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  • What's New for iWork 09 + iWork.com Launched

    New charts in Keynote.

    iWork is coming on strong in 2009 with individual programs receiving major updates to add functionality and a new service being launch: iwork.com which is squarely set to take on Google Docs and SharePoint by Microsoft. Now to get down to the details of what was updated in Keynote, Page, Numbers and the launch of iWork.com.

    Keynote 09
    • Majic Move. You setup your slides and Keynote 09 does the work to move objects around your slides. A deck of cards messed up on slide one. Organized on slide two. Keynote magically organizes them between slides. Magic Move is good looking and smooth. You need to demo it to get how cool it is.
    • Object Move. Moves objects off your slide during presentations in a very neat fashion. Keynote is getting pretty intelligent in how it automatically creates moving animations using your slides.
    • Text Transitions. If you have ever used Power Point you know what they are. Annoying little things to make your text jump out and ruin a good presentation.
    • New chart animations to animate your chart being built.
    • Keynote iPhone Remote. The most awesomest and funnerest new Keynote Feature. This app is available for purchase ($0.99) from the AppStore. It connects your iPhone or iPod Touch via wifi to the computer allowing you to use either as a remote for presentations. Flick the screen to transistion slides . . . see the slide before and after on your screen so you rmbr whats coming up etc -- neat little App all in all.

    Pages 09
    • Full screen mute view that makes everything else dissapear, im's email etc so you can concentratate on your writing. Full screen controls, pages open like a book, toolbar pops up on the left. Looks good and useful. The whole full screen mode looks like a great feature.
    • Advanced outlines are now added to Pages 09. Works like a normal outline would with some advanced features like embedded links that automatically update whenchanges are made.
    • Mail Merge. Now you can connect via tables and lists you set up instead of via address book.
    • Mathtype support now built in.

    Blurry proof that you can share iWork documents to anyone with a major browser.

    Numbers 09
    • Mathtype support
    • Over 250 new formulas/functions added
    • Chart updates with multiple axis, trend lines, data bars, etc for more advanced reporting in charts
    • Automatically base tables by columns and something or other, he went a little quick but it is "really powerful" --- I don't quite follow how it is special.


    Keynote, Pages and Numbers are all now linked together. Update your chart in Numbers and it automatically updates in the Pages and Keynotes documents you pasted it into previously.


    This service could actually be very neat. It is targeted to take on Google Docs and SharePoint by Microsoft. Basically it is an online place where you can upload documents, spreadsheets and presentations created in iWork 09 to the internet. You can then invite people to be able to view and download the documents in multiple formats. Online everyone can work and review one document together leaving notes to everyone else about their thoughts / edits to the document allowing for easy collaboration. This went live today as a free beta -- requires iWork 09.


    iWork upgrades cost $79 for single user and $99 for the family pack which are both available and released as of today. In late January you can grab the Mac Bunble including Leopar, iLife 09 and iWork 09 all for $169.

    $169 gets you Leopard, iWork, and iLife.

    iWork.com is in free beta right now. Later it will cost money.
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    1. Tomer's Avatar
      Tomer -
      can you double rule in number, for a change?!
    1. Tomer's Avatar
      Tomer -
      does numbers have the feature of double ruling ?!?!

      edit: sorry about double posting, just didnt notice that a mod needed to approve my comment
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      I am sort of surprised to be saying that this is what was most exciting for me for this MacWorld. The changes to iMovie, iPhoto and Garage Band are all pretty cool. Just the other day I was thinking of doing a little learning of the piano The $5 for the "popular" song lessons is kind of a killer though. We can buy the real song for a buck and learn to play it for 5 times the price!

      EDIT: I meant iLife, LOL, i Work not so exciting (to me anyway)
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      I've never actually used iWork before, and was debating between that and office '08 when I bought my mac. To me it sounds like a good thing I bought Office because iWork seems a little behind, atleast numbers compared to excel. But I'll be tempted to try it in the future.
    1. JStraitiff's Avatar
      JStraitiff -
      i downloaded iwork yesterday i liked the new features but i was NOT impressed with the releases at the keynote i was expecting alot more i did like the music store on 3g though
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      cool stuff