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  • MiVTones (formely known as VideosTone) released for FW 2.0

    MiVTones (formely known as VideosTone) -Video ringtones for iPhone

    MiVTones VIP/Trial Version 2.1 released for iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 (Jailbreak 2G and 3G)

    Add on Features:
    1.Setup MiVTones Library including 15 video ringtones.(VIP Only)
    2.Download video ringtones directly from MiVTones Library to iPhone,
    support breakpoint for continuous download.Select any video for your
    contacts after download complete.(VIP Only)
    3.Preview video stop control.(VIP Only)
    4.Support firmware 2.0.1.

    Version 2.0 released for iPhone Firmware 2.0 (Jailbreak 2G and 3G)
    Add on Features:
    1. Support Firmware V2.0
    2. Set Video Sound Mute
    3. Set Vibration on/off

    If you have updated firmware to V2.0, please refer to the following of steps :
    Step 1: Activate MiVTones Account
    In order to activate your account ,please goto http://www.MiVTones.com to register a MiVTones account,then you will receive the activate email from MiVTones .Follow the email shows steps to activate your account.
    Step 2: Install MiVTones from Cydia
    Make sure you have installed Cydia, which will give you the ModMyI.com source.
    Go to Sections to find Multimedia, you will find MiVTones - install MiVTones.
    Step 3: MiVTones Settings
    You will find MiVTones icon in iPhone Settings,if you install MiVTones successfully.
    Select MiVTones. In order to enable MiVTones, you have to verify your MiVTones account first. So select MiVTones Account to Enter
    Username ( not email) and password which you have registered at MiVTones.com.

    Step 4: Make your own Video ringtones
    Use ssh script or Winscp to upload your own video ringtone to ~/Mobile/Media/Videotone/Video

    Note: If you want to uninstall MiVTones, please use Cydia Remove.

    Enjoy your MiVTones!

    MiVTones version 3.0 released :

    Add on the features:

    1.You can set video from iTunes Library folders or any other folders as Video Ringtones.

    2.Mp3 can be used as a Audio Ringtone

    3.Contact photos can be used along with any video ringtone. both will be shown on screen when a call is coming in.

    4.Personal Greeting or Memo can be added to any assigned contact. ie. "Graphic designer from California" for Steve or "Happy New Year!"...

    5.MiVtones online Video Ringtones library now display media iInformation. ie. thumb,titles,time,rates.. You can also preview the video before downloading.

    MiVTones version 3.3.0 released :

    MiVTones will only consume memory and battery when call is incoming.
    The trial account will be extended 15 days trial time.

    1.Improved performance of kernel and reduced the size to only 62k.;
    2.Fixed iTunes Library bugs;
    3.Add on more selection of Video Scale;
    4.Bugs fixed on Firmware 3.0 Beta 5;

    Note: The MiVTones icon will display on SB after you install it.
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    1. Muggz5's Avatar
      Muggz5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jabbawalkee View Post
      I have purchased MiVtones, not because I wanted the full version, but because the creator/develop deserves something for all of his hard work and time spent on this. Most of you on this forum are very cheap, selfish, and frugal. You call iFoneTec greedy for charging for the FULL version, when you can get the program for free. You people are the greedy ones, wanting everything for free. You have to understand that people's hard work must amount to something...$20 isn't a lot of money, guys. If you think it is, you need a reality check. I spend $20 for dinner every night, big ******* deal. I'd love to see many of you stop complaining and just start thanking people for their work. Have a nice day
      Yes, however you are missing a few things. There is a lot more money to be generated by having a lower price. Simple business. Take a look back through the posts just here alone. $10 is a very reasonable, yet profitable price point. Most seem to willing to pay that (and there of course will always be the " want everything free mooches" but they will always be there no matter what.) $20 is a lot of money, agreed holistically its not, but for a snazzier way to receive phone calls, It most certainly is. Therefore, the people with skills whom agree that its too much money, will find a way around it, and then they lose even more potential income. If they really want to go this route of pricing just get it up on the app store and out of MMi. I think donations to dev teams should be required not suggested, but gouging is a whole other thing.

