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  • Apple Fires Back at Windows with Three New Ads

    Only hours after Windows 7 was released and Microsoft's first retail store opened in Phoenix, Apple fired back after enduring weeks of recent jabs at the hands of everyone from Verizon to Microsoft.

    Three new ads have been rolled out by Apple which suggest that Microsoft's new version of Windows is nothing new or special, saying Windows 7 will be no better than previous offerings.

    These spots are simply the latest "Get A Mac" commercials that pit the famous PC and Mac representatives against one another. In the "Broken Promises" ad, the PC is thematically presented as a series of flashbacks that reiterate the point that Microsoft is simply offering more of the same with each new OS, which, this time, supposedly is "not gonna have any of the problems my last operating system had."

    From the Wall Street Journal:

    The PC, played by John Hodgman, excitedly asks in the ad: “Did you hear the good news? Windows 7 is out and it’s not going to have any of the problems that my last operating system had. Trust me.” The Mac responds, “I feel like I’ve heard this before, PC.”
    The ads began airing on national television last night during “Grey’s Anatomy,” “CSI,” “The Office,” “30 Rock,” and the MLB playoffs.

    Image via Revolution Magazine
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