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  • ZodTTD Releases N64 Emulator 'N64iPhone' for iPhone / iPod Touch

    Yes, it has arrived! Earlier this month we discussed 3G4, a Nintendo 64 Emulator for the iPhone. Now, just as we thought, Zodttd has just released his version of a Nintendo 64 Emulator, dubbed 'n64iphone'. This is an early release version. Everything is included except save states and landscape screen modes. You can still save games via a memory card / eeprom saves.

    Some games are playable, though some are just not up to spec, either due to graphical glitches or performance issues (3GS would be helpful) . To help with performance, a frameskip config file option has been made available, as well as "load ROM" option for disabling sound output which can sometimes help with glitching.

    It is a port of mupen64plus along with Ari64's ARM Dynarec, and Adventus / Orkin's OpenGLES GPU. Since the graphics processing unit (GPU) code is written with the OpenGL ES 2.0 specification, it limits the devices able to be used to the iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch 3rd Gen as of the current Apple lineup.
    Controls work either by onscreen display controls + accelerometer…or…by connecting via BlueTooth a Nintendo WiiMote controls and it’s own accelerometer, just like the nes4iphone release.

    So keep an open minded approach, as this is still an early release. You can find it on Cydia today for $2.50 on the ZodTTD repo

    UPDATE: I just released v0.6.0 of n64iphone. Here's what's new:
    - Swapped dpad and accelerometer functionality. Added option to switch back.
    - Fixed a bug that stopped .z64 ROMs to show up.
    - Improved performance.

    For those wanting to play with frameskip and other options there's two .conf config files. One in /Applications/n64iphone.app/config and one in /Applications/n64iphone.app/plugins

    I highly recommend playing without audio if you can, as mixing and outputting audio is currently lagging the emulator quite a bit.

    Also, try the WiiMote support. Makes things pretty fun.

    Features include:

    WiiMote support via BlueTooth capable devices!
    Fast dynarec CPU emulation!
    Sound emulation!
    Download to the ROMs directory within the app!
    Fast OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics renderer.
    Controller overlays are able to be skinned.
    Supported ROMs: .n64 .z64
    Supported Archives: .zip .7z

    Current testings as far as I can tell:
    Mario Kart 64 runs real well.
    Mario 64 runs real well.
    Smash Bros has a graphical glitch where eyes are missing on characters. Perhaps this is due to a bug made in the dynarec porting I did.
    Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time runs a bit too slowly but turning on frameskip should help fix that.

    Yup, you heard correct. I am currently working on a port of N64 for the iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch 3rd Gen. Why only these two models? Two reasons:
    They’re the fastest Apple handhelds in term of raw CPU performance.
    They both have a faster GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) which allows for OpenGL ES 2.0 specifications.
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    Thanks to iThug for the Tip
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    1. k.nitsua's Avatar
      k.nitsua -

      How are the controls worked in this? I want to make a controller map but I don't have a 3GS (currently, but xmas is around the corner ^_^), so I'm gonna need you or someone to describe it to me.
    1. ForumSnoBorderRK's Avatar
      ForumSnoBorderRK -
      yesss. awesome!!
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      im on a 3G so unable to use. with all the talk about the lag. remember its been released in beta still. your receiving a program that is at reduced cost and will likely sell for much more when they fully release. just roll with the punches, there is quite likely to be major updates.
    1. Mista Brothason's Avatar
      Mista Brothason -
      This is cool and all but imo a waste of time, just a lil constructive criticism

      Theres really no point unless its just ahobby

      The controls will ALWAYS suck, the only way I can see this being any good is if you can use the tv out and simply use the idevice as a fullscreen controller

      You should help work on Daedalus x64 for PSP instead hehe
    1. hiphonepro's Avatar
      hiphonepro -
      ZODTTD is a legendary coder/developer for the iphone if I have ever seen one ( He reminds me of the little john dev for the old palm devices ) To even have someone willing to try and have N64 on a phone or small device is simply amazing and the small fact that it works at all is a small miracle. As far as the controls ZODTTD used the control pad for the control pad and the accelerometer for the joystick and the buttons for the buttons there are no issues with controls they work quite well.I think end users can be real haters and I also think if people keep acting like ball huggers ZODTTD should up the price of the app as well as the security that way he will get his just desert when he perfects it.
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Refresh Cydia, you should see his emulator called N64iPhone.
      I recommend you to edit ur post as talking about cracked apps, repos are not allowed! Unfortunately there are always going to be people that do post those apps. I'd say support ZodTTD for his hard work and time put in to create these awesome emulators!
    1. Prothean's Avatar
      Prothean -
      You, my good, sir, are a bloody legend. You, my good sir, also have the honor of my 1st post at modmyi (was originally going to ask for a jailbreak tutorial for the 3gs, 3.1 on 5.11.07 since i was confused about all that downgrading business) but this obviously is of much greater importance, the tutorial will just have to deal with being post #2 ;] This N64 project of yours is like watching a miracle in the making and i think i actually cried a little when I 1st saw it. Thank you for your hard work, this emulation process can't be easy and on behalf of all N64 fanboys, my heartiest thanks for sharing this with us all. If I may be of assistance I am but a PM away : )