      And you believing that people who speak their mind about this dont appreciate the hard work that goes into developing mods for these absolutely out of this world phones, Is quite ignorant and wrong.
    1. theunderdog2's Avatar
      theunderdog2 -
      I paid the 20$ and it stil doesn't work.... Trust me I have been going back and forth with the so called tech people about why its not working and they keep sending the same response in different format... Don't pay anything until it gets working.... How about go check out their site and there are so many complaints that have been posted from people who paid the money and it not working or should I say letting them verify their "registered" account...
    1. I_ssan's Avatar
      I_ssan -
      Here are a few tips. Initially, it was working, but after I hard-button set to silence mode, there is no sound come out, but only video and vibrate.

      1. You must restart manually after installed.
      2. You must set the volume while you are in preview mode. The volume you are using in view mode will follow for the ring tone, it also overwrite the settings>Sounds>Ring>volume.

      It's hard earned discovery, LoL, I was about to uninstall this, then realized that some simple thing might be forgotten while we are fixing the problem.

      If it is fixed your problem, then thank me
    1. pnmd's Avatar
      pnmd -
      Quote Originally Posted by I_ssan View Post

      2. You must set the volume while you are in preview mode. The volume you are using in view mode will follow for the ring tone, it also overwrite the settings>Sounds>Ring>volume.

      If it is fixed your problem, then thank me
      great discovery. The volume is set in preview mode!
    1. rolandgabor's Avatar
      rolandgabor -
      Shouldn't the developers respond to all these comments with one of their own?
      $20 is not a great price point considering the product and how necessary it is for the function of the phone. There are great ringtones all over for a lower cost.
    1. pnmd's Avatar
      pnmd -
      I paid $20 for the upgrade and it works great. Now able to assign videotones to individuals. Even allows different videotones for each contact's numbers ie- cell, home, work!

      It took about 24 hours and iphonetec sends you a new password and you have to download the "VIP" version thru Cydia. Went smoothly.

      Iphonetec should patent this software because this IS the future of ringtones. I suspect wireless carriers will be copying this in a year or two and people will be willing to pay handsomely for videotones, IMO.

      Fantastic software, meh on the price.

      Hope MiVtones works bugfree with the Pwnage 2.0.2 update, we'll see...
    1. lor443's Avatar
      lor443 -
      can anyone please host some videos on installer or cydia ssh is such a hassel!
    1. Muggz5's Avatar
      Muggz5 -
      Not to be all parental about it, but you should really learn winscp, its really a great way to transfer files and such.
    1. Rudoubles's Avatar
      Rudoubles -
      Quote Originally Posted by BLOWNCO View Post
      has anyone got it to install i keep getting the error message source error size mismatch what am i doing wrong
      Yeah i'm getting the same message when i attempt to install it. I'm running the new 2.0.1 update & firmware pwned with pwnage 2.0.2. Any help appreciated. thanks.
    1. peteypab2133's Avatar
      peteypab2133 -
      Quote Originally Posted by I_ssan View Post
      Here are a few tips. Initially, it was working, but after I hard-button set to silence mode, there is no sound come out, but only video and vibrate.

      1. You must restart manually after installed.
      2. You must set the volume while you are in preview mode. The volume you are using in view mode will follow for the ring tone, it also overwrite the settings>Sounds>Ring>volume.

      It's hard earned discovery, LoL, I was about to uninstall this, then realized that some simple thing might be forgotten while we are fixing the problem.

      If it is fixed your problem, then thank me

      Maybe you should charge us $20.00 for your hard work.

      Just messing around. Again, as an economics minor (meaning not my major lol) i have learned alot about supply/demand and i will honestly say that the ifonetec's business practices were not very well thought out.

      1) don't charge for something if you are not even sure it will work.
      2) don't just tell people don't pay for something till it works, therefor these should be beta accounts for free, that they iron out the issues they are having now.
      3)I am not cheap, i just wasted all my money on the 16gig and now cannot afford the apps (I am just kidding).

      But i do feel that the maximum profit could have been reached through a random sample study. Perhaps allow it to be forsale for 2 days. in those 2 days make it FREE, and with it after the 2nd or 3rd restart force you to do a 2 or 3 question survey to continue using it.

      Question like..
      What would you pay for this app?
      a)I want it FREE!
      b) $5.99
      c) $9.99
      d) $19.99

      and a send button

      This would have given them some feedback, and give them some ideas on how to market it properly.

