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  • iPhone 3GS Jailbreak purplera1n Released! [Windows]

    Geohot has released his iPhone 3GS jailbreak named purplerain. Avaialable for download here this has to be one of the easiest jailbreaks to use (if it works ).


    1. Download purplera1n. This download is Windows only. Also it doesn't work on Windows 7. MMi user mutigers42 among others report that Windows 7 works.
    I clicked make it rain, it said "putting in recovery mode" - my phone kind of froze, didn't turn off or anything and no response, until i closed the app and unplugged the USB cable and replugged it back in - then the apple logo came on and recovery mode

    After i did that, i just ran the program again - and it worked perfectly
    It IS beta so make sure you have all your data before trying to use this tool. A Mac version should be following something in the near future.

    This tool is just for jailbreak and will NOT activate the phone or unlock it. Therefore, you should have an activated iPhone before following the guide.

    Please backup the iPhone 3GS before following the procedure below.

    2. Run purplera1n.

    3. Click make it ra1n.

    You should see a screen where purplera1n is connecting to your iphone.

    Sadly that's as far as I get (I blame betanesssss).
    Edit: you need to have CProgram Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\iTunesMobileDevice.dll
    I'm running windows off of D drive so thats why mine didn't work. Simple making that directory and copying the file to c drive has fixed my problems.

    BUT those of you lucky enough to make it all the way the remainder of the steps are as follows:

    purplera1n on PC will say 'done, wait for reboot'.

    4. After the iPhone boots, it will have a new app 'Freeze' with white icon.

    5. Open Freeze and tap 'Install Cydia'. It will now download and install the package and then clean the installation. Wait till it says 'Finished!' and then just exit to home screen. If you still don't have cydia, reboot the phone and use freeze again.

    Your iPhone 3GS is now jailbroken with Cydia installed!

    The credit for this wonderful tool goes to GeoHotz! Thanks to mepp for help with screenshots!
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    1. unlvsac's Avatar
      unlvsac -
      Ok thanks ukimportz, I am going to finally open the 3G S now, and try it...
    1. thu6's Avatar
      thu6 -
      Quote Originally Posted by law111 View Post
      Hahahahahaha. I think that might be what they're doing with the one they took back for the Mac.
      hehehe, just pull windows break as well. seems many people having issues with it.

      i figured the panic button would be mashed after last nights devteam vid and this would be released.

      Lucky for some of us, Geo's exploit used here isnt the same as dev's.
      I think i wait for dev's release.

      Grats to the guys that managed to partially break.
    1. hydroabiscuit's Avatar
      hydroabiscuit -
      So using ultrasn0w borks the wifi? I haven't tried it and am a little hesitant too
    1. loco69's Avatar
      loco69 -
      push working for any1/?
    1. ericidle's Avatar
      ericidle -
      worked great on WinXP SP3 with Itunes running. No problems so far but winterboard has so if you use that I'd wait. I never did as I prefer my own mods
    1. Bleeditout2130's Avatar
      Bleeditout2130 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ericidle View Post
      worked great on WinXP SP3 with Itunes running. No problems so far but winterboard has so if you use that I'd wait. I never did as I prefer my own mods
      Is there a way to change the background without it? I have my carrier/battery/icons/dock customized, but that's what is eluding me right now.

      Also, anyone have success with VWallpaper?
    1. CyberKira's Avatar
      CyberKira -
      Worked great so far. Going to work now. Do some field testing with it while at work. hope nothing goes wrong.
    1. southfour's Avatar
      southfour -
      ok, im on xp and its working it says done, wait for reboot. On my phone it just shows the pic of the guy in the purple rain leaning on the iphone. Its been like this for 5 minutes. Do i just keep waiting?
    1. pyrotek's Avatar
      pyrotek -
      South, mine sat there for a bit and then rebooted.
    1. unlvsac's Avatar
      unlvsac -
      I have it into the downloading cydia from Freeze stage now, half way done...
    1. johnrs's Avatar
      johnrs -
      I am on Vista SP1 and I could not get passed the itunes picture in the iphone with purplera1n saying "done. waiting for iphone" or something like that.

      How long does the itune piture stay on your phone before it changes?
    1. southfour's Avatar
      southfour -
      Quote Originally Posted by pyrotek View Post
      South, mine sat there for a bit and then rebooted.
      its rebooting now, thanks

      ok, it rebooted and as far as i can tell nothing changed. There is no freeze app
    1. RdGzKp's Avatar
      RdGzKp -
      thanks alot that worked no more safe mode
    1. vriesfde's Avatar
      vriesfde -
      Quote Originally Posted by dfc420 View Post
      Stuck in recovery mode, tried 3 different machines. Vista-32 bit, vista 32bit, and vista 64 bit.

      All 3 gets to wait for reboot but it never does only stays in recovery mode.
      Had the same over here, had to recover phone in DFU mode....then tried an XP PC which worked no probs.
      Did not try to use the XP compatibility switch in Vista, this could do the trick!
    1. southfour's Avatar
      southfour -
      Quote Originally Posted by southfour View Post
      its rebooting now, thanks

      ok, it rebooted and as far as i can tell nothing changed. There is no freeze app
      ok, i tried it again the whole process took about 1 minute and cydia is downloading now
    1. therockk's Avatar
      therockk -
      Alright, i havnt posted here in awhile. Though't id put in my input. Ok i have a macbook, so i went to my desktop running Vista 32bit. ran the program hit the make it rain button. It put my iPhone into restore / recovery mode. then nothing happened. So like people suggested in this thread i kept Re-Clicking make it rain. Did nothing. So i boot up my MacBook Pro into Bootcamp Which is running Windows XP Media Center Edition. And installed iTunes 8.2. Ran the program hit the button and it worked in seconds. Now here is the thing. When the phone reboots and you click on the newley installed "Freeze" app. It gives you the option to install Cydia. Click it. Once its done doing what it has to do restart the iPhone. Then the Cydia App appears. Then from there just do what you gotta do. Hope this helps. Cheers!
    1. Tga84022's Avatar
      Tga84022 -
      dont install winterboard!!! because u have to restore it than!
    1. pyrotek's Avatar
      pyrotek -
      Hmm, seems like DYLD needs an update. Alot of code signature warnings.

      SSH complains about it a bit but still works.
    1. shabz_de_don's Avatar
      shabz_de_don -
      im happy for geohot for the release but who ever has problems serves you right... its beta... wait for a official release or dev teams release seriously dudes have abit of patience!
    1. southfour's Avatar
      southfour -
      freeze it there but it says finished however i have no cydia icon?

      edit: after a reboot cydia appeared