      PS: any advice about how to go about jailbreaking will be appreciated as well
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Quote Originally Posted by Prothean View Post
      PS: any advice about how to go about jailbreaking will be appreciated as well
      Blackra1n for JB. Blacksn0w for unlock if needed. Really, really easy and simple. Always read first

      On the iPhone

      Read this link too... blackra1n RC2 Released, Tethered Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS

      Need how to videos? Here... http://www.youtube.com/
    1. Prothean's Avatar
      Prothean -
      Thank you kindly, my good man, this happy chappy is happy :] Also, my thanks for your within-5-minute reply While I do not mean to be ungrateful, I would very much like to confirm this works with 3gs, 3.1 and 05.11.07 and that I need not downgrade as some other forums mentioned?

      EDIT: I do not mean to hijack this thread as I think I might partially have done - my apologies all.
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Quote Originally Posted by Prothean View Post
      I would very much like to confirm this works with 3gs, 3.1 and 05.11.07 and that I need not downgrade as some other forums mentioned?
      Well there is NO way to downgrade ur BB (BaseBand) If you plan on unlocking, then you need Blacksn0w.
      blackra1n RC3 is also live for both Windows and Mac!!! Clean firmware 3.1.2 and baseband 05.11.07 are recommended.
      As for 3.1FW, I would say save ur SHSH file for if you wanted to restore back to 3.1FW but currently the newest FW is 3.1.2FW and thats the only version to restore down too. Cydia has the option to do this, of course thats once u JB ur 3GS.
      You can check into PwnageTool 3.1.4 which I beleive supports 3GS (As long as many other versions) and 3.1.2FW. Just not the newer BB... Dev-Team Blog - Pwnage Pie

      Highly recommend you keep checking the Dev Team blog... Dev-Team Blog

      Good luck!

      Try to SEARCH MMI and there are many topics on how to do this. I don't want to make this topic go off topic with these posts. Sorry guys if its already too much
    1. Prothean's Avatar
      Prothean -
      Yes, indeed you are correct, lilskaterpunk, as much as I appreciate your help this has gone a little off topic which I intend to fix with my next question

      So, regarding this N64iphone I am curious as to how the wiimote will work - I presume the wiimote was used in the video above unless he has invisible hands - do you tilt the wiimote to steer left and right or do you use the arrow buttons?

      Furthermore, just a few ideas at the back of my head :} how SICK would it be to play Mario kart with the iphones inbuilt motion sensors (im sure that's not the right terminology for it)eg Tilt forward to accelerate, backwards to brake and left right to steer <===== i think im getting a boner.

      Thanks for your help fellas
    1. RyanWS's Avatar
      RyanWS -
      I got the gpsphone the day before the this was released. I got this anyway but I can't find a way to get the ROMS. Lol
    1. zinjen's Avatar
      zinjen -
      No audio still..
    1. willis0037's Avatar
      willis0037 -
      The n64iphone is awesome but some games are unplayable, but mario kart 64 although laggy works fine and supersmash bros works fine.

      007 works but than closes during game play and audio still needs to be fixed
    1. mokaman's Avatar
      mokaman -
      hi i just joined and im getting my ipod touch 3g
      (which is going to be my first ipod/iphone type device)
      on christmas (i cant wait) im thinking about jailbreaking it.
      my brother has and he enjoys it but he has a 2g and im worried about doing it to mine because i dont want it to be thethered all well i might wait until they release a non thethered one.

      well anyway i was wondering once i jailbreak it im wanting to go and get this emu but i wanted to know will banjo kazooie & tooie work and if there is cheats (can you put cheat files in the game)??
    1. _Gman_'s Avatar
      _Gman_ -
      Yo, I can't find any N64 ROM's that this emulator will run. Can someone link me to a few? Thanks.
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Quote Originally Posted by _Gman_ View Post
      Yo, I can't find any N64 ROM's that this emulator will run. Can someone link me to a few? Thanks.
      Google Search and you will find lots!
    1. RF1's Avatar
      RF1 -
      c**EDIT CPJR- Re-read the rules, ROMs are illegal, do not link or talk about linking to them.**
    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      can some post how to hook up the wiimote with bluetooth on this. i have n64 and smash bros and super mario 64 run great w/o sound and still fine with but ive been noticing like black boxes around like the smoke when theyre running? is this normal? anyways i turned on bluetooth and had my wiimote on (i have btstack) but i wouldnt find the wiimote. can someone please help me?
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Quote Originally Posted by _Gman_ View Post
      Yo, I can't find any N64 ROM's that this emulator will run. Can someone link me to a few? Thanks.
      Please read the forum rules, we DO NOT allow discussion of anything cracked/pirated/warez on this forum, which includes illegal ROMs.