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  • YourTube - Download YouTube Videos FROM YouTube.app

    UPDATE: It's out.

    Remember MxTube? MxTube is officially extinct. Another victim of survival the fittest. YourTube will be available via CydiaStore sometime in the Very Near Future IS NOW AVAILABLE in the Cydia Store, and my goodness is it brilliant. We got ahold of an early tester version, and it's everything a YouTube downloader should be.

    For starters, it's A PART OF YouTube.app. Well, technically it's an extension using MobileSubstrate (saurik's magic doorway to the iPhone for devs), built by pumpkin - point being, it integrates seamlessly with YouTube.app. And it works beautifully...

    Say, for instance, I just love SNL's Mother Lover bit (I do). And I'd like to have it on my phone, or desktop, regardless of whether I'm connected to the net. What do I do? With YourTube installed, I just open YouTube.app, and find the video like I would normally. Click on the little blue arrow next to the video (which is always there), and... what's this? A new button in the top right - download. Press that, and (if there's multiple qualities up) I'm asked if I'd like to download the High Quality or Low Quality version of the app. Well thanks, YourTube, I'll take the High Quality version.

    The same cute familiar animation you'd see in iTunes.app when you choose a song appears, the video jumps down to my Downloads tab, and if I tap that tab... there it is. Coming down quite nicely. I can even swipe to cancel or delete.

    The quality is even better than you'd expect (much better than on 3G, which always shoots me the Low Quality version - unless I'm running 3G Unrestrictor), and all downloads are viewed/managed from within YouTube.app itself from the Downloads tab.

    The downloaded movies are in an .mp4 format, so any iPhone file browser should be able to play them as well as YouTube.app itself. Of course, if you're the SSH type who'd prefer to grab them yourself and toss 'em to your desktop, check out /var/mobile/Media/Downloads/YourTube/ to see a list of your files. The file names aren't too pretty, heh, but you can grab any of your downloads from there as well.

    There's no official word on price yet, but the rumblings on the street suggest a $2 tag. EDIT: Yup, $2 is official. And I'd pay more. Snap this one up, only available on the Cydia Store, sometime in the next 24 hours most likely.

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    1. OctopusPrime's Avatar
      OctopusPrime -
      I love this app, but has anyone else experienced the audio/video being out of sync on downloaded videos?
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      ^Nope, mine is working awesome
      Well worth the $2
    1. beastbot's Avatar
      beastbot -
      Oh um i paid the $2.25 via Paypal- not $2.00 as advertised- and the app never appeared, no integration in Youtube- nada. And no comments section for the app in the store looks a bit dodgy. Saurik wrote in reply to my query that it may have to do with my Intelliscreen- Maybe, but I like my Intelliscreen, and why doesn't MX Tube have a conflict with that? Please be more upfront with support and feedback. Hype is just hype
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      The price is $2.00 but there is a 25c surcharge if you pay by PayPal - the same as any other Cydia store app.
      You are the first person I've heard of with problems.
      One problem with Cydia is that developers can not test their apps with every other app - and they don't have to comply with the strict Apple rules so they could do something that interferes with other apps.
      YourTube works fine. If you have another poorly written app that interferes with it that is not the fault of YourTube.
    1. ronblade's Avatar
      ronblade -
      Brilliant post. I really didn't know how to download videos from youtube. I thought it is not possible. But your post made me clear about it. Thanks a lot.
    1. Pr0707P3's Avatar
      Pr0707P3 -
      ARGG!! I am $40 off my goal of getting an iphone!! Guess i have to wait until friday... But this will be the 3rd app i download! first qTweeter, then SBSettings, THEN YourTube then winterboard =P Then my Poppit theme, then sb settings Simple Modern theme...you get the idea lol.

      Quote Originally Posted by jcraven8081 View Post
      why cant someone edit the camera app like this on 3g's and intergrate cycorder or something in it so we dont need 2 apps and it'd save the video with the rest of our pictures...
      That is an awesome idea! Go do it! lol. I would do it but really i couldn't test it since I am getting a 3GS, and my mom definately wouldnt let me test it on her 3G. But still awesome idea.
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      WiFi downloads seem abit slow on this...any settings to use to ramp them up abit? or maybe my router and all the other routers ive connected to in the past are crappy lol..Seems mine start off strong,,then decline to the point they fail.

      What are peoples average DL speeds of High Quality Videos with this program (KB/Sec)
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      I'm getting about 80/90 kb/s on wifi.. but my internet isn't all that fast.
    1. iMario16's Avatar
      iMario16 -
      Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
      Go to Cydia - all packages on MMi repos have full changelogs!
      It still only says 1.0 - Initial Release
    1. eaglesteve's Avatar
      eaglesteve -
      I noticed a couple of strange behaviourd several times.

      When a download is just about to finish, it is stucked and does not write out the video and move from the downloading in progress section to the downloaded section. The only way to resolve this is to cancel and re-download. Happens quite frequently, and wasted quite a bit of my download quota.

      The next strange thing is one of the downloads has a blank thumbnail initially and randomly uses the thumbnail of other downloaded videos after that.

      Anyone else having these problems?
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      ^nope. Try uninstalling it and reinstalling.
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      hrm mine shoot out of the gate at a whopping 500 KB/sec...then taper off to 150 or so..till they eventually fail(sometimes fail but not all the time)
    1. twistedjedi's Avatar
      twistedjedi -
      i'm not sure what happened, but my youtube app now only has 4 icons at the bottom, instead of 5. i can't drag additional icons in, only replace the ones that are already there. help!

    1. cf125's Avatar
      cf125 -
      anyone know where it saves the video files to
    1. bengo's Avatar
      bengo -
      I don't even use the Youtube app. MxTube does the same thing, allowing you to stream or download videos, in low or high quality. Why pay for an integration with an app I don't use???
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Thats ok if you dont use it, but I use it and it works perfect... A+++
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      Quote Originally Posted by bengo View Post
      I don't even use the Youtube app. MxTube does the same thing, allowing you to stream or download videos, in low or high quality. Why pay for an integration with an app I don't use???
      Nobody is making you use it. Enjoy your MxTube
      I think it's well worth the money though
    1. eaglesteve's Avatar
      eaglesteve -
      Quote Originally Posted by bengo View Post
      I don't even use the Youtube app. MxTube does the same thing, allowing you to stream or download videos, in low or high quality. Why pay for an integration with an app I don't use???
      The main attractions as I see it are:
      1) You can download from the classical youtube website rather than mobile youtube.
      2) If you listen to a music for example, and use Shazam to identify it. Once done, you can clik the youtube link to get to the youtube. From there, you can download and save the song!
      You can't do this with MxTube.

      So, there are definite advantages in having both.

      I would like to see more features such as ability to save the video to be accessible to the iPod. However, the Author does need to be given incentive in a form of payment in order to continue development. I think this is a worthwhile project to support. I encourage you to get it. I think the price is extremely extremely reasonable. I always believe that as long as it is a good piece of software, we should'nt complain about having to pay for it.
    1. g0sbv's Avatar
      g0sbv -
      Quote Originally Posted by cf125 View Post
      anyone know where it saves the video files to

      If you dont complete a download loss of signal or whatever the part file is still in the folder so worth a check now and again to delete anything that is not showing up in downloads and using disk space..
    1. homeromachado's Avatar
      homeromachado -
      wow amazing app. Congratulations.