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  • iTunes 8.2.1 Available for Download

    Today Apple released a new version of iTunes which does nothing more than have bug fixes, accessibility improvements and addresses an issue with the verification of Apple devices. A side effect of this update is the inability to sync the Palm Pre.

    We do not know how this will affect jailbroken devices, pwnage tool, etc... so please be careful updating.

    [Thanks to big pimping for the heads up]
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    1. Cory Gillmore's Avatar
      Cory Gillmore -
      I thought I read somewhere that the new version of iTunes doesn't put the ibec and ibss files in the temp folder folder anymore making it impossible to grab them. True? I've already got the files but others might not.
    1. strix66's Avatar
      strix66 -
      look at this site, there seems not to be any problem with 8.2.1....

      about here iPhone 3.0.1 jailbreak walkthrough (inc optional carrier/sim unlock)