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  • Weekly App Update: April 24th, 2010

    Here's a weekend edition of the Weekly App Update. Once again, not a ton of new apps, but LOTS of updates in the last week for our favorite apps!

    What's New:

    Use the Volume buttons to capture a photo.

    Real time change the pitch during call. To perform the call your phone will dial to a remote server using an international number, international rates will apply.

    X Project Lite
    Fight your way through the hordes of earth fighter ships to secure Tantiddal's independence.

    Place Toggle
    Change your iPhone settings automatically based on location.

    SMusic plays audio and video files without installing additional software.


    Five-Column Springboard
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    1. Timka21105's Avatar
      Timka21105 -
      Yes, a video sounds great, even though I check for new apps n'stuff everyday.
    1. virtualcappy's Avatar
      virtualcappy -
      Anyone getting crashes lately? My iPhone has frozen several times today and I noticed from this thread that several cydia apps were upgraded including activator backgrounder and priswitcher. I've been sequentially removing apps (first ps, then backgrounder) and nothing seemed to help until I removed activator... No crashes since (albeit only a half hour). Anyone else having issues?
    1. waye2's Avatar
      waye2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rruready View Post
      Waye2....why is this so hard for people like you to understand? If they release the exploit now (just because you can't wait for 4 or 5 months), Apple will fix the exploit before 4.0 is released, and we'll all be stuck waiting for a new exploit to be found. Why show the cards now before a big hand is played? Dev team and Geohot know what they are facing....you don't. Shut up and leave them be.
      dont tell me shut up, you shut up
      i said i am not one of those who are stuck, but i am also saying that lost of people are stuck. whoever found an exploit can find another 10
    1. santaf's Avatar
      santaf -
      i'm pretty sure exploits are starting to be scarce if i needed an unlock i would rather wait, so i can keep having my unlock later instead of having it now for a few months. I really want to jailbreak my ipad but i understand why they wont release it yet. i would rather have my ipad jailbroken for a long time.
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Quote Originally Posted by waye2 View Post
      whoever found an exploit can find another 10
      You are an IDIOT. Exploits are not a dime a dozen. They are SEVERE bugs in the software Apple themselves wrote. If there's 10 more just waiting to be found then how about you go and fuckíng find them since it's so easy to be a 1337 ***0rz. These hackers are providing a free, public service. Don't open your mouth unless you're thanking them for jailbreaking your phone in the first place or you have something you'd like to share with them.

      EDIT: Why does MMi's wordfilter block "h*a*x?" lol
    1. ronfin44's Avatar
      ronfin44 -
      Bought the FastSnap app and it doesn't work. Piece of crap.
    1. jdyates's Avatar
      jdyates -
      EDIT: nevermind.
    1. Timka21105's Avatar
      Timka21105 -
      @jdyates lol