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  • uSirius - Satellite Radio on the iPhone

    Sirius radio comes to the iPhone with uSirius, an app by Millard Software which allows you to log in to your Sirius account and listen via the iPhone. Still in beta, the app can be downloaded from their repo at
    (gotta love typing that into the iPhone, heh).

    They do warn that initial loading of the Channel Lineup and Channel Logos takes a while, and the app "may even cause your iPhone/iPod Touch to reboot." But hey, its Sirius, on the iPhone. Serious.
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    1. Bloodspatter's Avatar
      Bloodspatter -
      i can't get installer to resolve the address posted in the first post. what am i missing?
    1. flrdotcom's Avatar
      flrdotcom -
      Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
      what error? I installed it from installer today and everything is working fine
      i was asking if anyone else got the error. obviously you didnt. i've restarted my phone multiple times, still cant download 0.60 (over edge). i will try over wifi tonight when i am home and not at work.
    1. Bloodspatter's Avatar
      Bloodspatter -
      Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
      I did not even put that repo in I just updated installer and there it was
      I updated installer and it isn't there nor will the address resolve.
    1. bschucher's Avatar
      bschucher -
      I cant do the update to .60 either. Getting a package failed error..

      Get same error trying to uninstall .50
    1. Bloodspatter's Avatar
      Bloodspatter -
      Is there anywhere you can just download the package and ssh it in to the phone?
    1. bschucher's Avatar
      bschucher -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bloodspatter View Post
      Is there anywhere you can just download the package and ssh it in to the phone?
      Not that I can see on his website..
    1. Bloodspatter's Avatar
      Bloodspatter -
      Why the hell wont it connect threw installer....i mean why wont it resolve

      I give up. I have typed that address in to installer a thousand times and it never is able to update the source.

      hope this app is worth the frustration.
    1. auburnguy32's Avatar
      auburnguy32 -
      This thing is unbelievable, it works for head unit in my car, never did I think I would have free sirius radio in my car. I have a Jensen 7" touch screen display w/ the ipod dock connector and I'm using T-mobile. I think T-mobile's edge is faster than AT&T's in my area.
    1. abujala's Avatar
      abujala -
      how free?
    1. sab3083's Avatar
      sab3083 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ajl917 View Post
      Works for me, love it!
      i agree, i love it..........GO FLYERS
    1. Bloodspatter's Avatar
      Bloodspatter -
      i go to installer. Click on installer. type http://www.millardsoftware.com/files...one/iphone.xml
      click ok
      fails to refresh sources
      force refesh. all refesh but this one.

      Anyone?? Ideas?
    1. phap's Avatar
      phap -
      try to install community source and look in recent packages

      it work for me on wifi, but not on EDGE , and this reboot my phone when it lost wifi signal
    1. flrdotcom's Avatar
      flrdotcom -
      for all of you having trouble updating threw installer. download it off the ispazio source, worked first time for me.
    1. acaijr73's Avatar
      acaijr73 -
      I live in bermuda and am trying out the 3day trial of sirius satellite radio... Im goin to be subscribing to this for sure...........

      heres a lil clip of it in action:

      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AD6xjpioWg]YouTube - USirius[/ame]
    1. kressley's Avatar
      kressley -
      Installer has a usirius program to download, but I went to the Millard website and used their source.

      After refreshing, there is now a program called "usirius for iphone".

      That's the one I used and it's working great on Wifi or Edge, just the occasional channel mix-up.
    1. pendulum83's Avatar
      pendulum83 -
      It seems clear now that Canadian login is not working.
      Maybe they did not put in the login address correctly for Sirius Canada account or some other similar mistakes.

      I hope they fix this sooner. Still glad it works for US accounts.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      I agree with the channel mix up issue. I try and go to Area 38 and get the Howard Stern stream. Hmmm. Also, with regard to the "premium" internet subscription for $2.99 a month to get 132K bandwidth, I pay for that service yet only get 31K on my iphone. How do I tell it to switch?

      Update: Just had to clear cache and re-login and now I get 128K on WIFI and 128K on Edge! If you're listening to talk radio it only streams at 48K by the way.
    1. jjasinski's Avatar
      jjasinski -
      is anyone else missing channel 100 and 101?