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  • YourTube - Download YouTube Videos FROM YouTube.app

    UPDATE: It's out.

    Remember MxTube? MxTube is officially extinct. Another victim of survival the fittest. YourTube will be available via CydiaStore sometime in the Very Near Future IS NOW AVAILABLE in the Cydia Store, and my goodness is it brilliant. We got ahold of an early tester version, and it's everything a YouTube downloader should be.

    For starters, it's A PART OF YouTube.app. Well, technically it's an extension using MobileSubstrate (saurik's magic doorway to the iPhone for devs), built by pumpkin - point being, it integrates seamlessly with YouTube.app. And it works beautifully...

    Say, for instance, I just love SNL's Mother Lover bit (I do). And I'd like to have it on my phone, or desktop, regardless of whether I'm connected to the net. What do I do? With YourTube installed, I just open YouTube.app, and find the video like I would normally. Click on the little blue arrow next to the video (which is always there), and... what's this? A new button in the top right - download. Press that, and (if there's multiple qualities up) I'm asked if I'd like to download the High Quality or Low Quality version of the app. Well thanks, YourTube, I'll take the High Quality version.

    The same cute familiar animation you'd see in iTunes.app when you choose a song appears, the video jumps down to my Downloads tab, and if I tap that tab... there it is. Coming down quite nicely. I can even swipe to cancel or delete.

    The quality is even better than you'd expect (much better than on 3G, which always shoots me the Low Quality version - unless I'm running 3G Unrestrictor), and all downloads are viewed/managed from within YouTube.app itself from the Downloads tab.

    The downloaded movies are in an .mp4 format, so any iPhone file browser should be able to play them as well as YouTube.app itself. Of course, if you're the SSH type who'd prefer to grab them yourself and toss 'em to your desktop, check out /var/mobile/Media/Downloads/YourTube/ to see a list of your files. The file names aren't too pretty, heh, but you can grab any of your downloads from there as well.

    There's no official word on price yet, but the rumblings on the street suggest a $2 tag. EDIT: Yup, $2 is official. And I'd pay more. Snap this one up, only available on the Cydia Store, sometime in the next 24 hours most likely.

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    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ronfin44 View Post
      You're a jackass. You can't afford $2?! You have an iPhone you selfish *****, and you can't pay someone $2 that makes your device better?! The ignorant mentality a lot of you flaunt on here is amazing. I would LOVE, absolutely LOVE it if EVERY Dev said ef you to everyone and just quit making anymore jailbreaks or any cool hacks or apps just to show you ignorant douche-bags how great you've had it. They should just continue to spend their time and make free stuff when they could make a nice amount of money like people on the App Store do with stupid moronic apps?! They don't owe "us" anything, not their time, or their creations just because you spoiled fucks think they do. You think it's greedy? Hello hypocrite! It's greedy for an individual to not appreciate what they're getting and to just wanna take take take. Stick to MxTube jerkoff. Let people who appreciate these Devs and wanna see them continue to make awesome stuff pay the measly $2 cause obviously you need it to further your education. Oh, and you wanna know what else is free? A Spell Check. Get one and use it. RIDICULOUS is spelled with an "i", but I guess you used the FREE version, and that's my opinion of people like you.
      +! Tell us how you really feel!!
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Real_Iphonecrazy View Post
      Have you assosiated your google or facebook account with Cydia Store.

      If I'm right - buying from Cydia Store is a 2 part process.

      First register with either google or facebook and then purchase.

      You only need to register with google or facebook once you just login there after.

      Its so you can re-download if you have to re-jailbraik.
      Yeah. I got passed all that. I'd take a screeny, but I don't feel like going through all that.

      I'm normally not for downloading cracked apps (paid $30 for PdaNet, $10 for MyWi, bought full version of iRealSMS twice, etc.), but in my case I had to to get it cracked. I was finally able to get 3G Unrestrictor too. If it ever does work, I'll go ahead and buy the apps.

      The Cydia Store seems like a great idea how you can download an app you paid for again if you get a new phone, but it just doesn't work for me.
    1. sayam's Avatar
      sayam -
      I am not sure if I'll buy this or even Jailbreak . . . but sometime back when I jailbroke for a tutorial (for OS 3.0), MxTube worked 110% well for me! Not even a single crash on OS 3.0 and everything worked? So it's not extinct I guess
    1. dookie454's Avatar
      dookie454 -
      Quote Originally Posted by The Maestro View Post
      Mxtube worked well enough, calling it "extinct" is off and it's free

      Yea, MxTube works great and is free and it's been out forever. YAWN. Extinct, ha. Go YouTube.app for creativity! Oh, and you need 3G unrestrictor? Thought that costs money too. Ah well.
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      Ill give this app a shot also.I currently use MxTube and while it will do the job just fine,I find the idea of it blending with the YouTube app rather interesting..I also was one who never thought I would buy things off the Cydia..After all I was just there for themes (which I really cant understand people paying for themes unless its really complex,like Chromatic Neon,and not rather flakey like the themes offered on that repo Winterboarder I think it is),but low and behold I bought the 3G Unrestrictor (used tricker and Voip programs before it and its a must with Sling hehe)..

