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  • Hints Dropped at Host of New Apple Offerings

    Image via macpokeronline.com

    If a detective were hired to investigate whether Apple is planning iMac, MacBook, and Mac mini upgrades, the evidence brought forward by Apple Insider would likely give our detective reason to believe that Apple has something up its sleeve.

    A trio of online advertisements that appear to have been published prematurely by one of Apple's international online stores suggest it's only a matter of days before the Mac maker takes the wraps off of new families of familiar products.
    What the story references are a series of Netherlands-based Google Ad Sense ads that, when translated from Dutch to English read: "Apple's Newest MacBook. Thinner, lighter and faster! Free delivery. Order today." The ads surfaced this weekend on Google.nl.

    This hint, coupled with news that Apple stores are receiving boxes of new signage not to be opened until direct orders are received, is enough evidence to convince many that a major announcement is more than just in the works. An announcement now seems imminent.

    Assuming the ads were indeed commissioned by Cupertino-based Apple, they'd corroborate a series of forward looking hardware reports first published by Apple Insider over the past several months.
    What's expected? Thinner iMacs, revamped, lighter MacBooks, and less expensive Mac minis.

    But are we psyching ourselves out for nothing? Since I would be reluctant to base an opinion on mysterious, unopened boxes and foreign Google ads, it would take something like... maybe scores of resellers being sold out of iMacs and Mac minis and awaiting new shipments this week.

    Oh, wait. That's exactly what's happening.

    In recent weeks, Apple has informed its direct and indirect sales channels of constraints on MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac minis. Many of the company's resellers are also sold out of iMacs and Mac minis and have been given restocking estimates of October 7th and 9th for those two products, respectively, suggesting a formal announcement regarding these Mac hardware refreshes could come as early as this Tuesday.
    In the big picture, it may not require a detective to figure this one out after all.
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    1. imuscle74's Avatar
      imuscle74 -
      So will these imacs Look significantly different as it says? What about the looks of the mac mini? Is there going to be refreshes in the macbook air? I got a mid-2009 15" 2.66 ghz macbook pro, 24-inch apple cinema display, bluetooth mighty mouse and apple keyboard. Now i was thinking and it's tempting since new stuff are coming out, should I get a mac mini, imac, or a macbook air (although I have a macbook pro)?

      Heres me: Masters in family nurse practitioner student, watch/burn dvds, listen/dl music via itunes, use boxee to watch tv shows (don't have cable at the moment), upload pictures to iphoto to put to facebook and mobileme, fool around with misc apps like garage band, web surfing, watching youtube videos, doing homework on Office for Mac 2008 or iWork 2009, and read weekly PDF required readings for class.

      As you can see, no video editing or multimedia graphics creation or editing. I may do minor video edits from my digital camera like cut and merge but thats about it. I don't play any games at this time since I'm a new mac user and I just bought all this stuff summer of July 2009.

      All my games like call of duty, company of heroes, starcraft, etc, are for PC only and I don't plan on buying a windows OS to load onto my mac. I am excited to hear Starcraft II will be coming out soon for both Mac and PC. So again, when the new stuff come out, based on my history...lol...should I get a mac mini, imac, or a macbook air (although I have a macbook pro)?
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      Im gonna be saving my pennies
    1. ecd5000's Avatar
      ecd5000 -
      i want one, somebody help
    1. ajmooseman's Avatar
      ajmooseman -
      Getting desperate here now! Was all set to buy my first iMac for work last week. I even started shifting stuff on my laptop preparing myself for the introduction of the imac, I tested stuff at home on my lovely Mac Mini, I all ready, would love some more detail, if it's going to by weeks or months I'm going try and get a good deal on one now! Come on Apple put us out of our misery
    1. imuscle74's Avatar
      imuscle74 -
      i thought they're suppose to come out with one already by today?