      And to the people thinking the app designers make no money on itunes, that is supposedly incorrect. That have a LARGER percent per app than itunes. (thats what i heard)

      I will be honest, i am new to the iphone gig, but this is silly.

      As for everyone complaining about the email situation, i too had problems. next day i got it. UNFORTUNATELY for me, i did not want to look at my small iphone screen thinking there was a lengthy process to sign up so I did it on my computer. Next time i attempted to access my mivtones app, it explained that i signed into my account from a different location, asked me to explain WHY i did it, and wants me to email them with ALL my account info, password etc etc with explanation on why i did it. Sorry, will uninstall before i beg for your app.

      My final thoughts.... If cydia and installer do NOT charge the developer to host their apps, they should not charge us. who is losing and who is winning. The key component is the software to apply these apps. and they are getting only donations from select people.

      With this, take your chances and add them to apple app store.. Wait, they wont allow it. Wait, you are going to steal from the app store and have someone else put your software on a phone? makes me not feel bad about torrents, and stolen licenses.

      Sorry for the super long rant, i am just SOOO tired of getting shafted by these app companies. (mostly the app store for having like $10.00 games they sell at kmart for less) Dynolicious is a BAD ***** APP, and might very well be the best for the dollar. R&D is worth money, but please, don't rape.

    1. brandenwan's Avatar
      brandenwan -
      Ok, so I used to have Videotones on my 1st gen Iphone while in 1.1.4 and it was my favorite!!! I loved it!!! It made my iphone "perfect" BUT NOW, with a pwnage upgrade later to 2.0 and installing the new MiVtones, I'm really disappointed. The videos which I saved from my old folder(when I used to have Videotones) and dumped into the new folder are all choppy, the AIF ringtones I saved play for a split second and go silent, or never play at all. The springboard background, enabled by winterboard, ('Realize Rainbow') sometimes will flicker in and out with the video and no sound. Its a total mess. Why is this happening magically???? Can someone please chime in. I used to love this program and I am very very angry. "I now hate this program so much that it flam flames, flames on the sides of my face, breathing, breathless-heathing breaths, heathing breaths!"

      Help me!
    1. shiamcbuff's Avatar
      shiamcbuff -
      I cant get this to work. I installed the prog and when i go to click on ringtone or video in mivtone it just crashes. Is it me or do i need to do something else to make this work?
    1. weiq2007's Avatar
      weiq2007 -
      reboot your iphone
    1. shiamcbuff's Avatar
      shiamcbuff -
      I have reset my iphone, reloaded the fw, hard restart everything, nothings working.
    1. JA.3's Avatar
      JA.3 -
      Well.. After my first attempt at trying to verify my account. I couldn't get the verification to work. Then after a few more attempts I just stopped receiving the email.

      So it's been a week or so since then. I tried it a few minutes ago & I got the email instantly this time and was able to verify my account.

      I ended up purchasing it, got the VIP email within 5 minutes. Added the VIP source, upgraded my MivTones and it works quite fine. I was able to download videos, assign them, & set all other options without crashing.

      So all in all I'm happy..
    1. LordMerol's Avatar
      LordMerol -
      Well today i'll try to install MivTones 2.1.0 but appears a litle message "Source Error Size mismatch"

    1. djames04's Avatar
      djames04 -
      I was wondering if anyone who has purchased the application could SSH into their iPhone and copy the directory /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/inVideoShowSetting.bundle and post it for me to download...

      I just want to look at the differences in the plist files from the free version to the purchased...

      And if someone could let me know where the file com.ifonetec.incallvideoshow is found... that would be helpful.

      I found it last night... but I can't seem to find it again...

      Never mind.. it is @ /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences
    1. joe88's Avatar
      joe88 -
      everytime i try to start mivtones, it says restarting springboard and i go back to settings and it still says not enabled. anyone else with this problem.
    1. djames04's Avatar
      djames04 -
      I did...

      but with my mac I opened the plst file /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.ifonetec.incallvideoshow

      and checked the item enabling it..
    1. joe88's Avatar
      joe88 -
      i just tried editing the plist and it still does not work.

      this is just great. and the support from them sucks too