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  • iPhone 3g Reception Problems
    How's your reception?

    While the iPhone has been a great success in sales during its first month with 3 million unit sold, the 3g phone has been hampered by problems from iTunes activation failing to cracks in the casing.

    Add another issue to the list. Service. Many users are reporting issues with connectivity and their 3g iPhones. The an Francisco Chronicle reported the issues of one user. "I was driving down Folsom Street in San Francisco, and I got a dropped call 10 times. I get dropped calls just standing in one place," said Yarbrough, a 34-year-old accountant. "I'm extremely annoyed, but I'm hopeful a software update will fix it."

    Mobile carriers of the iPhone 3g have conflicting comments concerning the situation. AT&T Spokesman Mike Siegel summed up AT&T's response that there is no real widespread evidence of an issue. "How a device performs in individual situations depends on circumstances like where you are in the 3G coverage, how close you are to a cell site. Things like terrain and buildings all come into play," Siegel said. "I'm not denying that people are having a less than satisfactory experience, but overall, the phone is doing great."

    On the other hand T-Mobile Netherlands is putting blame for the connection issues directly upon the iPhone itself. "The 3G coverage of T-Mobile is as good as the competition, there can therefore not lie. We suspect that it is a hardware / software specific issue of the iPhone itself."

    T-Mobiles statement appears to follow the theory speculated by Nomura analyst Richard Windsor in a note to his clients about the iPhone's 3g chipset. Windsor said that “We believe that these issues are typical of an immature chipset and radio protocol stack where we are almost certain Infineon is the 3G supplier"

    If the problem does in fact stem from an immature chipset then the issue will most likely not be able to be fixed via a software. This would leave Apple in the awkward position of replacing over 3 million iPhones or not acknowledging any issues to the detriment of its users.

    Do you have reception problems? Take our poll at the top of this thread.

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    Update: Fix May be coming
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    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Couldn't have put it better myself (apart from adding GSM on 850Mhz in parts of the Americas and T-Mob in the US us 1700Mhz for 3G which is why it's not compatable with the iPhone), I know there are some other weird and wonderful frequencies used in small corners of the world but basically radiomean's summed it up quite nicely.

    1. dagjoe's Avatar
      dagjoe -
      I'm in Canada on the Rogers 3g network in the bottom of a 4 level parkade writing this. I have three bars 3g signal. I think it has a lot to do with the carrier. My Razr was worse than my iPhone. None of my friends have iPhone reception issues.

      People just need to relax. This phone can't do everything. Don't expect it to be perfect and you will enjoy it more.
    1. newyork0900's Avatar
      newyork0900 -
      I have a 8gb iphone 3g on 3 (UK network). The signal is poor in places, especially at home. I am looking at changing to T mobile or O2.

      Because my phone is jailbroken and has yellowsnow, I can't turn the 3g off, if I do I get no service. Does anybody know why this is?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      It's because you are with Three (probably the most useless network in the world). Did you never wonder why they have reduced their prices to nothing and still can't get customers?

      They do not have a 2G network they use Orange and really don't like people using it, it does not surprise me at all that it doesn't work.
    1. jaxdvd's Avatar
      jaxdvd -
      I'm in Kentucky in the USA and have many friends near me with iphones who have great reception on 3g and on regular phone calls, however I recently updated my phone to 2.2.1 and since then I have had poor 3g and dropped calls.....I know the baseband was upgraded from 2.28.00-2.30.03 and I am almost sure this is the cause of my problems...I have a few friends who have the same issues and only because they upgraded to the new software....I'm going myself tomorrow to try and get a replacement phone or something cause the baseband, CAN NOT, EVEN IF THEY SAY PAY AND THEY HAVE SOLUTION, be downgraded....
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Anyone who says they can downgrade the BB of an iPhone 3 G is a conman and should be avoided at all costs.
      As of now there is NO WAY to downgrade the BB of a 3G iPhone.

      This may, of course, change in the future but there is no sign of it happening in the near future.
    1. jaxdvd's Avatar
      jaxdvd -
      Yeah totally agreed
    1. tikigod19's Avatar
      tikigod19 -
      I have had 3g reception issues since I got my 3g 6 months ago and it seems to be getting worse. Im on o2 in the UK.

      Does anyone know if the change of sim that a few people have suggested would improve this? Although I'm using a quite new sim I might go and get another to see if it makes a difference
    1. jaxdvd's Avatar
      jaxdvd -
      I just got brand new phone and still have same issues I am going today to change my sim card and will let you know if it helps me...
    1. tikigod19's Avatar
      tikigod19 -
      i got a new sim card and now have awful reception in different places, and better reception in others. I think clearly the sim does make a difference, I just wish I could pay extra for one that works everywhere!
    1. radiomean's Avatar
      radiomean -
      Hey thanks Confucious...
      As you say 3 is cr@p and uses Orange ... but you do get EDGE in rural UK ;-)

      But it seems slower than Voda GPRS !!
    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      I'm still having a ton of issues with my iphone reception. At my desk with NO movement the signal is constantly going out. :-( Maybe we will have a fix in 3.0
    1. jwilliams491's Avatar
      jwilliams491 -
      I have only had a few dropped calls, however my friends 3g drops call like none other.
    1. LEGAL's Avatar
      LEGAL -
      Well here in Atlanta I can tell you the following:

      Back in July 08, I purchased the 3g and reception was great. Moving foward, in january of 2009, it got ridiculous.

      There were dropped calls 5-10 times a day, regardless of location and no 3g signals anymore.

      Called CS and they stated it wouldnt be fixed until switching to new spectrum in april. They credited 2 months.

      Now in April its a joke. The phone will be still showing full 3g or edge signal, and the second you dial or answer a call it turns to the dreaded "o" or gprs, and the call quality is an echo at best.

      If its not fixed in 30 I am gone, as much as I like this phone there are other alternatives that will allow a succesful phone call.
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      ^Hmmm, thats weird I live in Atlanta and mine works great. 3g has gotten ALOT better since I bought the 3g on day 1.
    1. LEGAL's Avatar
      LEGAL -
      What part of atlanta?

      CS claimed there were 4 towers in my area, but they reported they were "distressed", or overloaded.

      I want this phone to work, but listening to this B s hit news about prospective internet speeds pisses me off.

      Can we get the voice calls right first?
    1. dannydigtl's Avatar
      dannydigtl -
      Once my gf and I had both had iPhone 3Gs. Mine worked excellent. Her's was a piece of junk. It crashed a lot, had terrible reception, would drop calls. Right next to mine that was doing perfect.

      I think there are some quality control issues at play here.
    1. LEGAL's Avatar
      LEGAL -
      I think you are right. I too have compared signal strength with a buddy of mine and there were varying strengths.

      Lets see what happens with 3.0 and the new 850 spectrum deployment.
    1. popmanbx's Avatar
      popmanbx -
      I live in NY and I only had problems in the beginning and the 3g has actually gotten better with all the updates. I've had no complaints. It seems like the Internet is almost working faster.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Have you downloaded the speedtest.net app to see what speeds you are getting?