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  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation Coming to Maps... Someday

    The Google Maps mobile app brought GPS mapping to a lot of people who would never have bought a standalone device. Jailbreakers have had turn-by-turn navigation for the better part of a year with xGPS, but Google has been dragging their feet. Finally, they announced Google Maps Navigation last year, but only for Android. Today, however, in a press conference in London, Google said it will bring free turn-by-turn to the iPhone, along with other mobile devices... but didn't say when.

    At the press conference, which was meant to announce the release of UK mapping for Google Maps Navigation, Maps product manager Steve Lee explained that - unlike standalone devices or other mobile phone GPS navigators - Google's app doesn't do the route planning itself. Instead, it pushes that task to Google's cloud, improving speed of calculation and using Google's (hopefully) accurate best-path algorithm. However, it does mean that you need a data connection while you're planning your route, though not when you're driving. "If you intermittently lose the connection," Lee said, "it will still carry on, as long as you stay on the route."

    The company's spokespeople seemed to relish the anxiety their free product would likely cause to competitors like TomTom or Garmin. “Google prides itself on innovating in markets that have been stagnant for a while,” boasted Hugo Barra, the company's director of mobile products. “I think navigation is a good example. It will be good for users.”
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    1. vokal_guy's Avatar
      vokal_guy -
      sounds good
    1. uzz's Avatar
      uzz -
      I thought Apple bought thier own maps and was gonna get rid of Google maps??
    1. helvete's Avatar
      helvete -
      from the picture i guess it'll be available from when iphone 4G/G4/HD is out
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      Paul, your image (in the article)is in dire need of some photoshopping...
    1. sobeniceguy2's Avatar
      sobeniceguy2 -
      This would be a great idea and would be a nice slap to Tom Tom and Garmin's faces
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      This is great news. Looking forward to the release!
    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      I wonder if this would cause Navigon and TomTom to not update their apps anymore. That would suck for people who purchased GPS apps.
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      Quote Originally Posted by pauldanielash View Post

      t-pain chopped and screwed photoshop lol "T-PhotoChopped"
    1. stfudvs's Avatar
      stfudvs -
      good to hear, look forward to it.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      I like that iPhone 4G
    1. metaljay's Avatar
      metaljay -
      lol really bad photo
    1. FoneWeasel's Avatar
      FoneWeasel -
      TomTom and others are still going to be better. Google's routing sucks. It's very basic and far from the fastest. On a trip from Minneapolis to St. Louis, the Google directions would have taken 70 miles/1 hour longer vs those of TomTom for iPhone. From St. Louis to Madison once again it was over an hour longer should I have followed Google's directions. Stick with a company that specializes in routing rather then one that's trying to do a little bit of everything at once.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I was looking at this on a Nexus One yesterday. Great for those that don't have a sat nav product already.
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      cant wait for the added free option
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      Google Dashes Hopes of Free iPhone Turn-by-Turn GPS - PCWorld

      "We did not say we would bring it to iPhone, we said to date we've had it on Android and that in the future it may come to other platforms but did not confirm this will be coming to iPhone at all," a Google spokesperson told PCWorld.
    1. techrider62's Avatar
      techrider62 -
      I love the voice turn by turn on my nexus one and it works great.
    1. Ticko's Avatar
      Ticko -
      cant wait
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Someday. Why not this summer?
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      The greatest perk is that this will be free. Before I get esxcited I will have to see it in work though. Currently using Navigon, and I actually got rid of my stand-alone garmin nuvi unit because Navigon was just so damn good. Free is great, but it will still have to be awesome to work out well. I also feel it will need some sort of data storage capability so that you are not REQUIRED to download maps on the fly. There are places on every network that are spotty (understandably) and you would hate to be stuck in one of those places and have your GPS rendered useles due to no data capabilities.
    1. bencjedi's Avatar
      bencjedi -
      WAZE is available for non-jailbroken iPhones and offers turn by turn right now. It consumes less battery than XGPS does on the jailbroken iPhones and is smarter in traffic shaping because it utilizes its own social network by Waze users automatically collecting traffic data as they drive around a given area. This is fed into the Waze servers to dynamically route you to your destination. User entered traffic conditions are also considered. A great app!

      And did I mention WAZE is free?