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  • New Macs Have Been Rolling Off Assembly Line For Weeks: Report

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    The rumored redesign of the iMac and MacBook is apparently a reality... at least according to a report in AppleInsider. The website's informants assert that the designs were finalized in September and have been coming out of Apple's Taiwan factory for at least two weeks.

    The modifications are still shrouded in secrecy, but persistent indications from AppleInsider's informants indicate an industrial design akin to the new 24" LED CInema Display, and the possible inclusion of Blu-Ray technology, something Apple has long avoided for the high licensing costs, as well as unidentified new "semi-professional" audio-video capabilities.

    Since the product is apparently ready to ship, the informants indicate that release could be imminent, waiting only for Apple Marketing to kick it off. So, if this report is true, it's probably reasonable to expect an announcement anytime from this afternoon through the middle of next month.
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    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      I think all of u are getting the macbook PRO confused with the MACBOOK. Why the hell would apple make a new mbp when they just did!!! Obviously they are going to update the hardware on the two machines that havent been updated yet, the iMac and the MACBOOK. Dont spread false rumors, common, just have some common sense, if anything it will obviously be the regular MACBOOKS that get updated with the imac. Not the pro! And if you dont belive me just do a google search and i will GUARENTEE every other site with someone that has at least some common sense will see it is the MACBOOK not PRO. Sorry if i insulted anyones intelligence with this post but i mean... Common... Just think about it. And if you were planning on getting a mbp just go right ahead and dont return it because of this false rumor, that is, unless of course you plan to get a new cheaper and less powerful MACBOOK.
    1. petterloco1's Avatar
      petterloco1 -
      What is the diference between a regular and a pro, I been all my life onpc and I want to know
    1. thedanks's Avatar
      thedanks -
      if they dont put core i7's in whatever you want to buy its a fail and you should should wait until they do.
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      its like as soon as you get a new apple product they HAVE to update it 3 weeks later. wtf..