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  • Your iPhone can Read Barcodes

    RedLaser, a new app available via Cydia, is very cool. It's a barcode reader for the iPhone - and it works even on the 2G and 3G iPhones, without auto-focus. Reading straight from the camera feed (no need to take a photo, just hold it up to the bar code and wait a second), all 3 models of iPhone can run RedLaser. Oh, and its free... which is a nice price.

    The app lets you do online price comparisons using Google's db, and view items in Amazon.com. There's all sorts of extra options available as well - and way more possible with their SDK. Imagine reading reviews on scanned books, beaming movies to your TiVo, adding milk to your grocery list... possibilities are endles.

    RedLaser's magic comes from their scanner algorithm. We chatted with Jeffrey Powers, co-founder of Occipital (make of RedLaser), who said:

    The bars are so blurry up close that we had to create software that is able to mathematically compensate in a way that had never been done before on the iPhone. Getting it to run fast enough for the phone was another big feat. We spent three months getting it to the level it's at now.
    Occipital is doing some cool stuff, like an SDK for using their RedLaser - look for AppStore app cor.kz to add barcode scanning support to their wine app soon.

    But for some REALLY cool stuff they're looking into using the iPhone's camera and GPS setup... check out the below video from a blog they posted a few months back... now THAT'S intense.

    Keep an eye on these guys, they've got some great stuff in the works.

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    1. gcastro723's Avatar
      gcastro723 -
      this is on the app store too pf edit: no discussion of warez on MMi.
    1. Napoleon_PhoneApart's Avatar
      Napoleon_PhoneApart -
      Quote Originally Posted by gcastro723 View Post
      this is on the app store too pf edit: no discussion of warez on MMi.
      Great. That should encourage the developers to continue their work...
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^^ Way to go to be a dbag for cracking apps! I hope you work for months on something and then all the compensation is stolen from you.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      We don't chat about warez on the board - that's illegal and kinda lame.

      Anyway, the version in the AppStore is by the same guys, but this one is more powerful and released in Cydia as they got tired of waiting for Apple to approve it!
    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      This updated version is just awesome. The simplicity and accuracy is amazing. A must have for sure. Thanks Occipital. Keep 'em coming.

      Quote Originally Posted by gcastro723 View Post
      this is on the app store too pf edit: no discussion of warez on MMi.
      My goodness sir,You are a new member here I suggest
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      This app is really cool. It saved me some cash on my last visit to the store
    1. ForumSnoBorderRK's Avatar
      ForumSnoBorderRK -
      very nice! im def gonna be keepin an eye out for these guys
    1. Darkhunter130's Avatar
      Darkhunter130 -
      Tried this on my brothers jailbroken ipod and it works great! Hopefully they will fix the version on the app store now
    1. bgraug's Avatar
      bgraug -
      This app works great. I tried it on a few off the wall barcodes around the office. It recognized them on the first try. Thanks!!
    1. Mista Brothason's Avatar
      Mista Brothason -
      There's two versions in Cydia, one by *Edit* and one that costs money lol
    1. flrdotcom's Avatar
      flrdotcom -
      that is so effin cool! now only if i could get cydia to stop giving me a network error =/
    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mista Brothason View Post
      There's two versions in Cydia, one by ****** and one that costs money lol
      This app is free in Cydia my friend. Please do not post/promote anything about warez.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Great App!
    1. dont h8 dre's Avatar
      dont h8 dre -
      I love it, had the other red laser app and it was HELLA slow. This one is really fast. I love it.
    1. Go Gators's Avatar
      Go Gators -
      Very very cool app! I launched the app right after I finished downloading it and I picked up my copy of NCAA 10 Xbox 360 game and scanned the code on back and instantly it recognized it and listed the price from about 10 different stores. How cool!! Thanks for a great app!
    1. A_DuB187's Avatar
      A_DuB187 -
      This sounds like an interesting app. I'll have to try the cydia version out.
    1. SkyGuy5's Avatar
      SkyGuy5 -
      Slick as can be!

      It works well and very fast.
    1. milflover08's Avatar
      milflover08 -
      great app.
      i was getting tired of the G1 users using this as a excuse!!
    1. RandyC's Avatar
      RandyC -
      Hmmm why do I not see this in Cydia?

      Oh well just got it from the app store. Works GREAT!
    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      Hmm..I scanned some food packages but they all came up as product not found...