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  • Snow Leopard Reaches Gold Master

    The next OS X Operating system, Snow Leopard, has reached Gold Master meaning it has been developed far enough to be released into production. The timing is about right for it to reach gold master as Snow Leopard is slated to go on sale this September for only $29 -- it takes a bit of time to manufacture and ship all those DVDs after all

    Snow Leopard is a major upgrade of Mac OS X mostly in functionality:
    • Improved Speed, especially in Finder, Mail loads 85% faster, Time Machine 50% faster, 64 bit support for nearly everything including Safari 4 (Javascript 50% faster).
    • Improved hardware usage with better multi-core support.
    • Half the install size at 6GB increasing install speed by 45%.
    • MS Exchange Support.
    • Improved stability everywhere.
    UI tweaks include:
    • Put Back from Trash lets you undelete things to the locations they were originally.
    • Stacks has folder navigation.
    • Some Preference Panes have been redone like Keyboard Shortcuts, Desktop and Screensaver controls.
    • Couple more, check here and here.

    You can pre-order your copy of Snow Leopard via Amazon for $29 (single computer license) or $49 (5 computer license)

    via appleinsider, mac4ever
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    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      I want, I want. Ill put Win7 and Snow Leopard heads up and see who wins
    1. Real_Iphonecrazy's Avatar
      Real_Iphonecrazy -
      @gurusidhu & any other Microsoft/Windows haters:

      There's too many people on MMI who just can't wait to slag Microsoft/Windows off. Come on people get real, there's more than enough room for OS X & Windows to both exist together, side by side.

      In an ideal world I'd have my PC dual boot into OS X and Windows 7. Unfortunately I've failed with the OS X install part, miserably & on several occasions & with different flavours, (if you can help me out here please PM me).

      If OS X was the only operating system, computing would be boring and Apple would have none or little reason to keep improving its OS.

      Competition is a good thing and it helps create more innovative Software for all of us to use and to benefit from, SO PLEASE STOP SLAGGING MICROSOFT/WINDOWS OFF.

      We've all heard it too many times now.

    1. bootloader's Avatar
      bootloader -
      If you have 32 - bit hardware your not going to get 64 - bit support ! you will need NVIDIA 9400M to reap the full power of snow Leopard that why it cheap
    1. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
      babyblue_pimp -
      For anyone interested,
      I installed this Snow Leopard, and the start up video was the same from 10.5.

      wouldn't that mean there will be another revision?

      Quote Originally Posted by gurusidhu View Post
      I am sure that you are another Windows user who is fooled by the ads. Dude the Windows XP Mode and Compatible [Between 32-bit program to 64-bit] and some GUI change as per CNet review. The 50$ one you are talking about doesn't have the WIN XP mode [Home Premium], not even the 100$ Business Premium support WIN XP mode but it solves the Compatibility problems, Finally the 200$ [After Win 7 Release it is 400$] Ultimate has all the features that I tested out in Beta Build. So, I will conclude that the 50$ has a Security features & New GUI with Preview ... That's all buddy... I am sure you wasted 50$ for some fancy GUI but it still uses more RAM [ Almost from start up 3GB of DDR3 Memory in Beta with no great softwares is a lot ]. Try upgrading it because I was planning to do that but the Beta Build made me get my first Mac [MacBook Pro 2.8Ghz June 2009 Release] on 24th August. Plzzz Don't be fooled by Windows ads as they only use Ultimate version [400$] to convey all the features. All my proof go to Windows Website and search for Windows 7 as all Engadget and Cnet review talks about Beta Build as it uses all features not just Home Premium Plzz Go to this link and look at the official microsoft chart. Link := Compare editions or Go to Microsoft.com --> Windows tab on left corner --> Then Compare edition tab [2nd one]. Enjoy but don't be bad because for 50$ Microsoft can only give new icons but not good features
      You sound like another Apple Fanboy. Sure i LOVE my mac, but I'm not oblivious to other operating systems. I ran windows 7 on my OLD school computer, i'm talking this thing couldn't even run vista, it barely ran XP right, I think i bought this computer in 2004. Anyways, i haven't even done a ram upgrade to this thing, and with windows 7 it runs SUPER smooth. WAY better than when i tried to run a hackintosh setup. I was even able to run the aero design, with my 512 mb of ram.

      The 50 dollar upgrade plan is a GREAT idea, windows 7 is FAR more than just a few new icons. Trust me, i'm running snow leopard right now, and it looks like its only worth 30 dollars, if someone were to use my computer right now, there wouldn't even know it was on snow leopard, where as if your on windows XP right now, and you upgrade to windows 7, EVERYTHING is different, and for 50 bucks, its a hell of a deal. Sure snow leopard will only be 160 bucks, compared to windows 7's 400 dollar ultimate edition. but at the end of the day, you'll probably be fine with the home premium edition, and spending the extra hundred or two dollars on your 600 dollar dell, is better than saving a hundred or two dollars on your 2400 dollar mac.

