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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnz8iw1--1c]YouTube - iPHONE 4G REVEALED! UP CLOSE[/ame]

    Gizmodo has added to their growing treasure trove of next-gen iPhone info, gossip and photos with this nice slow-motion video of the device's case. It definitely looks better in these images than it did originally. Gone is the curved back case (which reportedly reduced WiFi transmission) in place of a flat panel possibly made of a special ceramic that's invisible to radio waves. It looks - unexpected - but I'm already getting used to it.

    Is this a publicity stunt, a theft, or a legitimate journalistic scoop? Who knows? I do wish the guys at Gizmodo had put a little more effort into dissecting it if they really had their hands on it without Apple's permission. I'd like to know what kind of processor this thing has and whether it's got CDMA capability. Why not tear it apart, if you paid five large for it?

    Put it this way: if Apple doesn't sue, then something's fishy here. But I still really hope the kid keeps his job, either way.

    Thanks to Waseem Hammoud for the heads-up!
    video via Gizmodo
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    1. deucalion0's Avatar
      deucalion0 -
      I do reckon that Apple have staged all this for our benefit, throw us off the trail. Most people just have that instinctive feeling that this situation is not what it seems and I feel that they monitor sites like this perhaps for feedback or to spread the word that Apple will be releasing a new iphone soon and making us drool is a sure fire way to rake in even more sales than they will already get.

      Only Apple would have pull a stunt with this much effort, as far as I'm aware Apple have a history of being very serious about its technology developments and do not tolerate leaks of any description.

      This is a publicity stunt/teaser, coaxer and its getting everybody's attention exactly as planned.
    1. chris102192's Avatar
      chris102192 -
      Quote Originally Posted by M4tt Dam0n View Post
      Why don't you people read the story? They did tear it and they are telling how it got lost.

      How Apple Lost the Next iPhone - Leak - Gizmodo

      People did read the story.... And we all know Giz ripped it apart. but they never mentioned what was inside the device. besides the 16% larger battery. maybe you might want to go back and check out the article for yourself.
    1. rkswat's Avatar
      rkswat -
      I don't care what it is as long as this is the next iPhone. I love the way it looks.

      Now I know some of you are never happy no matter what but at least it gave some of you a front facing camera and a flash. If the design was closer to the current 3gs design you would all be complaining that it didn't change enough.

      Bring it on Apple I'm due an upgrade!
    1. faschierbasis's Avatar
      faschierbasis -
      I think it looks quite nice!!
    1. lfc_'s Avatar
      lfc_ -
      can they tell what screen its using? im hoping for OLED or AMOLED
    1. deucalion0's Avatar
      deucalion0 -
      Can I just ask, there has been mention of micro sim, does this mean that this iPhone will take a different sim card than it does just now? I have never heard of micro sim, it is my intention to buy this phone and put my current contract O2 sim in the new iPhone but that would present a problem if the sim card didn't fit. Any info would be appreciated!
    1. adamnur's Avatar
      adamnur -
      @ Matt Damon (lol@name)

      Im just tired of apple short changing their customers on things they would rather split up and implement in later models for a fatter bottom line.

      The iPhone is lacking a LOT of common features that the competition has had available for years, aesthetics aside. I just hope, functionally, the bee iphone didn't get dumbed down a lot.

      *new iPhone.

      Stupid opera mobile with no autocorrect
    1. Bluprint's Avatar
      Bluprint -
      5 gen perhaps??
    1. jamp1483's Avatar
      jamp1483 -
      How bout a video if the divice running OS 4.... This is bullkrap
    1. damod84's Avatar
      damod84 -
      the screen is apparently smaller....that's not what I wanted to see...
    1. ZML's Avatar
      ZML -
      Quote Originally Posted by jamp1483 View Post
      How bout a video if the divice running OS 4.... This is bullkrap
      The phone was remote killed by Apple before Gizmodo received it. There's no way to get it to boot, sadly.

      Anyways, I highly doubt this is the final design of the 4G, but even if it is, I'd be happy to have it.
      Love the flat back, and the retro look.

      And since this is only a prototype, maybe the final version will have a bigger screen?
    1. Imahottguy's Avatar
      Imahottguy -
      M4tt Dam0n is the ONLY one who is making sense here. They DID take it apart and confirmed that his has Apple chips in it. Let us remember that prototypes don't have chips that says "this is the Bluetooth chip" on each and every chip. I love MMi, but this is about 1.5 days old and we are posting it as new? Keep up with the tech blogs that you are going to ctrl+c, ctrl+v from...

      Why the hell would they sue? I don't want your opinion, just the facts, mam.
    1. mortopher's Avatar
      mortopher -
      Where is the news in this post? I read nothing new. Yawn.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      If it is real, I don't like the look. The smooth, round, sleek look that the 3G(S) has is a ton better. This looks thick and heavy. I'd still buy the phone of course, it's going to have some great new features, but I don't like the box design.
    1. Imahottguy's Avatar
      Imahottguy -
      Top News story, @Paganizonda83's Avatar owns. There, said it.

      Also, I hope that it is a giant oval. And hopefully it'll be green with orange polka dots. Funny thing is, all of you will still buy it. I like how we are all so critical of a freakin' Prototype. I doubt that many of the replies to the topic understand what a prototype is...
    1. giancarlo's Avatar
      giancarlo -
      I don't know why everyone thinks this is crap....it resembles the entire look of the ipad case. I actually like it because I mean really what other kind of design can they have for a phone thats a complete touchscreen? What a triangular screen....oh yea maybe a 6" screen so the phone always sticks out of your pocket. I love it...totally different that the 3G/3Gs. As long as the screen resolution is better, internet is better and processor is better then who really cares if it's round edge or not? It's not like it looks like the old Blackberry with the antenna....or better yet the Zach Morris.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      I like it. Look thinner and more durable.
    1. jdm.accord's Avatar
      jdm.accord -
      I think the design is fine, nothing special but about on par with the current look. I just want a higher rez screen or I'm buying the nexus one :P
    1. miistahmagic's Avatar
      miistahmagic -
      Jason Chen is on MSNBC lol I wonder if Apple will have Steve introduce the phone early since their normal introduction is already ruined.
    1. ninthchamber99's Avatar
      ninthchamber99 -
      I really like the current model's shape better than the 'box' shape of the "new 4G". But regardless of all that, the new phone must have something that I can not get/have with my current phone. I can multi-task now on my 3GS so that is not a big draw. Bigger battery, not enough to suck me into getting a third phone (I got the original 2G, skipped the 3G, got the 3GS). If the screen was bigger, maybe an upgrade would be in the works. But as of right now, no new phone for me, I will stick to my pattern of got the first phone, skipped the second, got the third, so I will more than likely be skipping the fourth one cause we all know in another year or two there will be the 4GS or 5G or whatever the new 'name' will be.