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  • Palm Pre to sync with iTunes, "Flawlessly"

    The title says it all - and though I'll believe it when I see it, according to Fortune magazine it's 100% true. They claim on plugging the Pre into a Mac, iTunes recognized the device just like an iPhone/iPod Touch and synced "flawlessly" to it. This seems to be a direct attack on Apple's claim to "aggressively protect" it's Intellectual Property.

    Not only is Palm Pre allegedly infringing the iPhone's patents, but Palm has found some way out to make the Pre sync with Apple's own Music store as well!

    According to the source, all the music syncs perfectly except DRM'ed tracks purchased earlier. Now, the question arises - how did Palm get ahold of this technology, which was pretty confidential? The answer is quite clear - from Jon Rubenstein. He had been a top exec at Apple, and is rumored to have been fired because of his argument of adding a physical keyboard to iPhone. In fact, a recent argument has arisen that the Palm Pre is in fact his vision of an iPhone!

    Palm might not be able to sneak that easily, as this has some significant legal implications - and we already know Apple is the Lord of Lawsuits. What do you have to say about it Apple?

    On the other side, Apple might just ignore this as it is them who benefits from it by selling more music...

    [Engadget via Fortune Mag]
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    1. lilzone's Avatar
      lilzone -
      well if the pre is his vision of what the iphone should be, then I'll keep mine. From what I have seen of the Pre it does look like a good phone and all, but dont think it is going to outdo the iphone. exp after 3.0 comes out.
    1. RonHC's Avatar
      RonHC -
    1. r1994augusto's Avatar
      r1994augusto -
      nice & cool!
    1. shagster40's Avatar
      shagster40 -
      Yeah Motorola used to say the ROKR would sync with itunes as well but we all know how that worked out."Piece of junk"
    1. tonycortes's Avatar
      tonycortes -
    1. s4mb4's Avatar
      s4mb4 -
      i do not see what the big stinking deal is about the Pre...
      i really like it when it is refered to as an iPhone killer. watch and see, it will fail and Palm will be filing chapter 7 by x-mas.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      iPhone will always rule! Pre kinda looks like HTC touch.
    1. hybirdd's Avatar
      hybirdd -
      apple woudln't let this happen for sure
    1. reddevilseye's Avatar
      reddevilseye -
      apple will let it go
      because jailbreaking is causing more harm than, this at least this will increase some sales oh songs
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      The OP all too hastily assumes (if this is true) that Apple is not aware of this, and if they are, that Apple wouldn't allow it. Is it at all possible that Palm came to Apple and got permission for this? Surely a company like Palm isn't foolish enough to take such actions without consent are they?
    1. soc's Avatar
      soc -
      sweetness a friend of mine over on sprint is getting this phone
    1. bishopazrael's Avatar
      bishopazrael -
      Yeah the first thing that came to my mind when reading this was that Palm has a deal with apple to sync. It makes sense since the isync has gone syncml. I was wondering how palm was going to get the mac fans won over and this would be it. I mean really... why develop another palm desktop when palm knows damn good and well that their fanbase is made up of TONS of mac users, and why develop and spend money on making a new version of palm desktop when they know most mac users just want to go straight through to ical / address book. I'm betting they have a deal with apple and if thats not it, they're doing it legit through syncml services or some such.
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      Too bad the Pre is garbage.
    1. iMacMar's Avatar
      iMacMar -
      I think the Pre is pretty neat and the Os is also kinda refreshin but dont get me wrong the iPhone is still the best but i think this competition is good for us the consumer because now apple has to push far and beyond to remain king. Giving us the benefit to receive more creative and innovative ideas than we already have.

      Oh yea could apple just update iTunes and lock the sync?
    1. rel1215's Avatar
      rel1215 -
      i don't know if many of you read fortune, but the fact that it has something to do with apple and it comes from that mag, tells me its prob. not true. Fortune has never written anything positive about anything apple. the way they write about apple, you would think apple should have gone out of business years ago. so needless to say, with all the negativity about apple being written, and all of apple's success in recent years, very little that fortune has written has turned out to be true.

      i'm getting sick of hearing about the pre.....its doomed.....its already (outside of iphone sites) been deemed as a better phone than the iphone. the expectations are WAY higher than the storm...thats a lot to live up to for a phone and mobile OS's INITIAL RELEASE. does anyone actually think it will live up to that kind of hype from day one? no way.....and any initial problems will be all that matters, especially with a new iphone coming out right on its heels. from a business standpoint, palm has been screwing the pooch on this one for a while now.....too long to get to market, wrong carrier to partner with, HORRIBLE release date(two days before WWDC ARE YOU KIDDING ME), and more hype than the phone will be able to live up to....

      .......nice knowing you palm.
    1. sayam's Avatar
      sayam -
      i guess palm's gonna sink soon but I still hope they don't
    1. alek's Avatar
      alek -
      apple will never let this happen and this is total BS, only a select few phone could ever sync with itunes and that was years before the iphone. I just hate how this site only has BS like this really, i have come to using xSellize for inews.
    1. AutumnBoard's Avatar
      AutumnBoard -
      Come on guys, stop saying how terrible the Pre is. It's not even out yet! You haven't come within a mile of on, let alone used one. Maybe it's good, maybe it's not. We'll have to wait and see.
      As for the syncing with iTunes, that's actually pretty awesome. Who cares if Apple doesn't like it? Tough **** for them. It'll be another way to give the iPhone some competition. Competition is good for the consumer. I, for one, look forward to seeing how the Pre turns out.
    1. 02589's Avatar
      02589 -
      Also, set down your kool aid and think about how simple and weak the iphone was on it's initial release. It was a crappy PDA with a super slick interface and almost no apps, not to mention a new OS albeit based on a provem OS.
    1. brianturney's Avatar
      brianturney -
      ANY phone with a slide out keyboard is garbage in IMO. I'm glad he got fired for insisting the iphone have a keyboard and that apple didnt put one on it. keyboard sliders are clunky, make the phone thick bricks (the pre (0.67 inches thick) is twice as thick as the iphone 3G (0.33″ inches thick) , they break easy, and its archaic technology for those who refuse to learn future/better input methods. The Pre supports only pop and imap, no exchange sync or mobileme type file sync either. Good for him that he quit or got fired and made the Pre. Pre will not even come close to the iphone and will fail just like all the other smartphones are doing right now that are clinging to technology of the past. Apple was revolutionary for putting as FEW buttons on the phone as possible. All other 'buttons' are graphics on the screen that are reprogrammable/changeable with future OS releases. For all those people who can't type on the screen without 'feeling' that they've hit a button (usually the elders of the group), or those who say 'I can't type and drive at the same time without the keyboard', learn to type on the screen using multi-touch technology. we've been cursed with slide out keyboards on great phones for the past 10 years. Good riddens! Multi-touch/touchscreen input is the future, not buttons, sorry, get over it, move on. *insert crying emoticon with tiny violin here*

      As for the Pre syncing with itunes, I'm sure that will be disabled when the next iTunes is released. It will probably check for the OS and kill any connection with non-apple OSes.

      Read this article (Pre vs IPhone) and tell me if you still think the Pre sounds like it will be better.