      The thing I dont like to much tho,is having to either have a Google or Facebook account (then again who DOESNT have one or the other :P),but I guess it was an easy way to link a purchase with person so they wouldnt have to repurchase every restore (or something like that)

      Anyways im off to give this app a shot,and cheers to the person who created it ..

      Another thing im wondering tho,with all these people ******** about having to drop $2.00 on an app,what if,by some chance,these major companies who keep getting apps rejected on the official app store for some cheesy bs reason or another,placed them in the Cydia store..Would people purchase them then?

      And what,if any,legal recourse could Apple take for these "companies" placing apps in the Cydia store (this has been a question I have pondered about for awhile now)
    1. mickymully's Avatar
      mickymully -
      just paid and downloaded the yourtube app from Cydia
      now youtube just will not work .
      screen goes white then goes back to the main desktop
      tried reboot same result
      any suggestions please
    1. pumpkin's Avatar
      pumpkin -
      Quote Originally Posted by mickymully View Post
      just paid and downloaded the yourtube app from Cydia
      now youtube just will not work .
      screen goes white then goes back to the main desktop
      tried reboot same result
      any suggestions please
      Are you running 3.0? YourTube only runs on 3.0 and is known to have issues on earlier firmwares. Sorry you're having trouble!
    1. forcedv's Avatar
      forcedv -
      The only thing that will make me buy this app is if it can download videos that MX-tube can't.

      So can this app download anything that MX can't ?
    1. frozzbyte's Avatar
      frozzbyte -
      Just bought this app. The most cool thing is the integration with the native youtube app. But it would be even cooler if we can pause and resume the download.
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      Quote Originally Posted by Skandocious View Post
      For all the MxTube supporters... Have you ever happened to notice that MxTube runs a daemon process in the background ALL THE TIME? Yeah maybe not a big deal on my 3GS, but when I had my 3G it was eating ram and processor even when I wasn't using it. Big no-no in my book.
      Does anybody know if this is the case with Yourtube as well?
    1. g0sbv's Avatar
      g0sbv -
      Been waiting for this to be released just paid for it using paypal and could not download it just a message saying that I have already purchased it and contact saruk..
    1. skizo's Avatar
      skizo -
      Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
      Point taken... I'm saying that this method makes soooo much more sense.
      How does paying for something that is already freely available, make "soooo much more sense"?

      That's just silly.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I never used mxTube because it was a separate app. I will probably use this because it is integrated. Well worth $2
      Even if you want to continue using mxTube, if you want to thank someone who helped make it possible you should buy this just to chuck a couple of bucks pumpkins way to say thank you!
    1. Lace's Avatar
      Lace -
      Some of you are just an embarrassment with ur cheapness lol. If it's really no use to you then fine don't get it. But don't complain over two dollars...but oh yeah i get it, it's the principle of it.
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      Indeed. Such children..
      Bought it, so much better than MxTube, like just overall
    1. Crana's Avatar
      Crana -
      I just bought it, doesn't seem worth $2 (or £1.40 in my case, stupid PayPal) for an extra tab, but I'm sure a lot of work went into it and maybe my contribution will help pay for some coffee for the dev so he can make more stuff like this
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      Does this slowdown the Youtube App at all?

      Curious before I buy it !!!

    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      If anything, think of the money as a little payment for the jailbreak/unlock.

      Quote Originally Posted by bobright View Post
      Does this slowdown the Youtube App at all?

      Curious before I buy it !!!

      I haven't noticed it any slower.
    1. Tower72's Avatar
      Tower72 -
      ok got it..tried it...like it..One question...how do we remove videos we download lol..Theres no edit/remove option...so im stuck with a Stan Lee video lol

      Got it...guess I misread the swipe/delete part as something to be done WHILE downloading and not after its done...
    1. angiepangie's Avatar
      angiepangie -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tower72 View Post
      ok got it..tried it...like it..One question...how do we remove videos we download lol..Theres no edit/remove option...so im stuck with a Stan Lee video lol
      Same way you remove anything else in the iPhone, wipe your finger from right to left then press the delete button.