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  • Lost iPhone Prototype Ends in Suicide
    25 year-old Sun Danyong received 16 prototype iPhones from the assembly line at a Foxconn factory in China where he worked on Thursday, July 9th. An engineering graduate, Sun had landed a job handling product communications for Foxconn shortly after graduating. Within the following days Sun noticed that one of the prototype iPhones was missing. He reported the missing iPhone to his supervisor on Monday, July 13th.

    By Wednesday Sun found himself in a lot of trouble. As we already know Apple tries to keep their prototypes and future models away from the public eye as much as possible. This secrecy is a tool Apple uses to build up suspense and surprise to increase the grandeur of product launches leading to more sales, more profit, etc etc. Knowing this Sun's employer, Foxconn (who makes Apples iPhones and iPods) took quick measures to ensure that the missing iPhone was found in order to protect Apple's secrets and their business relationship.

    On Wednesday Sun's apartment was searched illegally by 3 Foxconn employees looking for the iPhone. There are also allegations floating around that Sun was detained and then physically abused during the investigation.

    Finally around 3 a.m. on Thursday July 16th Sun jumped out the window of his apartment to his death.

    Apple commented on the tragedy saying
    We are saddened by the tragic loss of this young employee, and we are awaiting results of the investigations into his death. We require our suppliers to treat all workers with dignity and respect.
    Unfortunately this kind of thing appears to happen frequently in China. According to Steven Lin, a Chinese blogger and marketer
    Students [like Sun] have been studying in schools for years, and they have been carefully protected by their parents. They can’t endure such pressure - ‘their house being illegally searched,’ or ‘house arrests’ (if that’s true, according some reports news). Employees at these and other factories sometimes kill themselves simply because of the pressure from their daily jobs — you know what’s going to happen when they face more serious threats. Also, most young Chinese guys don’t have friends who are lawyers, so they don’t know how to protect themselves in the legal system. They won’t even look for help from the legal system. They will just endure the pressure, and finally find an extreme way to end all their troubles.
    [via venturebeat] thx iphoneuser2008 for the tip
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    1. jetlorider's Avatar
      jetlorider -
      sounds more like a murder case than a suicide case.....why the freak would you kill yourself 3 in the freaken morning....over a lost prototype iphone? common REALLY?

      sounds more like whoever wants to keep this secret wanted to eliminate whoever cause this mistake and that Sun guy just happen to be the guy.

      "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"
    1. shizs14's Avatar
      shizs14 -
      My thought and prayers are with his friends and family.
    1. lisalisa911's Avatar
      lisalisa911 -
      Thats awful, that really makes me think, do i really want to purchase another iPhone, knowing how much is involved in the process just to release a new generation iPhone. Then again we all know how Apple is about profits, and secrets. God Bless the family of this young man.
    1. impossibl3isnothing's Avatar
      impossibl3isnothing -
      Technology can be lethal =(
    1. 1shuttle1's Avatar
      1shuttle1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lisalisa911 View Post
      Thats awful, that really makes me think, do i really want to purchase another iPhone, knowing how much is involved in the process just to release a new generation iPhone. Then again we all know how Apple is about profits, and secrets. God Bless the family of this young man.
      I agree. It is very sad that a person's death has to put things into perspective. I'm sure this company did not want to piss off Apple. So they did everything possible to cover there tracks as quick as possible. It's all about the money. I am sure they did not want this to get out for fear of loosing a multi-million dollar contract with apple. It's just a shame a life had to be lost for this to come out. If this kid did not commit suicide this would have never reached us all and we would not have found out about there business practices and how they treat their employees.

      At the end of the day all is left is a grieving family. That's too bad, all over a phone.
    1. tarekkkkk's Avatar
      tarekkkkk -
      delete last reply noob
    1. GHOSTYAIRO's Avatar
      This sad story makes me remeber that movie hackers 3, it's really f***g sad that a phone is more important that life itself for that company, it's true they can lost a million account, but how much a person's life worth?
      Which desing is more precious apple's desing or God's desing? Think about it foxconn.
      I don't buy the "suicide" theory, not for a guy like Sun, he was an engeneer for crying out loud, he had to be smart enough to become one, I don't really thing he was so dumb to commite suicide.
      I agree with those who said about buying iPhone after this, it's a shame that the next generation iPhone has the blood of a human being involved.
      power an money are supposed to be our slaves, but for this guys it seems like they are slaves of money.

      My thoughts are with his family and friends.
    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      Jumped...or PUSHED?
    1. GHOSTYAIRO's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by cranie View Post
      Jumped...or PUSHED?
      Maybe they use the same method as the iphone PUSH
    1. tarekkkkk's Avatar
      tarekkkkk -
      its not about the iphone its about money and these guyz are like every government in the whole world taxes killing people more taxes more methodes to take illegal things etc welcome to the real world
    1. shady240's Avatar
      shady240 -
      its Synapse all over again...
    1. TheArthurShock's Avatar
      TheArthurShock -
      This is crazy. It's so sad

      : (
    1. pheng617's Avatar
      pheng617 -
      im pretty sure apple told them to take measures like that to find the lost phone. besides it was in another country who would know?
    1. Oliva94's Avatar
      Oliva94 -
      If that can happen, then they must search for Steven Lin before doing anything secret with their employees.
      And... yeah, it's a sad story.
    1. Deljonw's Avatar
      Deljonw -
      this whole situation is completely ridiculous

      if this were a friend or family member of mine there no telling what i would do. everything was to be so secret and whatever and no look what happen to an innocent guy. defiantly a sad thing.
    1. eaglesteve's Avatar
      eaglesteve -
      I do not necessarily think that blames lie with Apple or Foxconn. More likey, it could be an over-enthusiatic supervisor of Sun, not having handed the situation sensitively enough, plus Sun's own frame of mind (which he should be personally responsible for) that resulted in this. When things like this happens, the boss of Foxconn is unlikely to be fully aware of what happened until the tragedy has passed.

      If I'm the supervisor I would feel guilty for the rest of my life (And I think that's probably the case if we have a chance to find out), althoug I don't think he could be completely made responsible. Like I said, Sun is himself the ultimate master of his own state of mind and life. All of us are.
    1. geekgrrl's Avatar
      geekgrrl -
      More on point, who would entrust prototypes to an inexperienced young man?

      Security, is for people that know what is required.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      not good. still sad