimmer doesnt stay undim. whenever i try to make my wallpapers bright it only brightens the first one, the rest become dim.

      still a great app. thanksss.
    1. BranBrow's Avatar
      BranBrow -
      BigBoss you are the man, I've been looking for this all weekend. You've made my day. Now if only I knew where all my pics were hiding...
    1. unfaced's Avatar
      unfaced -
      I can't find it. I followed the instructions.
    1. SLapp's Avatar
      SLapp -
      It takes a few sec after unlock for the springboard to swip the pages
    1. Wudstock's Avatar
      Wudstock -
      Like many I have been waiting for an app like this since the iPhone came out. I am a huge fan of 'Display Fusion' on the PC so I knew there would be a way on the iPhone soon enough. Great job BigBoss!

      Now for those who want to use your own pictures (say you have a folder full of iPhone wallpapers), but it's only working from the 'Camera Roll', well here's how you do it.

      This is tested and works on my phone.
      1) Using CyberDuck (Mac), or WinSCP (Windows) SSH onto the phone.
      2) Go to the root folder ('/')
      3) Go to: Private/var/mobile/media/DCIM/100Apple (this is the Camera Roll Folder)
      4) Copy all your wallpapers to this folder
      5) Go to 'BossPaper' and browse folders
      6) Go to Media/DCIM and add the folder '100Apple'.

      That's it. You will be able to use all your photos. (You will notice the camera roll doesn't show your photos, that's because iTunes usually makes a thumbnail and didn't get the chance in this case)

      Hope this helps
    1. A_DuB187's Avatar
      A_DuB187 -
      I have been waiting for a performance saving alternative to Winterbaord for quite some time. This is exactly what I need as I usually only use Winterbaord for wallpapers on the springbaord. Thank You BigBoss!!
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      "Downloading syslog"

      "Downloading logmailer"

      A new app on the springboard to send logs to BigBoss, that's better.
    1. LarryInAz's Avatar
      LarryInAz -
      Quote Originally Posted by Wudstock View Post
      That's it. You will be able to use all your photos. (You will notice the camera roll doesn't show your photos, that's because iTunes usually makes a thumbnail and didn't get the chance in this case)

      Hope this helps
      This works great. An additional tip - follow the above instructions however if you have alot of wallpapers I'd suggest you divide them up in various folders such as Abstract, Landscapes, etc. then copy the folders to your camera roll per Wudstock's instructions. Then you can pick whichever folder [style] you want.

      Thanks again Wudstock!
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      It works very well
    1. ameerkhan's Avatar
      ameerkhan -
      Is anyone xpearencing a problem with cydia now? cuz mine does not load the pages! and restarts!
    1. thu6's Avatar
      thu6 -
      seems down atm...
    1. TenKnots's Avatar
      TenKnots -
      this is really promising... thanks a lot bigboss... you're awesome!
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Good job Bigboss!
    1. A_DuB187's Avatar
      A_DuB187 -
      Hmmm. I figured more people would be excited about this great app BigBoss has provided us free of charge.
    1. eatdirt1's Avatar
      eatdirt1 -
      is anyone having problems this morning trying to open cydia after following the dirrections above,i cant seem to get to open now,it sais unable to load "timed out" this happen after i chaged the sittings from user to hacker,now i canteven open cydia,is there a way to fix it.
    1. Simtech's Avatar
      Simtech -
      look up a couple of comments....
    1. skihound's Avatar
      skihound -
      i have it installed on a 3g and a 3gs works great,,,,i love the the camera roll option takes all your shot photos automatically to your wallpaper,,,,,,,,,,thanks
    1. klouud's Avatar
      klouud -
      Yeah... so I am not a fan of the complicated wallpaper changes, so I don't use that stuff. I do however, use Winterboard with a custom wallpaper - Does the battery drain and performance drop affect me? Or does that only apply to those that have wallpaper mods activated with Winterboard?

      Cool concept... I'll use it when it does everything Winterboard does.

    1. iPhoneMuscle's Avatar
      iPhoneMuscle -
      DUDE, great job BIGGIE!!!!
    1. baldeagle's Avatar
      baldeagle -
      This by far one of the best theme mods I've done to my phone. Easy setup and interface.

      Sitting here watching my wallpaper fade to a different one every 5sec's looks great, well with the 'macro' strip themed wallpaper I think its great!!

      I'll watch with anticipation for updates and better tweaks.