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  • Apple Working on 3g Macbooks?
    If anything can be derived from the recent Apple Job posting we could see some 3g Macbooks. The job listing has since been taken down but what Apple was looking for was:
    The Comms Software QA team within the Mac Hardware Group is seeking a motivated QA engineer to perform quality assurance testing for new Apple CPU Products . . . Testing and reporting hardware, software, and device driver bugs for Communications technologies including AirPort (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth v2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, and/or 3G Wireless WAN in a detailed, timely manner . . . Must possess in-depth knowledge of one or more Comms technlogies, including Gigabit Ethernet for consumer and enterprise-class workstations, Bluetooth v2.0, 3G Wireless WAN, and Wi-Fi [802.11] a/b/g/n including all associated security modes, authentication types and protocols for Access Points and Clients
    There is no way to tell if there actually a Macbook with 3g capabilites in the works and planned for retail sale but it is clear that Apple is at the very least testing the idea. Until then, tethering in iPhone 3.0 is working out pretty freaking well for me

    [via computerworld]
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    1. mr.sparky's Avatar
      mr.sparky -
      thats pretty cool.if they dont we can still tether with 3.0
    1. daching's Avatar
      daching -
      I thought they were going to start working on 4G. But 3G is still nice.
    1. reanimationxp's Avatar
      reanimationxp -
      This is one of the most retarded rumors I've seen posted here. Where in that job description do you see anything that would hint at Apple making a computer with integrated 3g? You've bolded 3G WAN, which makes me wonder if you even know what this means. The 3G network is, itself, a WAN.. so the term you've highlighted not only hints at.. well.. nothing, but also happens to be redundant.

      While I have no doubts that Apple may have a 3G notebook cooking, (since it's not that new of an idea after all, and everyone's raving about a "big" iphone tablet anyway), this is a job posting. A job posting. You guys are pulling rumors out of thin air now.