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  • [Rumor] Fixed Battery 17" Macbook Pro?
    Of course the one laptop from Apple that avoided updates last time around needs an update tomorrow at Macworld. It missed the last go around while Apple needed to work out bugs. According to AppleInsider the 17" Macbook Pro is all ready and is going to be announced at Macworld.

    That's good news for those shopping for the large screen laptop. Well Maybe not. If the rumors are true this new 17" Macbook Pro will have a fixed battery inside? What?!?!?! A fixed battery??!? Crazy. It could be true and AppleInsider seems pretty confident in their sources but I still think it is crazy. The fixed battery in the Macbook Air is not a popular feature and carrying over the same mistake into the largest laptop in Apple's line seems like a ridiculous move to me. IT would undoubtedly make the 17" Macbook Pro model sell less as users moved to other similar solutions with a removable battery.

    Something more reasonable of course is that the new 17" Macbook Pro is expected to have the unibody aluminum construction like its younger cousins and some graphics updates via NVIDIA.
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    1. designgears's Avatar
      designgears -
      what what what? No source?!
      Come on, at least say where you read the info...
      Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro to go Unibody, sans removable battery (Silver-Zinc replacement?) | 9 to 5 Mac

      anyways, seems like it would be pretty freakin sweet! or maybe not, I know ppl who hate that their iphone has no removable battery.. I like it.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Must have run out of space or something... seems kinda silly though. It is probably the biggest reason why people don't buy the air. Well, that and the price tag. Hopefully this doesn't become a larger trend
      I know I would rather have a beefier computer than be stuck with a crappy battery. I take good care of my laptops but after a year or two of heavy use the battery does tend to crap out. Apple is known for their laptops lasting over two years which may no longer be the case if people have expensive batteries to replace!
    1. yhap2003's Avatar
      yhap2003 -
      That would be such a dum move by Apple; the designer and the people who approves it. If that is true, then the designer and the people who approves it does not deserve to work for Apple.
    1. spizzoof's Avatar
      spizzoof -
      My guess, with the way apple is, is that they would probably have a replacement option, however it would be at a charge and would need to be replaced in store.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Apple = Dumb