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  • Ad Wars Inspire Mac to Reach for the Stars

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    On Sunday evening, I spoke with an old friend who has worked as a talent agent in Southern California for nearly three decades. As our conversation turned to where the coolest and most sought-after commercial gigs are today, Apple was brought up - much to my surprise.

    Although signs are starting to emerge that Apple is stepping up efforts to recruit major star power for their promotional campaigns, it's becoming clear why that strategy might be more relevant and necessary than we realize. And, luckily, the timing beautifully coincides with the end of the honeymoon for Snow Leopard. Basically, we've had one solid weekend to poke, prod, and play with Snow Leopard, and suddenly everyone is an expert... or a critic.

    A report by the BBC this morning calls Snow Leopard "a strange beast." Why? Mac users are beginning to notice how Apple opted to minimize colorful new bells and whistles and instead, emphasize major changes "under the hood." In the long run, the move by Apple bodes well for all, particularly, as the article notes, for third-party application developers who will certainly have a lot more to work with in the future than they've ever had before. Nonetheless, Snow Leopard isn't "sexy" enough to advertise itself the way, shall we say, the new line of alleged iPod upgrades likely will after Apple's media even next month.

    As a result, Apple is expected to continue efforts to make the biggest star-studded pushes possible to help remind the masses just how cool Apple is. As our friends at PC World pointed out over the weekend, Apple has already recruited former Seinfeld star Patrick Warburton for two new "Get a Mac" ads.

    The commercial, which is titled "Top of the Line" is a clear and obvious response to Microsoft's seemingly successful "I'm a PC" commercials which focus on the price difference between Mac and PC systems. In the latest ad, Warburton plays a "top of the line" PC, but when questioned about his capability of dealing with viruses and other PC-related headaches, he has no acceptable response, and the interested shopper, surprise surprise, decides to go with Justin Long, who of course is the "Mac."
    In another new ad out this week, actor Robert Loggia portrays a physical trainer trying to whip a poor PC into shape with inspirational messages such as, "Come on get started you bucket of bolts" and "PC Mag rated Mac #1 in customer support. Are you just going to take that?"

    It's funny stuff for sure... but it's also a very serious component of a much larger advertising campaign that, according to my sources, has only just begun. Although there is no word yet as to the other "big names" reportedly in talks for Mac ads, more celebs are on the way to help give Mac a big push going into the holiday shopping season. According to TNS Media Intelligence, Apple spent $264 million on television ads in 2008, 71% more than Microsoft. But in the first six months of this year, Microsoft put up $163 million for commercials - that's twice Apple’s spending.
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    1. gsmumbo's Avatar
      gsmumbo -
      The fact of the matter is you shouldn't have to be a genius to use a computer. Yes, congrats to all of you who "run no antivirus program and haven't had any problems in X amount of years... because you KNOW how to use a Windows computer." That's cool. Good job. Now what about those that just don't have those 1337 skills you do? Should everybody have to take a year long course on how not to get a virus in order to use a computer? Should you have to have a technical mind to use a computer? I sure hope not. Macs offer that ease of use. You can pick up a mac and start working on it without fear of really messing it up. And if you are one of those advanced users, then you would know that with terminal you can essentially customize every piece of your OS. Yes, I am one of those that knows how to use my computer and not mess it up or get infections on Windows, but that shouldn't be something you have to worry about. The simple fact that some of you are saying that you have to know how to properly use Windows in order to be safe says a lot. For the record, I have owned PC's and macs, and currently I have my MBP triple booted with OSX, Win 7 and Linux. So I'm not some close minded fanboy.
    1. Luppin's Avatar
      Luppin -
      I honestly don't know where all these BSODs you guys experienced have come from. I have never in the 14 years I have owned and operating Windows PCs experienced a BSOD. On top of this, being someone what of a computer enthusiast as well as dabbiling in pirating for my music and sometimes ridiculously priced application needs (I'm looking at you Adobe), I have been in situations where someone who was careless might have clicked on some badly disguised virus links or something along those lines if you weren't too careful as well as been without AntiVirus software since I began using PCs. Basically it seems to me as long as you actually pay attention to what you're doing when you're on the computer you will NEVER run into any problems, as I have not but your mileage may vary.

      In addition, for those of you saying that the fact that the Macs you use are simply easier to use and that is enough to warrant their purchase for you, I ask how could a several hundred to even a one thousand dollar plus price difference make that an acceptable choice for you, I'm really all ears

      PPS: The reason why Windows is so "virusy" is because it has the greatest marketshare. Virus makers are going to go after infecting the greatest amount of people they can and in order to do that they will choose to attack a Windows computer. If the tables ever turn and Apple has the majority userbase, you can be sure that the majority of virus attacks will be directly at your precious virus-free Macs
    1. gsmumbo's Avatar
      gsmumbo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Luppin View Post
      if you weren't too careful as well as been without AntiVirus software since I began using PCs. Basically it seems to me as long as you actually pay attention to what you're doing when you're on the computer you will NEVER run into any problems, as I have not but your mileage may vary.
      Like I said, you shouldn't have to be looking over your shoulder every time you use the computer. That's one of the great things about macs. You have the freedom to actually use it without having to be paranoid. Oh and congrats on never having any problems. My father actually used ME for a while and never had any problems with it. Doesn't mean it wasn't a horrible OS.
    1. Frostbite's Avatar
      Frostbite -
      Apple - Get a Mac - Watch the TV Ads Heres the link for the commercials
    1. smuggler's Avatar
      smuggler -
      i think macs are very sexy, if they had pussies, i'd f*ck 'em, save me a headache.
    1. Greeneval's Avatar
      Greeneval -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bernie-Mac View Post
      No thanks, I work for computer technology support for my college and i cannot tell you how many hysterical students come to us with the BSOD and other problems after working an a x page essay or whatever. School hasn't even started yet here and two girls came in after owning their new pcs for a week, they didnt even put any software on it yet, and bam! BSOD. When i had a pc, i had to run a c drive defrag once a month, have every anti-virus software from here to timbucktwo, and i still was doing full system restores every few months. I have had my MacBook for 5 years and have not had 1 single issue with it. If thats the "advanced" knowledge you just have to learn to deal with a pc, I'll be an idiot with my dumbed down mac
      The problem with todays PC's is that it comes in with too much bloat wares. I un-installed everything that I would never use like Roxy CD Creator, Anti-viruses, Anti-Firewalls, etc. I mean, why install a google bar to your browser or whatever that pops up. If people can keep their PC's clean of crap, and use what they need, then PC's are very much usable.
    1. gionnan1495's Avatar
      gionnan1495 -
      Quote Originally Posted by DarkDragonAn View Post
      I love both OS I have as a Home Computer Windows PC, and as a Labtop I own a MACBOOK PRO. The problem with people and Microsoft Windows is that don't known how to use it, in reality Windown is a very complicated OS so people feel less stupic on a MAC cause everthing is almost done for you, the most advance Computer user take real advantage of the PC can do, like me. So don't complain about Windows if you don't known how to take real advantage of it.
      so true, some of my friends have a mac and they say "haha u have windows huh? how do u like the BSOD?" i tell them " i dont know im not a retard when it comes to computers so i never got them"

      and then they stop telling crap like that