      The beauty of windows 7, is that it learns what type of a computer you have, before it is installs. on my desktop with it installed, it idles using over a gb of ram. yet it also runs just as smooth on the same display settings, on my laptop, idling at high 300 mb range. I still will rather use a UNIX system over an MS-DOS system, but just because your like your macbook pro, trust me i do too, doesn't mean you have to just automatically hate Microsoft products. They made a mistake with vista, they've relized that, they squashed the whole project, when vista came out the main concern was security, now the main concern was reliability, all the millions and billions were put into improving the reliability of the system. I'm sure you are a smart fellow, but i'm sure the microsoft windows main developer that gets paid millions of dollars a year, just to do his job, is a little smarter. They're MAIN opponent is OSX, do you think those microsoft developers don't have macbok pros at their desks, using them, and improving things that aren't in osx, that would be perfect for windows 7.

      granted the snow leopard upgrade will sell much more than the windows 7 upgrade, at first, but once people realize that its worth the upgrade, and its not just another vista, windows 7 will start to catch on, while apple continues with their, "if it aint broke, don't fix it" mentality.

      One more quick thing, It seems both companies went for two completely different approaches. If your on Tiger, but your computer wasn't fast enough for leopard, now with snow leopard coming out, even if you were on leopard, some of you still may not be able to upgrade. (everyone still on PPC, regardless of how fast your actual CPU is, or how much ram it has, and your STUCK spending another 2 thousand dollars for another MBP) Where as with windows 7, if you are currently on XP, and your computers not fast enough for vista, you can upgrade to windows 7 no problem, in fact it will run better than you've ever known that computer could.

      Is windows 7 better than osx, in my eyes no.
      Is windows 7 better than Vista, obviously.
      Is windows 7 better than XP? you damn right it is, maybe spending 400 dollars on your 5 year old computer isn't the best idea, but i guarantee, dell will have their 600 dollar notebooks running windows 7, and for 600, to have a BRAND new computer, with a BRAND new Operating System, It not the right choice for me, but I could understand how in some people's eyes windows 7 is the best thing to happen to microsoft in a while.
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      i have also installed in on a first gen unibody macbook.

      the video is the same and every native app runs in 64 bit

      this seems full and stable enough to be the gm for sure IMO. struggling to find bugs
    1. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
      babyblue_pimp -
      Quote Originally Posted by bootloader View Post
      If you have 32 - bit hardware your not going to get 64 - bit support ! you will need NVIDIA 9400M to reap the full power of snow Leopard that why it cheap
      Thats all i feel snow leopard is. A change over for some of us, into the 64 bit world. Where as if you bought vista, you just had to call them, and they would mail you the 64 bit version of the software, for "free".
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      Quote Originally Posted by Real_Iphonecrazy View Post
      In an ideal world I'd have my PC dual boot into OS X and Windows 7
      You mean- like me?
    1. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
      babyblue_pimp -
      The new quicktime, is pretty clean. love the simplicity.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
      So doesn't that make the MBP unreliable? What's good about a China factory version? Aren't they all made in China?
      The China factory is using different displays then the factory in the US.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      OS X ftw
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
    1. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
      babyblue_pimp -
      Back on subject,
      This release of snow leopard isn't THAT great. I mean sure i'd pay 30 bucks for it, because why the hell not, its only 30 bucks.

      And they weren't lying when they called this snow leopard.
      The transition from tiger to leopard was great.
      The transition to snow leopard from leopard, ehh.

      sure i can hold an application down for 2 seconds and see all of its tabs (not as cool as windows 7's live view thumbnail thing)
      My computer gets out of sleep, .6 seconds faster, (like leopard was slow lol)

      But then again, I didn't really have any problems with leopard, I guess if they did change alot of under the hood issues, it could be a solid release, but I never had any reliability issues with leopard, and leopard was never slow for me. Apple should have at least changed up the UI a little bit. I find my self turning on, and sitting at my gaming PC, just because its an entire new operating system, and it feels like a whole new computer.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Apple didn't need to change leopard that much
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      Leopard is about as perfect as an OS in this day and age can get.

      It's not until we move into 3D desktops and/or a full blown OS with real touch navigation *cough*tablet*cough* that things are going to get overhauled.

      Snow leopard is exactly as it promised to be. My only issue with it is my airdisks (a drobo attached to my aebs) are playing up and i cant add them to my devices list. Other than that the OS is great and worth the upgrade for everyone.
    1. mdc929's Avatar
      mdc929 -
      Quote Originally Posted by dunlapface View Post
      I'm sure we will see the full potential of the hardware performance with the newest MacBook Pro's with the 64-bit Snow Leopard. Trust me, 32-bit and 64-bit is a big jump, and you will see apps loading a lot faster and your machine overall will be a lot smoother. I can't wait.

      For $29 it's a no brainer.
      cant wait
    1. Neo-Tech's Avatar
      Neo-Tech -
      Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
      Hmmmmm I don't know whether to return my MacBook Pro or wait and see if Snow Leopard fixes the 2 dead pixels on screen....

      Tbh I'm not sure Apple will replace it even though I only got it about 3 weeks ago.
      You can get it replaced if it's under 28 days. I was going to get mine replaced because of constant beachballing but as it happens to be, the time it happened and the time I was gonna ring was going to be 28 days Anyhow they told me to remove some files, it worked, was still slow. So I reinstalled, all is well

      You can all me naughty, but I can't wait for this thing so I'm sailing right now....