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  • iAd Mobile Platform Officially Unveiled

    As expected, Steve Jobs introduced a new advertising platform today dubbed "iAd."

    Unveiled as a mechanism to help developers make money, Apple will host the ads and provide devs with a 60% cut. "We have a lot of free or reasonably priced apps. We like that," said Jobs. "But our devs have to find ways to make money. So our devs are putting ads into apps, and for lack of a better way to say it, we think most of this kind of advertising sucks."

    Pointing to the difference between digital advertising on mobile devices and that which is found on a desktop computer, Jobs reiterated that advertising dollars are closely related to all things "search" related. On a mobile platform, however, delivering targeted advertising campaigns can be a bit more difficult.

    Essentially, iPhone/iPad users should brace for an advertising blitz on their mobile devices the likes of which they've never seen. In a nutshell, "iAd" comes built into the new OS. What it provides is the opportunity for users to "click and consume" easily. That is, they can absorb the ads - and even interact with them - without ever having to exit an application. In this regard, the "iAd" mobile advertising platform is definitely a unique arrival to the mobile advertising world and one that will probably be widely emulated (ripped-off) before long.

    Pointing to the reach and lucrative potential of the new iAd platform, Apple is clearly making an effort to inspire developers to keep up the good work for more in return than just a pat on the back after a frustrating and extended wait to have their work approved and welcomed into the App Store

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    1. EdmundGerber's Avatar
      EdmundGerber -
      Quote Originally Posted by miistahmagic View Post
      I suppose the devs must have some incentive to keep making good free and reasonably priced apps, but I will be more than happy if someone creates a jailbroken app that blocks iAd entirely.
      People wanting to get rid of the obtrusive spyware that is iAd will be flocking to the jail break community.

      Dumb move, Jobs, although the money you make from this will surely put your mind to rest...

      Quote Originally Posted by Ajblue7 View Post
      if anyone trys to block the ads i think they should get shot.
      Get your gun, bud, because your crap ads will NEVER see my eyes. Tough ****.
    1. shizzabrick's Avatar
      shizzabrick -
      Quote Originally Posted by EdmundGerber View Post
      People wanting to get rid of the obtrusive spyware that is iAd will be flocking to the jail break community.

      Dumb move, Jobs, although the money you make from this will surely put your mind to rest...

      Get your gun, bud, because your crap ads will NEVER see my eyes. Tough ****.
      FFS, go watch the keynote. iAds make the ads more unobtrusive than they are today. They also ensure that the ad will not interrupt your game or app. That's it. It's a better framework. No one is forcing you to click on apps, or putting them in your springboard.

      Thanks for being one more guy who can't listen through a simple presentation.
    1. SquareWheel's Avatar
      SquareWheel -
      Translation: **** you Google, **** you Adobe.
    1. Sonofevil77's Avatar
      Sonofevil77 -
      iAds are going to be annoying ugh!! I hate the minimal amount of ads that haunt me already lol. 1 ad every 3 minutes Jesus are they crazy?! Apple is getting too big for their britches lol and I am getting tired of their dictatorship-like attitudes. iPhone 4.0 has all the goodies that we have been using with our jailbroken devices forever now lol. Way to copy Apple! Steve Jobs is a *****!
    1. TheReliq's Avatar
      TheReliq -
      I hope they've got an app to "GET RID" of that!
    1. Sonofevil77's Avatar
      Sonofevil77 -
      Amen!!! Maybe on Cydia!
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      This is fine as long as they are not intrusive like Flash ads on the internet. If they are banner like and ONLY open if I touch the ad then fine. If they automatically open then no. Also I think this skews a little depending on the dev. There are FREE games in the App Store that do have ads and DLC. This helps fight piracy on one level and lets the devs double, triple and quadruple dip. I kind of feel more small time devs will take this route and the big time companies like the EAs, Activisions etc. will go with pay to download and include ads in those games as well because they can do that and get away with it.
    1. sphangman's Avatar
      sphangman -
      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      Sure the devs make 60% of the ad money, but that 40% that Apple is making is all new revenue for them, is it not?.
      this is apparently industry standard.
    1. Tylus's Avatar
      Tylus -
      iAd is just another way that Apple is trying to control thier users.

      way to go Apple. 1 more nail in the coffin. This new 4G iPhone had better be spectacular. The more Jobs trys to control things, the less likely I will stay a iPhone user.
    1. listenclose's Avatar
      listenclose -
      Some of you are funny. Look over to the top right of this page. Ad
    1. Tylus's Avatar
      Tylus -
      Quote Originally Posted by listenclose View Post
      Some of you are funny. Look over to the top right of this page. Ad
      yeah, and I'm surfing this site using a widescreen computer and the ad is freaking tiny...and it only shows when I use IE...and not at all when i use Firefox

      whereas the iPhone as we all know has a tiny little screen. any ad at all will take up valuable space...and it's annoying.

      I need to see how they apply iAd, but it sounds like a big deal killer. Still all speculation though ain't it?
      Quote Originally Posted by thisisasticup View Post
      then stick with vista, and get the windows phone.
      typical reaction of a Apple fanboy. critizice Czar Jobs...or Apple itself and people get sensitive that we aren't all holding hands and chanting in a circle around a partially eaten Apple.

      I run Windows because that is what the world uses. Not because I want to appear to be elite and all knowing, or any of the other misc crap reasons that people get all uppity about regarding their precious Macs and the warm fuzzy feeling they get in their very core when they try to browbeat someone who doesn't hold to their computer of choice.

      I own a iPhone currently as it was the best phone on the market when I went shopping. It isn't right now. Not by a longshot...even with it Jailbroken. I've played with several of the various Google OS phones and they are leaps and bounds better than the iPhone. And that is before you even start messing with them...which BTW google is cool with. You don't have to fight through loopholes and software cracks to achieve the effect you want.
    1. andrewbrimberry's Avatar
      andrewbrimberry -
      I think it's great. Let's user stay in app while viewing ad.